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Russian River - Bling Pig IPA

Blind Pig (酒精度6.1%) 是享負盛名的美國加洲手工啤酒廠Russian River 旗下的一款常設IPA,雖然它並非限量生產酒款 (當然也不是巨量生產),但一直以來也是手工啤酒界的搶手貨。啤酒於2015年10月1日入樽,而我是11月7日享用,應該尚算新鮮。酒液是非常清徹的橙銅色,泡沫呈純白色,泡量不多。香氣是濃郁的柑橘、橙皮和松木,酒花個性突出。味道是中等的柑橘酒花苦韻、草本植物、麥芽以及少量焦糖,酒體中等,餘韻乾身並帶有意想不到的輕微堅果味。

Blind Pig (ABV 6.1%) is a year round IPA brewed by the extremely celebrated craft beer brewery… 92 more words

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Playing in God's Backyard

Like a lot of San Francisco families, my parents have a cabin up at the Russian River. We’d spend all summer there when we were kids until the summer of ’72 when we all got busted raiding the parents’ bottles. 436 more words

The Big Gay Russian River

So, it was Yolanda’s last month in the Bay Area, and she wanted to visit all her favorite places, and this meant a field trip to the  Big Gay Russian River. 1,030 more words

Alpine Nelson vs. Green Flash Nelson: Perfect Pour #117


Battle, bro. Whalez battle. Because we have a uber awesome listener from Societe Brewing, we are able to put a bottle of Alpine’s “Nelson” bottled by Alpine Brewing and a bottle of Nelson bottled by Green Flash. 135 more words

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Toxic Algae Alert Issued In Mendocino County After 2nd Dog Dies

POTTER VALLEY, Calif. (AP) – Authorities are urging people to keep their pets out of the Eel River in Northern California after a dog died from toxic algae. 119 more words


Autumn and Joe Montana

A family member brushed shoulders with Joe Montana several years ago. My father had called and asked, “Guess who so and so ran into?” I wasn’t in the mood for any guessing games; there was a heat wave, the kids were going crazy, and I’m sure a million other things were going wrong. 1,011 more words