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Russia Maxicards from Anna

A couple more cards of Yuri Gagarin, a Russian Soviet pilot and cosmonaut and the first human to travel into outer space in 1961. Here’s the first… 17 more words


MH17 Inquiry: "To Whose Benefit?"

As the findings of the Dutch “investigation” are released today, we present the concluding part of MH17 Inquiry’s video series.

With the investigation and examination of the physical evidence concluded, the sixth and final part of MH17 Inquiry sums up their findings, and asks the key question: Who stands to gain from the MH17 disaster, and Donbass war in general?


The Brilliant Boris Johnson Explains Syria Conflict in Four Short Points

by Dean Parker from Russia Insider

Nobody does the UN, or ziplines, quite like Boris Johnson.

He didn’t quite get to speak at the actual Security Council meeting on Syria (guess Britannia no longer “ 191 more words


US Slams Russia and Syria but not IS

by Tutisicecream

The WMSM have carried blanket coverage of the UN Aid Convoy attack repeating US accusations blaming Russia and Syrian based solely on the claims of the White Helmets… 1,029 more words

Russia's Zakharova Invites US's Power to Visit Syria to Learn 'Shame' Meaning

The US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power had claimed that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “should be ashamed” for accusing the United States of defending the Islamic State. 449 more words

F***ing Earth Policy

The Confusing Formulations of the #Kremlin's Pseudo-#Referendum on #Crimea

One of the various strange aspects of the 2014 “referendum” on Crimea (that I have not seen discussed yet) was that the alternative option to the peninsula’s “re-unification” with the Russian Federation, i.e. 288 more words