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The Rush of Water
(One word Sunday, Tue Texture)

  1. Utah  could have used a rush of water in the summer when we were
    there one June.Even around dinner time it was still around a 100 degr.
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Adventures Of An Artist


The rushing waters

Controlled by strong barriers

Strain to gain release.

I just found this in my drafts.  I almost missed the week.  New twiglet tomorrow.   32 more words

The Natural Force of the Toddler

Water is arguably the most powerful force on the earth. If you pour a glass of water on a surface, you can watch it roll, flood and drip away in an instant. 280 more words

A Grace Note: Rushing Waters

Dear Reader,

I took this photo about three years ago now. My husband and I have made it a habit to take almost all of our big trips in the winter season. 345 more words


oil Landscape "Lower Chasm Waterfall by Barbara Haviland Texas contemporary Artist

This is another waterfall but different. This one is showing it coming down the rocks.  I used the knife for textures.  It is still so very wet and the paint is thick. 23 more words


It was so refreshing to finish such a long project and see it come to fruition to be shared with the world today. It was a bit like those moments on the Riverwalk when I just stand and watch to clear water pouring over the rocks. Ahhhh….