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Keeping your expectations in check, I think you’ll enjoy this one more than you think.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I decided to watch this flick yesterday. 448 more words

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The LA swamp known as Hollywood is being drained (Video)

By Redpilltimes

RT’s Peter Lavelle, CrossTalking with guests Rob Taub, Lionel, and Gina Loudon, dedicated an entire show to the Weinstein scandal that is now draining the LA swamp. 187 more words


Into the Known World

Usually when I dig into the Movieline archives, I will omit some of the blurbs that the magazine published because they just aren’t meaty enough to stand alone.   1,115 more words


A Beautiful Mind: Film Analysis of the Week

Ah, colour grading. It can tell a lot about a film or television program. Sometimes, its use is blatantly on the nose, as in The Defenders, and sometimes it is subtle and effective, such as in this movie. 658 more words