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Staying in and being true

You know how on Friday when colleagues or friends ask you what you are up to at the weekend, I always want to sound like I have loads on. 521 more words

Staying Balanced

One of my friends recently posted something on Facebook along the lines of “I wonder what the people who use ‘u’ and ‘ur’ are doing with all their extra time.” My husband and I chuckled over it, but then we started talking about technology and how it’s all supposed to save us time. 606 more words

Christian Living

Not rushing

Today I am trying not to rush. I had a busy day and evening yesterday and found myself waking up with a million lists in my head, plans for the day, weekend, things I want to buy, admin I need to do… I rushed to the gym and felt quite self conscious because I wasn’t very present perhaps, and because I usually feel self conscious at the gym unless I am in a really good place because of all the mirrors I think, but I still had a good work out and it makes my body feel good. 210 more words

593. Missing 5 seconds in reality

Or how the pattern of desiring to get things done as fast and efficiently as possible can carry consequences where reality hits hard to see what I’m participating in. 1,636 more words

Desteni Process


As you may or may not know, as I’ve talked about it a few times, I hurried the final draft of Devil’s Blood so that I would be a published author at long last. 489 more words


Poem of the Week: Haste Makes Waste

Haste Makes Waste
August 4, 2017

Rushed job
Hurrying, scurrying, panicking
That’s when mistakes happen
Misthinking, misdoing, backfiring
Big mess


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Included with Patience: Part 1

I was trying to revise the original entry I wanted to post today, but it just wasn’t flowing properly. I found myself retyping and deleting over and over again.That was when I realized I was forcing exactly what my entry was about: rushing and impatience. 715 more words
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