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14/3/1917 Petrograd: the revolution triumphant

Petrograd is now lost to the Tsar. Loyalist fighters are now trying to escape the city or are giving up the fight. Those that can surrender to the Duma, hoping thereby to escape the summary justice of the street. 213 more words

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13/3/1917 A new order starts to emerge in revolutionary Petrograd

Fighting continues in Petrograd between the revolutionaries and their opponents. Most of the city’s garrison has mutinied and joined the revolution, but some officers and loyal troops are continuing to resist, as are the police. 391 more words

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12/3/1917 Petrograd slides from unrest to revolution

Petrograd is in the grip of a general strike and protests that have assumed an increasingly revolutionary character. Yesterday, at the orders of the Tsar, troops were ordered out to restore order. 221 more words

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11/3/1917 Crackdown in Petrograd

For the last few days Petrograd has been gripped by a general strike and increasingly large demonstrations. The police have been unable to contain the situation. 257 more words

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10/3/1917 As Petrograd slides towards revolution, the Tsar orders a crackdown

Petrograd is now in a ferment. The factories have closed as their striking workers join the demonstrations. 200,000 or more people are out on the streets. 235 more words

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Russia Conducts Combat Readiness Inspection in Southern Military District


About 3,000 personnel in the Southern Military District took part in a snap combat readiness inspection in the Crimea and North Caucasus. An official spokesman told us: 88 more words



According to reports, during the humanitarian missions over the past day one ton of bread, 3,000 hot meals and 800 sets of foodstuffs were delivered to over 3,800 people. 51 more words