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A Century After the Russian Revolution, Will Putin Bury Lenin?

So reads the headline of an article published at Royal Russia last week. Here are some choice excerpts:

The embalmed corpse of Vladimir Lenin, whose seizure of power following the Bolshevik Revolution sealed the fate of the Romanov dynasty and ushered in more than 70 years of communist rule, lies on view in a squat stone mausoleum just outside the Kremlin walls.

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Monastery of St. Cyrl

“Goritsy:  of the White Lake, Kirillov – 4 kilometers from the berth at Goritsy, was founded in 1337. The monastery grew from a small population of 50 chaste monks to become one of the largest and best endowed religious and military centers in the Russian Empire by the end of the 17th century. 259 more words

Russian Waterways St. Petersburg To Moscow 2013

Vinnovka - the little jewel of Samarskaya Luka

This year’s autumn hasn’t been spoiling us – a couple of snowy weeks in late October and early November followed by a period of rather brisk weather with temperatures dropping to -11’C hasn’t encouraged many ventures away from the city. 593 more words

November 1916

This month’s Century News is a bit late, due to distractions and the US election of the present year. The biggest news of 1916 for Americans was also a Presidential election, but there was plenty of other news for the headlines of that month as well, including the end of the bloodiest battle of World War One in Europe. 572 more words


The Rehabilitation of Nicholas II By Natalia Poklonskaya

I’ve been a fervent anti-Communist ever since I was old enough to know what Communism is. This fact surprises some people, especially when they find out that I put years and years of effort into learning to speak Russian. 1,264 more words



This article first appeared on the Atlantic Council site.

Two and a half years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, too many public figures in the United States and Europe still seem unable to decipher Russia’s motives. 784 more words

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Famous violinists - 6

Jascha Heifetz

He was born 1901 on the geographical area of Vilnius (nowadays). Jascha is considered to be the only violinist that can reach the final note of the Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. 196 more words

Famous Violinists