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Time to spare

Simmering lakes of organ grinder runoff
Mixed with a pinch of slake lime effluent
Chemically chargrilled using mutagen centrifuge
Ethically sourced electric brain stimulation reduction… 55 more words


Good Ole' Days

This week’s artwork is a photo I took several semesters go in Photography class. I really enjoyed learning the camera an being in the darkroom being able to develop the photos myself. 26 more words


Collateral Damage by Metro Rail.

The advent of Metro rail in a locality normally signals progress and prosperity. However, the extended construction process has left many adversely affected. Most businesses near the  Metro line  are tottering on the brink waiting for very rosy days once the metro rail is commissioned. 60 more words



Not sure what I was thinking about when I saw this… The rust probably got my attention.



I want to be adrift in the safe harbor
of your pastoral soul, where your
serenity harpoons my rusted heart.

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