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The Victims in Gaza and Douma

by David William Pear, first published by The Greanville Post

In their book Manufacturing Consent Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky distinguished between two kinds of victims: the worthy victims and the unworthy victims. 2,102 more words


Voices of the Syrian People

by Andre Vltchek, first published by New Eastern Outlook

The attack against Syria – this proud and independent country – has just taken place.

Three countries with zero moral mandate to judge or punish anybody; three countries already responsible for hundreds of millions of human lives lost on all continents for centuries, showered Syria with their missiles. 1,514 more words


"There is a very stupid person in US's administration!"

After the meeting with Molotov and Truman in 23th April 1945, Molotov had written these words about Truman, in his report to Kremlin: “There is a very stupid person in US’s administration!” 820 more words

F***ing Earth Policy