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MH17 One Year On: What Really Happened and Why

by Patrick Henningsen via 21st Century Wire

Last month marked the one year anniversary of the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 – an incident that took place against a backdrop of a brutal proxy war – pitting Kiev and its supporters in Washington DC, the EU and NATO – against rebel forces in eastern Ukraine and Russia. 5,725 more words


Referendum on joining Russia to take place in rebel-held Ukraine

by Systematic

Novorossiya soldiers after taking Donetsk airport (via Hermius on Twitter)

In late autumn, the integration of the two Novorossiya republics, the DPR and LPR, into the structure of Russia will reach a qualitatively new level: it is expected that a month after holding local elections to the government of Novorossiya a referendum will be carried out which will put forth the question of the DPR and LPR joining the Russian Federation.

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Vladimir Small Batch

Our next stop was the town of Vladimir, which is famous for being the capital city of the Kiev Rus , one of the original cities of Russia. 330 more words


1914 - The Battle of Tannenberg

26-30 August 1914

This was a major engagement between Russia and Germany in the first month of world war one. Fought among the forests and lakes of eastern Prussia, the battle was a major setback for Russia. 60 more words


The third liberation of the Ukraine

What is going on in the Ukraine is tragic. But that is nothing new for the Ukraine. In the Russian Empire of the czars, Russia and the Ukraine were one. 724 more words


3369 Km to Yekaterinburg

So what does one do on a train for two days ? Honestly a whole lot of nothing. It became a cycle of napping, reading and watching things on the computer. 745 more words


Ulaan Ude to Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Beyond: 457 Km

The distance between Ulaan Ude and Irkutsk is relatively short, so we opted for a night train that would get us to Irkutsk early the next morning. 820 more words