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Committed to slowing down

Things I’ve noticed since the start of my mindfulness course:

  • It’s much easier to watch Narcos for 45 minutes than to carve out those same 45 minutes for a daily body scan meditation (and at the end of the body scan I never think to myself ‘just one more’!)
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Day 171

Yes, my soul, find rest in God’

Psalm 62: 5

We live in a capitalist world that applauds the busy.

And we are part of a generation which is constantly looking for ever new ways to cram more and more activity into our already busy lives. 414 more words


Another day, another post!

Today was just fabtastic, and I’m sure tomorrow will be even more!

Waking up late to my alarm clock because I decided to snooze for 5 extra minutes turned out to be… 454 more words


Το ΔΗΚΟ, η εσωστρέφεια, οι βιαστικές κινήσεις και η πολιτική δεοντολογία των διαφωνούντων

Του Κώστα Βενιζέλου

Βιώνουμε ήδη το τρίτο ημίχρονο των προεδρικών εκλογών. Από την μια οι νικητές, στο κυβερνητικό στρατόπεδο, άρχισαν τις συζητήσεις για τη σύνθεση του υπουργικού. ΑΚΕΛ και ΕΔΕΚ τσακώνονται για το δεύτερο γύρο και ποιο από τα δυο κόμματα συνέβαλε ή όχι στην επανεκλογή Αναστασιάδη. Το ΔΗΚΟ εισήλθε σε μια πορεία εσωστρέφειας και μέσα από τις διαγραφές φαντάζει ορατό το ενδεχόμενο διάσπασης. 


Rushing by Blair Gaulton

Rushing to type;
you want to finish this tonight.
You are told;
the word is spelled wrong;
at first sight;
you thought it was right. 9 more words


Another Manic Monday...

Woke up to my alarms easier enough but body didn’t want to move. Finally got up but couldn’t find the clothes I was looking for. Didn’t have any food in so couldn’t give the kids breakfast or make my daughter a packed lunch for a full day at nursery. 1,125 more words


Learning how to chill the hell out!

This weekend something extremely rare happened…we had absolutely NOTHING planned, no one coming round and no arrangements to go see anyone else! I’d go as far to say this might have been an absolute first! 423 more words