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reclaim: verb, past tense: reclaimed (happy thoughts)

  1. Websters Dictionary Definition: retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid), obtain the return of. synonyms: get back, recoup, claim back, recover, regain, retrieve.
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Gracefully, moving

Perpetually, Flowing

Collecting, Exchanging

Receding, pooling

Gushing out

Splashing up

Spilling over

Falling from above

Drenching, pouring

Seeping through

Saturating all

Dripping too… 55 more words

Blog Post

On Saying No

I am, I believe, leaving behind a season of busy. It’s been a season of rushing, of making it through the work day, of making it through a busy evening, of sleeping for a couple of hours, of starting the process all over again. 1,041 more words

The Everyday Ordinary

Running Late

Sorry for not getting a post out yesterday! I’m hoping to get back on track with this. It’s a little different from what I’ve been posting. 255 more words

Creative Writing

PICADAY - May 31st 2017

May 31st 2017 – New motor day!!

I have been rushed off my feet all day! I spent in for a start and ran to my work haha, the working day went pretty well and not seemed to go in really fast. 119 more words

Picaday 2017

When is enough, enough?

Am I the only mom out there who constantly wonders if I’m doing enough for my child? Doing involves not just making sure their basic needs are met (clothed, fed, clean) but that they’re thriving, developing mentally and emotionally into a young, respectable person.   489 more words




Life is simply life, doling out random events that sometimes bring about unexpected consequences, changing level landscape into difficult terrain that calls for a change of perspective and, maybe, a renewed commitment to the process. 922 more words

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