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Classification: Uralic – Fino-ugric – Finnic – Votic

Number of speakers: 70

Countries where it is spoken: Russia


  • Western Votic
  • Eastern Votic
  • Krevinian

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Classification: Uralic – Fino-ugric – Finnic – Vepsian

Number of speakers: 1,600

Countries where it is spoken: Russia


  • Northern Vepsian
  • Central Vepsian
  • Southern Vepsian…
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Classification: Uralic – Fino-ugric – Finnic – Ingrian

Number of speakers: 120

Countries where it is spoken: Russia


  • Hevaha
  • Soikkola
  • Oredezhi
  • Lower Luga

(Only Soikkola and Lower Luga are spoken today) 34 more words


The New Russia Super Nuclear Bomb "Satan 2" Can Destroy Twice The Size Of Britain -Kremlin Engineers

According to reports on Russian’s media, a nuclear missile, powerful enough to wipe out an area twice the size of Britain, has been revealed as Russia’s newest – and largest ever – weapon. 202 more words


Hungary has summoned the Russian ambassador over critical remarks in Russian state media about the anti-Soviet uprising in 1956. “We will make very clear that we won’t tolerate anyone making degrading remarks regarding the 1956 uprising and its heroes,” Hungary’s Foreign Ministry said on October 25. 80 more words


Learning from the Cold War to prevent war with Russia today

Summary: Clinton has stocked her foreign policy team with advisors belligerent and reckless, eager for conflict with Russia. The military-industrial complex’s propaganda mills work to arouse fear and hatred of Russia, as  they did during the Cold War. 1,969 more words

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Trump Feeds off Fear, Hate and Ignorance


Trump Feeds Off Fear, Hate and Ignorance

It continues to perplex many Hillary Clinton voters why so many repeat the sound bites heard over and over, “I don’t like or I don’t trust Hillary.” When pushed to justify why they support the Republican candidate for president, they rarely provide legitimate reasons. 1,016 more words