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Ray Lewis Sport Science

Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens Mlb brak a door whit the Body, in a devastating “Bull Rush” Hi, if you like football you should see the documentary also I made for my other youtube channel : Please put “I like”, leave a comment and subscribe to this and also my other channel “GHH PRODUCTION” :

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JACK's Inside Track: Rush

These Canadians sure do like their tour movie documentaries, eh? This has GOTTA be the 18th Rush has released in the last 6 years… but who’s counting?


Don’t rush me!

Time is always a factor and in life, time moves us forward. There are cues and things I can do as a writer to emphasize urgency of a time restraint or deadline.  697 more words


Hello, World!

Thousands of new technology projects are born each year. A handful of these projects succeed, as others are abandoned or fail miserably. Software developers struggle with apparently incomprehensible pieces of code, formulas and all sorts of magic. 148 more words


The Snow Flies Quietly Down

The snow flies quietly down
Melting before
It touches frozen ground.

No thunder clap
Heralds the falling down
No flash of blazing light
Lets us know. 17 more words


Who Made The Most Money In The Gold Rush — Or Teaching English Online?

Teaching English Online. Yeah, I ve written about this before.  Many times actually.  You can start reading here Live in the Philippines — Online English Business Thoughts  if you want to know more. 47 more words

Kisses After Dark

We kiss in the dark

Your lips I taste

My body is cold

Your hands around my waist

We move in

As you pull me closer… 34 more words