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On This Date in History

On this date in history, 8/9/2002, I saw Rush for the last time at Deer Creek in Noblesville, IN. Rush were touring in support of the Vapor Trails album and had no opening act. 448 more words


Learning Something New

This post is part one of a two-part series on this topic.

“All work and no play can make Dave a dull boy,” Said Dave. 490 more words

Principal Stuff

#4 Waiting for the right time.

As I sit here I’m on hold, for the second time after being transferred, been on hold so long I’ve been able to shower, clean up, cook food and now I’m half way through a movie. 448 more words


Where is life in it????

Somedays your days just go simply and you don’t even have time to think about it because so much is happening .
So many tasks are there and we just keep on fulfilling tasks as to meet deadline but where is life in it……. 111 more words


Wow, I’ve been so busy moving into my new place I’ve had no time at all to do any blogging. I think think I might just be done in the house. 293 more words

Trivia #039 - Diamond Rush

Kimberlite is an igneous rock which sometimes contains diamonds. It is named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa, where the discovery of an 83.5-carat (16.70 g) diamond in 1869 spawned a diamond rush. 30 more words