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Happy birthday, Richard!

Richard Armitage is 45 years old today and I wish him all the very best for the coming year and beyond with lots of love and happiness and success! 502 more words

Richard Armitage

Movie time!

I was stuck on a plane for around 7 hours so instead of re-watching Friends for the umpteenth time, I browsed through the movie selection. Out of 10 movie options I was interested in, the below 3 really caught my attention. 279 more words

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Movie Review: The Nice Guys

It isn’t too often today one comes across a movie that involves violent gun fire, car crashes, explosions, fist fights, AND an arresting dialogue. The Nice Guys is an exceptional example of a crime narrative done right. 375 more words

The Nice Guys (Movie Review)


This is one of the only original films that has come out so far in 2016, most just being sequels, reboots, or adaptations of books or games. 302 more words

Classic Movie Thursdays: Gladiator Review

So I watched Gladiator…

It’s amazing how your opinions on a film can change with age. I’ve always enjoyed this film; but if you asked me what I liked about it the first time I saw it (back when I was fourteen/fifteen) and you asked me now, I doubt those two answers would be the same. 792 more words

Movie Review

So you're telling me you made a porno where the plot is the point? The Nice Guys Review

In a market that seems saturated by big budget super hero flicks and CG animated kids movies, The Nice Guys stands out as an unapologetic old school action comedy. 356 more words


Review: The Nice Guys (2016)

The latest buddy cop style film to be released this time set in the 70’s with the typical straight up guy played by Russel Crowe and the comic force provided by Ryan Gosling. 319 more words

Film Review