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Earth to Mars

From FiveThirtyEight:

“By far and away, the most important has to do with what happened at the end of the Cold War, when the U.S.

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DNC Chairman Perez: Need to investigate whether presidential election was 'rigged'

WASHINGTON DC — New Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is joining calls for an independent investigation into reported contacts between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russians known to US intelligence. 341 more words


Gloomy Outlook Shadows Syrian Talks in Geneva

The prospects of the fourth round of the intra-Syrian talks slated to begin on Thursday in Geneva are not promising, in terms of achieving a breakthrough, with a change in the international climate toward the Syrian situation, analysts say. 1,712 more words


Trump’s Embattled ‘Revolution’

Pat Buchanan – perhaps the U.S. politician with the greatest feel (as a thrice-times U.S. presidential candidate himself) for what President Trump is trying to achieve – … 2,606 more words


Interesting Week for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

Putin’s latest move

I don’t follow the western corporate media so I don’t really know how much coverage this development has received in the West, but in Russia and the Ukraine the big news is the decision by Russia to begin recognizing official Novorussian documents such as passports, driver licenses, school and college diplomas, etc. 2,379 more words


Is Reince Priebus Lying About the FBI? James Comey needs to clear a few things up.

By William Saletan


Donald Trump says the press is lying about him and Russia. In a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, Trump dismissed all reports linking Russia to him, his associates, or his business interests as “fake.” But Trump isn’t just pitting his credibility against the media’s. 88 more words


Andrei Illarionov: Belarus is the №1 candidate for a Russian invasion

(Translated from Ukrainian by my Chrome browser)

If Alexander Lukashenko will go to the woods for mushrooms and interrupted communication with him for 24 hours, there is a serious risk for the sovereignty of Belarus, Andrei Illarionov said. 3,226 more words