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Russia from Ira

It’s receiving stuffed full envelopes like this that just really make my day :D Thanks heaps Ira, and thanks for the bonus minisheets!


Post-failed-coup geopolitics of the Turkish situation

by George Ades

After the “chilling” of relations between Russia and Turkey following the downing of the Russian jet over Syria, Turkey suffered the effects of an economic embargo justifiably imposed on her by Moscow, as a result of which millions of Russian tourists stayed away from that country with dire effects for the Turkish economy; furthermore, the trade ban between the two countries begun to show its negative effects on Turkey. 734 more words


NATO, Back in Business at the Old Stand

by Patrick Armstrong, via Sic Semper Tyrannis

Spare a thought for the travails of NATO drones over the past couple of decades.  About 25 years ago I was in competition for a job on the International Staff at NATO.  1,614 more words


Why a Russian Ban Doesn't "Level the Playing Field"

Anger was the first emotion i felt this morning after seeing this section of the official IAAF statement about Russian track and field athletes losing their appeal at CAS: 729 more words

Colonial trading stations instead of factories in Ukraine

by Michał Kozak, via Financial Observer

We’re posting this article by Poland’s Michał Kozak to provide a glimpse into what EU’s economic reporters have to say about the industrial and investment situation in Ukraine today, two years after the Euromaidan putch.   1,738 more words