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Ukrainian Army Can Any Moment Turn on Kiev

Below is a video interview with expert, Oleg Chagin, Director of the Institute of Social Anthropo-genesis (in Russian). To summarize, he talks about a dire situation in Ukrainian army. 930 more words


18/4/1916 Russian forces seize Trebizond; the scale of Turkey's abuse of the Armenians becomes increasingly apparent

In eastern Anatolia the Turks have been on the back foot since the Russian capture of Erzurum. Russian advances are continuing, taking advantage of the Turks’s disarray and encountering little or no effective resistance. 294 more words

First World War

15/4/1916 Brusilov's bold plan for an offensive

The Russian army has a problem. In the 1914 and 1915 fighting it has done well against the Austro-Hungarians but been battered badly by the Germans. 281 more words

First World War

Russian children learn to love France

Russian children build scale models supporting France. Those scale models, small air fighters as a matter of facts, make ads to support France and Paris against terrorism. 155 more words

30/3/1916 Russia calls a halt to its failed Lake Naroch offensive

Russian troops have been attacking the Germans in the Lake Naroch area of Byelorussia and also near Riga on the coast. They hoped to relieve the pressure on the French at… 144 more words

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21/3/1916 Lake Naroch and Riga: failed Russian offensives

Russian forces are attacking the Germans near Lake Naroch in Byelorussia. They are trying to relieve the pressure on the French at Verdun. After the drubbings the Russians have received from the Germans last year they also want to show that they are able to take on and beat the Germans. 86 more words

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18/3/1916 Lake Naroch: Russia attacks Germany

The Germans are inflicting heavy casualties on the French at Verdun. In an effort to relieve this pressure the French have appealed to their allies to launch their own attacks on Germany and Austria-Hungary. 141 more words

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