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16/10/1917 Enemy at the gates: Germany threatens Petrograd #1917Live

German forces have staged an amphibious landing on the islands of Estonia, outflanking Russian forces defending the approaches to Petrograd. Now the Russians abandon the city of Revel (known to the Estonians as Tallinn), fearing that it has become untenable. 83 more words

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11/10/1917 Operation Albion: German troops seize the islands of Estonia #1917Live

On the Eastern Front, the Russian military situation continues to deteriorate. German troops have already taken Riga; now they land on Saaremaal in the Estonian archipeligo, crushing Russian resistance there. 58 more words

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Putin Decrees Foreigners In Russian Army Can Fight In Wars Abroad

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that allows foreign citizens serving in the Russian Army on a contractual basis to take part in Russian military operations abroad. 115 more words


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Do you want to join the Russian army? Да? All you have to do is call today! This is a billboard by my apartment building. 409 more words


Russian forces in Donbas almost equal those of all NATO allies in Europe – Ukraine official

The Russian Federation has amassed in the occupied areas of Donbas a military contingent equal to the military forces of almost all NATO allies in Europe, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios told 112 Ukraine TV channel. 352 more words

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Saturday 30 September, 2017 Update: Concerns Remain Following the Conclusion of Zapad 17

With Zapad 17 having officially ended and the withdrawal of Russian forces from Belarus ostensibly complete, NATO intelligence officers will be spending the next few weeks analyzing the major exercise and drawing conclusions from it. 360 more words

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The Russian military road service specialists have built a bridge across the Euphrates river a few miles from Deir Ezzor in northeastern Syria to transport military hardware and personnel to the eastern bank. 38 more words