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Rambling About Blade Runner (1982)

Nutshell Ramble

An exceptional Philip K. Dick story could only go one direction, that direction being, an exceptional sci-fi film.


Full Ramble… 612 more words


Omega Doom (1996)

At the end of a World War between humans and robots, a nuclear bomb was detonated and a Dark Age begun, without technology or electricity. Years later, the world has been cleared of humanity by the CDC, only the CDC’s cyborgs and robots remain… 140 more words



Bleeders (1997)

Today, I’m going to be fulfilling a request from one of my gracious Patreon patrons, and talking about 1997’s Bleeders.

The plot of… 1,038 more words


Młyn i krzyż - The Mill and the Cross (2011)

Director : Lech Majewski
Starring : Rutger Hauer, Michael York, Charlotte Rampling. Poland/Sweden. 1h 36m

It’s always interesting for a art nut like myself to discover something about an era of art, an artist or in some cases just one single painting being extracted in the wonderful world of cinema. 696 more words


My First Blog (so bare with me)

Well here I sit it’s February 4th 2017, here in the U.S. we have a reality TV star as president, terrorism, famine, global warming (well not according to the president), and if any person can get on social media without feeling like screaming, please tell me your secret. 330 more words

The Hitcher (1986)

As a screenplay writer I enjoy movies with a good script and that is the main reason I recommend every one to watch The Hitcher… 123 more words


Man Vs., Hidden, Hobo

Man Vs. (2015): written by Adam Massey and Thomas Michael; directed by Adam Massey; starring Chris Diamantopoulos: Filmed north of Guelph, Ontario, Man Vs. 483 more words