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The Battle of Kargil

The Battle of Kargil

By Fidato

The Battle in Kargil was one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the region. If it had not been undertaken by Pakistan, it could have lost its strategic significance and slipped into an economic mayhem from which it may not have recovered. 1,162 more words


#EssaNaqvi #ImranKhan A story that was initially not noticed || Details by Essa Naqvi

#EssaNaqvi #ImranKhan
A story that was initially not noticed || Details by Essa Naqvi


Is The Left Getting Left Out?

When I was in school, we would frequently ask , ” Did you make the football team?” and the reply used to be, “I was left out”! 725 more words

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The court allowed to call Sharia a "Kremlin project" - Leshchenko

The politician and blogger has been suing Espresso and Vitaliy Portnikov since 2017 over this statement.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine did not satisfy the cassation appeal of politician and blogger… 512 more words


Polish or Russian

THE DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE, the symbol of Albania, has fascinated me ever since I first became interested in the country in about 1967. This much-employed imaginary creature, whose origins go back at least 3000 years before the birth of Christ, is not only the national symbol of tiny Albania but also of Imperial, and now modern, Russia. 559 more words

Second-hand time: A stunning read

This book is non-fiction yet reads like fiction; a work that is historical and at the same time, philosophical. The book consists of interviews with several people from the erstwhile USSR, conducted over twenty years from 1991 to 2012. 461 more words