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25/7/1916 Brusilov's offensive begins to slow down, Evert's continues to fail

In Galicia Brusilov’s offensive against the Austro-Hungarians continues. After spectacular successes, the Russians are beginning to run out of steam as exhaustion and casualties make it harder for them to maintain the pressure on the enemy. 145 more words

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Russian Invasion in the Baltic States: Nightmare or Reality?

Since 2014 the relations between Russia and NATO has reached the levels of Cold War. Russia has annexed Crimean peninsula from Ukraine  and wages proxy war in Eastern Ukraine. 3,952 more words

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2/7/1916 Baranovichi: a Russian attempt to smash the Germans

In Galicia Brusilov’s offensive has been smashing the Austro-Hungarians for the last month. Brusilov’s onslaught there was always intended as a prelude to an attack against the Germans further north. 185 more words

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30/6/1916 Brusilov's offensive rolls on

In Galicia Brusilov’s offensive rolls on. The Russians have inflicted a crushing defeat on the Austro-Hungarians. In some sectors they have advanced almost a 100 kilometres, an astonishing distance by the standards of this war. 130 more words

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17/6/1916 Brusilov's successes lead to Austrian collapse at the front and paranoia in Vienna

Expectations had been low for Brusilov’s offensive against the Austro-Hungarians. Brusilov’s fellow Russian generals had assumed that it would be another bloody failure, one that would humble the over-confident commander. 272 more words

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9/6/1916 Brusilov's offensive continues; Evert's fails to materialise

Brusilov’s offensive in Galicia continues to make gains, inflicting staggering losses on the Austro-Hungarians. One of the armies facing Brusilov has lost some 60,000 men. Another Habsburg army to the south initially resisted the Russians more effectively, but now it is being broken in two by the implacable enemy, suffering similar or greater casualties to its neighbour. 134 more words

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