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27/6/1915 Eastern Front: Central Powers advance continues, Mackensen becomes a field marshal

The Russians have been on the back foot since Germany and Austria-Hungary launched the Gorlice-Tarnów offensive. Under the command of Germany’s General Mackensen the offensive has proved a far greater success than expected. 117 more words

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Powerful Russian army is 'guarantor of sovereignty': Putin


MOSCOW — Russia needs a mighty military to fend off threats near its borders, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday, a stance that reflects soaring tensions with the West over the crisis in Ukraine. 407 more words

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"The Russians are good stage managers. They are also very efficient liars."

Major-General Alfred Knox (1870-1964) was the British Military Attache in Petrograd (as St Petersburg had been renamed since the start of the war – the Russians thought it sounded too German). 304 more words

News From The Front: The Grim Reality Of War

5/6/1915 Przemysl: the last Russian positions fall

The last Russian forts at Przemysl are taken by the Austro-Hungarians and Germans. The Galician fortress city is now entirely back in the hands of the Habsburgs. 70 more words


The June DIRT Project: Defending Poland

With a fresh outbreak of fighting underway in the Ukraine and the possibility of escalation increasing once again, I feel that this is an opportune time to talk about Poland. 353 more words

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3/6/1915 Przemysl once more in Austro-Hungarian hands

In Galicia a combined Austro-Hungarian and German force is attacking the Russians at Przemysl. After taking some of the outlying forts, the Austro-Hungarians now push into the town itself. 168 more words

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30/5/1915 Austria-Hungary returns to Przemysl

The Galician fortified town of Przemysl fell to the Russians after a long siege back in March. The Russians have not had long to celebrate their triumph. 106 more words

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