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New Russian 1st Tank Army unit will be equipped with T-14 Armata MBTs and Kurganets IFVs

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to create a new tank army in the Western Military District by December 1, a senior source at Russia’s General Staff has told TASS. 48 more words


Women's Battalion

Women’s Battalions were all-female combat units formed after the February Revolution by the Russian Provisional Government in a last-ditch effort to inspire the mass of war-weary soldiers to continue fighting in World War I. 270 more words


22/7/1915 Russia's "Great Retreat"

The German advances into Poland from north and south are hammering the Russians. It is becoming increasingly clear that the enemy advance cannot be stopped; attempting to hold onto Poland will lead to the destruction of any armies left to defend it. 216 more words

First World War

21/7/1915 Turkey advances against Russia and continues extermination of the Armenians

In eastern Anatolia the Battle of Manzikert continues. The overextended Russians have been thrown back by the reinforced Turks’ counterattacks. The Russians are falling back and the Turks are advancing. 177 more words

First World War

21/7/1915 Warsaw: the German noose tightens

Russia is still reeling from Germany’s offensives in the east. The Germans are advancing into Lithuania and have taken the town of Szawle. But they are also advancing into Poland, with one army marching towards Warsaw from the north and another combined force of Germans and Austro-Hungarians threatening it from the south. 47 more words

First World War

16/7/1915 Manzikert: the Turks counterattack

In Eastern Anatolia the Russians have been trying to advance from Manzikert against the Turks. Unfortunately the Russians are over-extended and are unable to make headway against their enemies. 43 more words

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