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Well, that didn't take long...

by Kit

The past two weeks, the ten days following our article predicting a marked increase in a pro-Syrian war rhetoric…there has been marked increase in pro-war rhetoric. 747 more words


Brzezinski and the US national interest – a comment from Rome

by Giulietto Chiesa, Defend Democracy

In summary: separate Russia from China and set them against each other, persuading whichever of the two will agree to become a privileged partner of the US.  974 more words


[VIDEO] Krauthammer: Putin Ready to Move, 'Sees Weakness in the White House'

Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of sending saboteurs across the border into Crimea to provoke the Russians, which a Ukrainian official called “ridiculous.” Charles Krauthammer agrees, and believes Putin is ready to take advantage of U.S. and European weakness.


Ukraine’s ‘October Surprise’ – may be coming in September

by Justin Raimondo, from antiwar.com

When a Russian FSB agent and a Russian soldier were killed by a team of Ukrainian saboteurs, and one of the captured Ukrainians was shown on Russian media in handcuffs, US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt… 1,519 more words