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The Fall of Berlin, 1945

The final chapter in the destruction of Hitler’s Third Reich began on April 16, 1945 when Stalin unleashed the brutal power of 20 armies, 6,300 tanks and 8,500 aircraft with the objective of crushing German resistance and capturing Berlin. 66 more words

20th Century

17/1/1916 Anatolia: Koprukoy falls to the Russians

Russia’s General Yudenich has launched a winter offensive against Turkish forces in eastern Anatolia. After first luring enemy forces away with diversionary attacks he then launched his forces against the important frontline town of… 109 more words

First World War

14/1/1916 Anatolia: Yudenich launches the main Russian assault on Koprukoy

The Russians are attacking in eastern Anatolia, hoping to capture the key city of Erzurum before Turkish reinforcements arrive from Gallipoli. Russia’s General Yudenich has launched diversionary attacks near the frontline city town of Köprüköy. 62 more words

First World War

10/1/1916 Eastern Anatolia: Russia attacks

With the Gallipoli campaign over Turkey now has a large corps of battle-hardened troops available for redeployment to other fronts. Fearful that these might launch a new offensive in the Caucasus, General Yudenich of Russia decides to strike first. 181 more words

First World War

25/12/1915 Persia: Ahmed Shah decides to side with Russia and Britain

King Ahmed Shah of Persia has been toying with the idea of throwing his lot in with Germany and its allies. His country is notionally independent but in practice divided into spheres of influence by Russia and Britain. 247 more words

First World War

Eastern Inferno: The Journals of a German Panzerjager on the Eastern Front, 1941-43 by Hans Roth, edited by Alexander Christine and Mason Kunze

I have read six books dealing with the Eastern Front in World War II. All were either memoirs written after the fact or traditionally researched works. 471 more words

World War II

Russian military more advanced than you think

Vladimir Putin is not a man to back down from provocation, especially a direct, lethal provocation like the shooting down of a Russian Su-24 aircraft by Turkey. 147 more words

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