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Laudaev "The Chechen Tribe" part III


Concerning the peoples who inhabited the flatland of Chechnya until the establishment of the Chechens there.

Earlier the Chechens lived in the mountains and only at the beginning of the last century did they settle in the flatland. 2,965 more words


Laudaev "The Chechen Tribe" Part II


The names of communities of the Chechen tribes and their meaning

In former times, the primacy over all the communities of the Chechen tribes was always held by the inhabitants of the old Chechen territory, both in terms of numbers and social development, by audacity and courage. 904 more words


Laudaev, "The Chechen Tribe" Part I

The Chechen Tribe

I. The territory occupied by Chechen tribes

            The area lying between Ossetia and the Kumyk plain is settled by numerous tribes of Caucasus mountain people, speaking one language called Chechen. 990 more words


Umalat Laudaev and "The Chechen Nation"


Umalat Laudaev (1827-1890) was a Chechen who served as an officer in the Russian Army. He wrote ethnographic and historical studies of the Chechens and other Caucasus peoples. 298 more words


100 years ago: The last day of the Russian Empire

The Imperial Russian State Colour is a splendid flag symbolizing that which came to an end on 15 March 1917 when Nicholas II abdicated: More than twenty million square kilometres of empire and a thousand years of monarchy. 528 more words


Same old story, 100 years on - "100 Yıllık Terane"

I’ve been cruising past the sign for a week or so now – a huge billboard strikingly designed in red and black and white, located near a busy intersection on Istanbul’s Baghdad Avenue. 2,466 more words

Ottoman Empire

A Century After the Russian Revolution, Will Putin Bury Lenin?

So reads the headline of an article published at Royal Russia last week. Here are some choice excerpts:

The embalmed corpse of Vladimir Lenin, whose seizure of power following the Bolshevik Revolution sealed the fate of the Romanov dynasty and ushered in more than 70 years of communist rule, lies on view in a squat stone mausoleum just outside the Kremlin walls.

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