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Megadeth - Rust In Peace - Review

The music industry is pretty much the worst. Obviously big, broad, boring bureaucracies are nice, safe, easy targets, but consider this before you write off my forced humor: someone, at some point, had to approve this: 914 more words


Rust in peace: Volkswagen Beetle

I spotted the Volkswagen Beetle pictured below in northern Italy a couple of weeks ago. While its registration number was issued in Rome, it’s ending its days deep in the countryside, hours away from the Italian capital. 156 more words


Goodbye Nick Menza

I have to acknowledge the death of drummer Nick Menza who passed away last night.  Nick was with Megadeth for ten years and played on the band’s best album, Rust In Peace.   38 more words


R.I.P. Nick Menza

I don’t usually recall the first time listening to albums, but I remember perfectly the first time I picked up Megadeth’s Rust in Peace.  I had only a casual knowledge of Megadeth then, having heard only several songs beforehand.   401 more words


RIP Nick Menza

Ok this year has completely sucked in terms of all the celebrities and musicians we have lost this year (Alan Rickman , Lemmy, Prince, David Bowie to name a few) and I woke up to the news today that Nick Menza (former drummer for Megadeth) had passed away. 468 more words

Rust in peace: Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

I photographed the Jeep Cherokee you see below in a quiet part of Beijing, China. The Cherokee was a surprising sight for two reasons: first, it’s one of the oldest cars I saw in Beijing last month. 156 more words


Rust in peace: Peugeot 104

The Peugeot 104 we’re visiting today is ending its days in a ditch on the outskirts of a small town in southern France. I’ve driven past it time and again, but I never noticed it until a friend mentioned something was down there. 177 more words