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pictorial diaries 1

so damaged, our souls
rusting and decaying.
Unaware, us all
spreading it further like a disease;
every single time we breathe
the catalyst for our ruins.


Rusted Chest Of Lies

obscure insecurities drives a human to a psychological thriller of words and actions

where it ties itself to a rusted chest of lies and drags itself… 6 more words



Build the world with a few spare tunnels
Milled, sheared to bear eddies of credit funneled
Secrete concrete on streets, dung jets heartbeat
Flogged trees, sorry, too late now to stop bleeds… 34 more words



For today’s theme I want to share these two pics I took I while ago during 2 different field trips.

First of all, you need to know that within 2 hours on my city, there are a wide range of climates, so you can find all kind of food and wildlife close enough. 109 more words


Rusted Object

Here’s a photo that was taken on the same day as the last one.

As I was exploring around, I saw this, so I decided to take photos. 116 more words