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Winter Plein Air Painting

Six photos.

Russian Artist Nikolai Alekseev.







February 26, 2015.

NIKON D3100.


Propaganda of the Deed, or Russia in Syria

Propaganda of the deed has its origins in the anarchist/revolutionary movements of the 1800s. The actors then tried to spread their message through actions, feeling that would have a bigger impact than traditional propaganda. 562 more words

The Orchestration of Destruction: The Battle of Riga

Oskar von Hutier

After the Czar’s abdication in March, the Russian state and the army continued to disintegrate. A Provisional Government was formed but its authority was contested by the Council of Workers and Soldiers Deputies (the Soviet), which insisted that military planning should be approved by soldiers’ committees. 935 more words


US V Russia cold war

Any time with a small issue may start World War III! It could happen today or tomorrow, at any time. This war in the twenty-first century against the United States leading Military alliance NATO and the opposition could be China and Russia. 167 more words

Special Report : Analysis of Russia's Cruise Missile Attacks in Syria

In this special news report by Defencyclopedia, we bring you an analysis of the recent cruise missile attacks conducted by the Russian Navy, against IS targets in Syria.

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Moscow Wants to Work With Us

A Syrian Kurdish leader in Washington this week seeking greater US military support says that Russia has also offered to collaborate with Syrian Kurds in its current offensive against Muslim terrorist groups. 735 more words


Bill Kaulitz IG Post: thanks for a great opening night #Irkutsk 🙏🏼

SOURCE: Bill Kaulitz Instagram

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