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2 Russian frigates and a submarine have launched 6 “Kalibr” cruise missiles on ISIS positions near Uqayribat town of Hama province. 54 more words


21/6/1917 The Women's Battalion of Death

Russia has seen many great changes since the start of its revolution. Many of the traditional structures of society have now being completely overturned. These changes to the established order are affecting not just relations between the social classes but between the sexes, with the rights of women now being asserted in a previously undreamt of manner. 123 more words

First World War

Russia completes trials of newest assault rifle for ‘soldier of the future’ combat gear

TASS Russian News Agency, 21 June 2017

The newest AK-12 assault rifle produced by the Kalashnikov small arms manufacturer for the Ratnik ‘soldier of the future’ combat gear has passed all the stages of its operational evaluation in the troops, Kalashnikov press office told TASS on Tuesday. 172 more words

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Capabilities of the T-14 Armata 

By Bijan Razzaghi

Russia’s new T-14 is the latest in a Russian strategy in developing advanced systems that focus on quality rather than quantity. The tank features a number of technologies never before used on Russian tanks before and differs greatly from the existing T-90 and older T-72 tanks. 394 more words

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4/6/1917 Brusilov takes over the Russian army

The Russian army has a new chief of staff, General Alexei Brusilov. Brusilov’s offensive last year shook the Austro-Hungarians, though it ultimately ended in failure (arguably as a result of decisions by Brusilov’s superiors). 152 more words

First World War