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Rational Security, Episode #136: The "Decertified" Edition

President Trump says Iran is not living up to the “spirit” of the deal to curtail its nuclear program. Russian trolls and propagandists speak out. And an American woman and her family are freed after five years in captivity in Afghanistan. 38 more words

Rational Security

Napoleon's Decentered and Disastrous Invasion of Russia

Empire & Revolution

This October 19th marks the 205th anniversary of the start of Napoleon’s fateful retreat from Moscow. The march lasted nearly two months and cost tens of thousands of lives, with the remnants of Napoleon’s army re-crossing the Russian border on December 12th. 995 more words


To hell with communism and central-planning!

How much am I willing to take for this “diet/meal plan?” I am told that I am not supposed to be buying junk foods, but yet I was told that I could buy whatever I wanted to with my own money. 4,424 more words


The Soviet Union's flawed rival to Concorde

The world’s first supersonic airliner was not the Anglo-French Concorde but a Soviet design intended to show the world the superiority of the USSR.

It is December 1968, and a truly ground-breaking airliner is about to take its first flight. 3,752 more words


Attorney: FBI Informant Was Blocked by Obama Administration from Testifying on Uranium One Deal

Attorney Victoria Toensing

ㅤ”Attorney Victoria Toensing, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former chief counsel of the Senate intelligence committee, told The Hill that she is trying to get the Trump administration or the FBI to free her client to talk. 89 more words


October 2009, Part 1

Every year around this time, I start to think back to October 2009.

While I’ve taken many business trips, it was the one back then that I still remember the most. 158 more words


Barack Obama's DOJ threatened and prevented an undercover FBI informant from testifying on the Russia uranium collusion scandal

  Yesterday it was revealed that the FBI had evidence the Russians were bribing and extorting money in an attempt to gain influence in the uranium business before the Obama regime struck to deals with Russia but the FBI sat on the information despite the fact it appears as if the Clinton Foundation was the major beneficiary. 416 more words