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The Roaring In My Ears

Warrior. Survivor. Goddess. Kick-ass bitch. Since my experience with breast cancer, I have been labeled many things, all with good intention. The thing is, I don’t want labels. 411 more words


Stop Rushing!

Over this past week I have received a lot of confirmations from God. I think the hardest part has been not rushing. No matter how long it takes and how many times God reveals it to you and what time he says it will be accomplished (if any is given) you won’t arive until God has completed the work within you, whatever that looks like. 106 more words

Weekly Blog

Tips for Rush Week

Rush Week is a crazy week. Hundreds (usually) of girls together for a whole week. It’s full of tears, selfies, group pictures, frat poses, new friendships, happiness, nerves, anxiety, and so much more. 618 more words


How slow can you go?

Happy Mid-August!  Where has the summer gone?  School started back this week and there are hints of color in the leaves here already.  I’m not ready for cold weather!!! 887 more words


How We're Raising a Generation of Workers

I heard of a youth leader who challenged a group of students with this reality: you are either a consumer or a contributor.

In our house, we all are both. 952 more words


How do you like them apples?

Work/life balance…  I was reading a job posting last week that listed an excellent work/life balance along with the contract-based employee benefits.  At the time, I smirked and then moved onto the rest of the posting, thinking nothing more of it.  486 more words