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Today in European history: the Battle of Sinop (1853)

Apart from the Charge of the Light Brigade (the actual charge, but also the poem), the Crimean War (1853-1856) is perhaps best known (at least by some of us) as the first “modern” war, in that it was during the Crimean War when later military staples like rail, telegraphs, trenches, and rifled firearms and artillery first got tested on a major battlefield. 1,428 more words


27 October 2015. A Must-See Vid... Russian Series on the Romanovs Dubbed in English

This billboard was in Sevastopol THREE YEARS before its joyous return to Russia… think deeply on that fact…



This has nothing new for Russian-speakers and those familiar with Russian history, but it’s a good introduction for those unfamiliar with the subject. 211 more words


What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island

We hear so often that America is “a nation of immigrants” or a “cultural mixing pot” that the phrase has become kind of a tired cliche. 572 more words


Extinct Language: Ubykh

Sometimes I read about random languages on the internet. Usually I stay within the Slavic family (it’s strangely satisfying to read about the obscure grammatical concepts in Slovak, for instance, and actually understand what that means by virtue of knowing Russian grammar), but sometimes, I venture away from Slavic languages, away from Indo-European languages, and read about random languages hardly anyone has heard of. 206 more words


Holiness and Hedonism, Two Tales of the Jewish pilgrimage to Uman

When thinking of pilgrims, a small town in central Ukraine wouldn’t be your first thought, but Uman, a small city of 90,000 is one of the great, if fairly unknown, pilgrimage cities in the world. 1,098 more words


The third liberation of the Ukraine

What is going on in the Ukraine is tragic. But that is nothing new for the Ukraine. In the Russian Empire of the czars, Russia and the Ukraine were one. 724 more words

Relationship Between Russians And Ukrainians