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The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria

Originally from Tatarstan, General Valéri Guérassimov, head of the armed forces of the Federation of Russia and deputy vice-Minister of Defence, is very familiar with Islam. 1,172 more words

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20/8/1915 Another defeat for Russia as the Germans take Novogeorgievsk

Russian forces in Poland are being hammered by the Germans and their Austro-Hungarian allies. The Russians have abandoned Warsaw and are mostly retreating eastwards, but some garrisons have been left behind to tie up German forces. 85 more words

First World War

18/8/1915 The fall of Kovno: another grave setback for Russia

Russia has enjoyed a rare success against Germany in the Gulf of Riga, where a German naval assault has been repulsed. Apart from that things are not going very well. 192 more words

First World War

10/8/1915 Poland: the German juggernaut rolls on

Warsaw has fallen to the Germans, but they are not resting on their laurels. They continue to push the eastwards, capturing many soldiers and whatever materiel that the Russians have not rushed eastwards quickly enough. 128 more words

First World War

5/8/1915 As Warsaw falls, Russian military failures beget political tension

In Poland, Russian forces have accepted the inevitable, retreating from Warsaw before the Germans cut off their lines of communication. German forces arrive in the Polish capital today as the Russians pull back to the east. 256 more words

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