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22/2/1915 Masurian Lakes: the battle draws to a close

The Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes is over. The Germans have routed the Russians, driving them out of East Prussia; they no longer hold any German territory. 169 more words

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Germans in furs

After this Valentine’s parenthesis, let’s go further in our journey dedicated to winter uniforms. Here’s a pic of German soldiers in Poland. They have adopted white fur coats, even if the lack of snow (at least on this picture) transform them in easy targets!


Surrender or die: Ukrainians trapped in Debaltseve pocket as deadline looms

Dispatch: up to 8,000 Ukrainians fighting for their lives in what the Russian-backed separatists are calling the Debaltseve pocket as a midnight ceasefire deadline approached… 1,269 more words

14/2/1915 Masurian Lakes: last stand in the Augustow Forest

The Germans are attacking from the Masurian Lakes region of East Prussia. They have put the Russians to flight and are now hoping to turn the enemy’s flank and force their surrender. 59 more words

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9/2/1915 Masurian Lakes: a second Tannenberg?

Two days ago the Germans attacked in the Masurian Lakes region of East Prussia, punching a hole in the Russian line. Now they launch a second wave of their attack, coming at the Russians from the north with a fresh army. 57 more words

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7/2/1915 The Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes: Germany attacks

Erich von Falkenhayn is commander in chief of the German army. He wants to concentrate German forces on the Western Front, to win the war there by defeating France and Britain. 200 more words

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