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Umbals, near Tiflis


part of “MONEY R C (LT COL) COLLECTION” (photographs) Made by: Money, Robert Cotton (Photographer)

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Umbals, near Tiflis.

Imperial Russia in colour: peasants and elites | Dance's Historical Miscellany

In the early 1900s, Russian photographer Sergei Produkin-Gorskii decided to take a photographic survey of the Russian Empire and its neighbouring countries. It was an absurdly ambitious scheme whic… 18 more words

20th Century

Russian and Ottoman Involvement in the Balkans

The Balkans has always had a turbulent history. It has had conflicts of religion, conquerors that have invaded its lands, and empires that have controlled its people. 3,452 more words

Middle East

Crumbling Sololaki

One of the first modern districts sketched out and built outside historical walls of Tiflis in the 19th century, during the rule of Russian Empire, retains its charm 200 years on. 28 more words

Tiflis Sololaki of the 1800's

One of the earliest photographs of outskirts of Tiflis (late 1800’s / early 1900’s ?), most probably shot by famous photographer Ermakov. The photo depicts road from Sololaki district to Kodjori village, which used to serve as a Summer residence for exhausted nobleman in hot Summer days of Tiflis.

A Fascinating New Website: 'A History of Russia in Photographs'

This link comes from Paul at the excellent Royal Russia blog, one of my favorite websites to read since it combines two of my favorite things (history and imperial Russia). 123 more words


When the Capital of Latvia Was a Ship Called Saratov

by Geoff Chester, LIEPĀJA

1918 was an incredibly complex time geopolitically for the European continent. The collapse of the German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires had left power vacuums and a number of states sprang from their husks. 1,306 more words