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Meme: #Wordless #Wednesday — Polish Genealogy

The above image is from an Alegata in support of an 1878 marriage where the bride was from out parish (Biechów parish / parafia, Kielce Gubernia, Russian-Poland; the bride was originally born in Dębica parish, Austrian Empire, Galicia Kingdom, Pilzno District, Tarnów diocese. 39 more words


Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic #149 (1918)

On October 25, 1917 (O.S.), immediately after the Russian Provisional Government was overthrown during the October Revolution, the Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin established the Soviet state. 2,237 more words

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Russian Empire #90 (1913)

The Russian Empire (Россійская Имперія — Rossiyskaya imperiya), also known as Russia, existed from 1721 until it was overthrown by the short-lived February Revolution in 1917.  7,477 more words

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Hovey's Bookshelf: Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin

Book: Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin (Halfhyde #1), 

Author: Philip McCutchan

Publisher: McBooks Press (Ithacha, NY), 1974

Background: I haven’t read or enjoyed historical fiction in a long time. 331 more words


House of Orphans – Helen Dunmore

Rating: 5 stars

Early this June, when Helen Dunmore died at the age of just 64, I was reading her novel House of Orphans, published originally in 2006; it’s only now, nearly nine weeks later, I feel able to put into writing my thoughts on the book. 396 more words

99 Years / 99 лет

Dear readers! 99 years ago today, Nicholas II, Emperor of all the Russias, along with his family and faithful servants, was cruelly murdered by the Bolsheviks. 16 more words