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Jaeger Movie Reviews: The Nice Guys (2016)

Los Angeles, 1977. Holland March is a private investigator who’s investigating the apparent suicide of porn actress Misty Mountains. When his search leads him to a girl named Amelia, he crosses paths with Jackson Healy, an unlicensed private investigator/tough guy. 510 more words

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Funny noir 


QUICK TAKE A quirky, irreverent delight that excels in comedy to mask its so-so detective story.

The Nice Guys is noir-ish but it isn’t really much of a black comedy. 417 more words


The Nice Guys Review

About half way through this film, I turned to my girlfriend and whispered to her “I think I love this movie” and received an enthusiastic two thumbs back. 257 more words


Movie Review – The Nice Guys

TL;DR – A pretty solid buddy/cop film, not something I have seen in a while, it does have a lot of style, but it hasn’t quite got the substance to go along with it. 771 more words

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The Nice Guys: It's Darkly Hilarious and Stuff

The Nice Guys is the newest movie from Shane Black, director of Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and writer of Lethal Weapon 1 and 2 among many others. 718 more words

Review: The Nice Guys by Charles Ardai

Savvy readers know, of course: never buy the book based on the film. I know, I know; I can tear you tut-tutting, muttering I-Told-You-So’s… 405 more words

Book Review

The Nice Guys Is So Up My Alley

You know what’s a good movie? Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I generally like all of the films that Shane Black has had a hand in, but that movie was a revelation when I saw it. 1,412 more words

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