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Guardian watch: Propaganda above and below the line.

Greece, Tsipras and the lunatic economist

It’s been highly interesting to note the slow intensification of policy when it comes to portraying Greece’s Syriza government, most specifically the PM Alexis Tsipras and the (now ex) finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. 788 more words


Ukrainian Govt. Acknowledges Some of Its Leaders Are Nazis

by Eric Zuesse

On July 3rd, the Ukrainian newspaper Vesti headlined “The Ministry of Justice Acknowledges UNA-UNSO Collaborated with Nazis,” and reported that, “Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice has officially recognized that the members of the Ukrainian nationalist organization UNA-UNSO fought on the side of Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War.” It went on to note that, “On May 22 of last year, the State Registration Service renamed the party of UNA-UNSO as the Right Sector Party, which is led by Dmitriy Yarosh.” 825 more words


Summer Fun (4th of July Party)

So Russia Day was a few weeks ago, although I’m not sure if that’s an official holiday or just a day people like to run around handing out Russian flags. 209 more words


JagWear in Red Square (Красная Площадь)

We went to take pictures in our South Alabama gear in Red Square. It was pretty overcast that day. I’ve seen lots of people here with selfie sticks but that doesn’t stop people from staring when a bunch of loud Americans are taking a group picture with one. 102 more words


Walking through Gorky Park (Парк Горького) & the Garage (Гараж).

We went to Gorky Park to visit a contemporary art museum called the Garage (Гараж). The art was interesting but maybe not suited to my tastes. 150 more words


Immigration at SVO

Thanks to the help and advice of our new found friends from the previous night, we were able to get to the airport to catch our flight to St. 242 more words