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Rust in peace: Saab 99 EMS

The chopped-up Saab 900 we featured last week wasn’t alone. There was a relatively clean beige 99 sitting right next to it, and a more far-gone 99 EMS parked just a few feet above it. 175 more words


Rust in peace: Saab 900

We photographed the Saab 900 pictured below on a trip to Sweden earlier this month. We’ve found run-down, abandoned and junkyed 900s in the United States and all over Europe before, but this one was located just a stone’s throw from Trollhättan, the town it was most likely built in. 221 more words


Rust in peace: Renault Super 5

We photographed the Renault Super 5 pictured below on the outskirts of a small village located in the southwestern part of Belgium. A sticker on the bottom right corner of the rear window hints that it hasn’t been on the road — or, at least, that it hasn’t been registered — since 2011. 133 more words


Rust in peace: Chenard & Walcker Z5

A rusty piece of metal barely sticking out from behind a garage, sometimes that’s all it takes. A quick glance at the rear-view mirror, turn signal, brakes and turn around: there’s definitely something old and forgotten hiding back there. 577 more words


Rust in peace: Citroën Ami 8, Peugeot 204

Last week’s Rust in Peace article showcased three Citroën 2CVs abandoned behind what looks like an old repair shop. Like I mentioned, the cars aren’t alone. 219 more words


Rust in peace: three Citroën 2CVs

I found the three Citroën 2CVs pictured below behind an abandoned (or at least empty) repair shop located about an hour from the town I live in. 229 more words