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Why Are Mornings Such A Clusterf*&k?

It is a daily battle. Every. Single. Morning. No matter how early I wake up. No matter how much I’ve prepped for a smooth morning the night before. 1,517 more words


Day 226

‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.’

Mark 6:31

Being still is so counter-culture in a world that is always moving, isn’t it? 317 more words


Everything You Need to Know When Talking to a Sorority Girl

Congratulations! You are friends with a woman in a sorority! She is (most likely) fun, bubbly, and a great friend. Now, you just need to figure out what she’s talking about 80% of the time. 645 more words

Broken Bottle of Whine

Sometimes I wish I could be the mom
That my father claims I am.
Shitty and repulsive
With no other care.
I couldn’t be the person… 197 more words

Daily Prompt: Busy busy busy …

Rush … not the Canadian band, as good as they are, just rush. Everybody seems to be in a rush. I’m travelling down the road at just a couple of miles under the speed limit, and there is some idiot in his/her SUV weaving from side to side waiting to pass me. 149 more words

Daily Prompt

Making Weekday Mornings Organised

My ideal weekday morning would be much like my weekend ones.

Wake up, have time to have a good breakfast and take some time choosing something nice to wear for the day. 421 more words