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Holiness and Hedonism, Two Tales of the Jewish pilgrimage to Uman

When thinking of pilgrims, a small town in central Ukraine wouldn’t be your first thought, but Uman, a small city of 90,000 is one of the great, if fairly unknown, pilgrimage cities in the world. 1,098 more words


The third liberation of the Ukraine

What is going on in the Ukraine is tragic. But that is nothing new for the Ukraine. In the Russian Empire of the czars, Russia and the Ukraine were one. 724 more words

Relationship Between Russians And Ukrainians

Britain's Response to the July Crisis, June-August 1914.

With the various alliances of Europe activated, and the continental great powers mobilising against each other, a general European war had become inevitable by the end of July 1914. 6,730 more words


Let the Thunder of Victory Sound!

Let the Thunder of Victory Sound! was written to commemorate Russian General Aleksandr Suvorov’s capture of a major Ottoman fortress at Izmail. This event effectively ended that Second Russo-Turkish War. Viva la Europa!



July, 1915

It’s been a year now since Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot, giving way to the diplomatic kerfluffle that generated the First World War. The war that would “be over by Christmas” is now lurching towards its first anniversary, and the death toll mounts in Europe and in other places. 377 more words