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The pursuit of things and why I write...



This is a story I didn’t want to, want to tell. Pushing publish on this one feels a little iffy… 


And yet…here we go. :)  953 more words

The Cost of Busyness: A Sunset Perspective

I sat on the back porch of Grandpa’s house last week (I like to call my FIL, “Grandpa”).

As I stared at the mountains that dominate his backyard view I thought about what it must have been like for Moses to have traveled up that Mountain for the 10 commandments. 1,256 more words


Mad activity - #haiku and #meditation

Mad activity,
rushing headlong to nowhere -
what on earth are you?

For meditation and reflection:

Why are you rushing?

What is the hurry?

Who is it that rushes?

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Buddhist Haiku

Just Breathe

Earlier this morning, I was on the treadmill, listening to a song by Alabama. Aside from jogging (OK…walking briskly), I kept glancing down at my watch. 502 more words

How To Smile When TFL Goes Wrong

I think we have got to accept that we are the most impatient generation yet. Gone are the days where you had to send a letter and wait for a response to communicate with someone that wasn’t within earshot. 399 more words

Walk With Us

“And Now Abides Faith, Hope and Love”  -- Does Anyone Really Give a Damn!

I like to think my major theme as a blogger is “Social and Political Commentary and Satire.”  However, I often talk about justice, equality, respect, diversity, values and a whole range of subjects that can come across as religious, theological or at least speaking of morals from a high bully pulpit.  1,992 more words

Greek Life

Ever since the House Bunny came out I knew I wanted to be in a sorority, I loved the idea of sisterhood and fun. The House Bunny came out 2008 so I was like 11. 374 more words