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WBKE - Episode 67: Futuristic Psychedelia

Woohoo, everybody! Welcome to this week’s episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything, where we’re talking about cat power, dog stuff, and ANOTHER weird cannibal man! 68 more words


WBKE - Episode 65: Roboboys

Hey all you WBKEasy Streeters and WBeeKeepers! Bobby and I back in business! And back in town! Because the boys are back in town! Anyway, today we recorded an episode that was extra long, because holy shit did we have a lot to talk about. 65 more words


How would you like to invest in immortality? - Fortune Tech

Russian Internet mogul Dmitry Itskov is looking for backers for the world’s first immortality research center.

FORTUNE — Startups devise some fairly clever tactics to sell investors on their business models, but Russian tech entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov’s newest venture sells itself: Invest in his new research and development interest and the payoff could be immortality. 169 more words


Terminator learned to tie shoelaces

(Translated from Russian)
Bionic man, equipped with high-tech mechanical hand to demonstrate their new capabilities. Now Nigel Ecklund, called the press Terminator, can again tying your shoes. 81 more words


Stop Discriminating the Serene Ideas of Transhumanism

Yesterday the website for Global Future 2045 congress went live and I looked at the Speakers page. Credible researchers, like Dr. George Church, Dr. Marvin Minsky, Dr. 94 more words


A New Era For Powerlifters: Transhumanism

Yes, it is still being crammed down our throats that mankind is a disease and is killing the Earth. Leaders and rulers of governments wish to stop the “murder of nature” and they call for “new ideology” and “new ethics”. 321 more words

Natural Powerlifting

More Videos

I have decided to slowly revamp the video section on this blog. Eventually it will all be sorted well and contain all sorts of interesting things that you can procrastinate for hours watching, getting lost in the future when you’re bored with the present. 149 more words

Technological Singularity