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I often wonder what my life would be
if we’d taken that boat east

we might have hoisted sails
with salty knuckles, hearts, and lungs… 128 more words


Our lives are absolutely hectic. With one child in school now and the other in kindy. In and out, in and out again. The kids aren’t even enrolled in any extra curicular activities yet. 280 more words


Why Risk It?

I am always surprised at the risks I see people taking when commuting in London.

Everyone is either in a rush to get to work or to get home, (me included), but I value my life! 334 more words


Life change

Busy, dizzy-  all speeds fast;

people on coffee

and adrenaline’s blast.

Hurrying, scurrying – all in a rush;

Life is chaotic

and time can’t last. 66 more words


I like to rush things to jeopardise my job

I’ve made a few minor mistakes at work today which my manager has pointed out to me which made me feel a bit meh…and then the same mistake happened again but it was an even senior manager which pointed it out this time. 380 more words

Self Doubt...self-esteem

Short Story: Normal Routine

Genre: slice of life
Related to Morning Routine and A Break In Routine.

It sounded like a thunderstorm was trapped upstairs.

“Is your housemate alright?” her mother asked as something dropped for the fourth time that morning. 78 more words

Creative Writing

Always Rushing

No matter how early I get up to start getting ready, I’m still running around last minute to get everything together. I got up at 5 AM today, took a nap on the couch until 7 AM, and I need to be at work at 10 AM. 106 more words