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Sun ‘exposes racism in Russia’ with video of nazi Ukrainian football fans

The White Boys Club fan group of Ukraine’s Dynamo Kiev football team. © Ultras Dynamo .Kyiv TV / YouTube

RT reports:

It appears the UK tabloid, The Sun, needs a lesson in geography after it posted a video of controversial Ukrainian football fan group White Boys Club, who wear KKK capes, and paint swastikas on their clothes under the title ‘Racism in Russia’.

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Endgame: Comparing results and intentions in the terrorism narrative

by Kit

Generally speaking, ideas are like plants and animals. Over time, they evolve, things change – we keep what works and throw away what doesn’t. 2,560 more words


Comment on #Russia vs #Ukraine=world's MOST equal country accor. to #GiniIndex & #PalmaIndex

Ukraine is not Russia: Russia has one of the higher GINI indices among the world’s larger economies, i.e. is on the more unequal countries in the world. 176 more words