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Friends and foes: Prussia in Russian music during the Napoleonic Wars

During my MPhil in Modern European History at Cambridge, my research focused on Russian music and patriotism during the Napoleonic Wars. One of the most interesting things I found during my research was the portrayals of Russia’s allies and enemies in song during the latter stages of the Napoleonic Wars. 1,225 more words


31/12/1917 Chaos in Trebizond as the Russian army disintegrates #1917Live

The war against Turkey had gone well for Russia, but now the Bolsheviks have signed an armistice with the Turks, agreeing to return their gains since the war’s start. 111 more words

First World War

18/12/1917 Russia and Turkey agree an armistice #1917Live

The Russians have already signed an armistice with the Germans and Austro-Hungarians and are about to begin negotiations for a peace treaty with them. Now they also sign an armistice with Turkish representatives at Erzincan. 179 more words

First World War

15/12/1917 Russia and Germany agree an armistice #1917Live

The Bolsheviks came to power in Russia promising to end the war. Now they manage to agree an armistice with the Germans, which will last for one month during which time representatives of the two countries will seek to negotiate a permanent end to their conflict. 236 more words

First World War

2/12/1917 Using unconventional methods, the Bolsheviks assert their power over the State Bank and the army

The Bolsheviks continue to consolidate their position. Striking civil servants are still a problem for the new regime. Many of Russia’s officials are opposed to the Bolsheviks’ seizure of power and have been on strike in protest. 253 more words

First World War

16/10/1917 Enemy at the gates: Germany threatens Petrograd #1917Live

German forces have staged an amphibious landing on the islands of Estonia, outflanking Russian forces defending the approaches to Petrograd. Now the Russians abandon the city of Revel (known to the Estonians as Tallinn), fearing that it has become untenable. 83 more words

First World War

11/10/1917 Operation Albion: German troops seize the islands of Estonia #1917Live

On the Eastern Front, the Russian military situation continues to deteriorate. German troops have already taken Riga; now they land on Saaremaal in the Estonian archipeligo, crushing Russian resistance there. 58 more words

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