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Injured? Most likely your mental wellbeing is suffering too

Simone McInnes

Sports Journalism/Psychology student

Runners knee. Achilles tendonitis. Stress fractures. Plantar fasciitis.

These are all words that are common in a runner’s vocabulary. And if you are one of the lucky ones who is blissfully unaware of such terms, chances are that if you run, you probably won’t be for long. 685 more words


Working Less as a Lenten Practice

When taking my first classes in servant leadership, I was clearly in “overwork” mode. During the Lenten season, Tim suggested we consider doing something creative or different during this sacred season. 660 more words

Lent 2013

Inspired by 'failure'

After crewing for Colleen at the 100-Mile Endurance Challenge – and our subsequent ‘failure’ to complete the run – I found myself inspired to tackle my own ultramarathon. 263 more words


Cultural Creatives

Reading the first chapter of The Cultural Creatives by Paul Ray and Ruth Anderson was an experience. We in regenerative studies are here under the common primes of change. 220 more words

Scottish care home blamed over girls 'avoidable' double suicide leap

The suicides of two teenage girls who leapt to their deaths in an apparent suicide pact could have been avoided if the care home where they were staying had followed ‘reasonable precautions’. 189 more words


Running Past 50 - Book Review

During Christmas I asked for and got several books on running. One of them was appropriately named Running Past 50 by Richard Benyo… 758 more words


Do Your Homework or Lose Dollars!!!!!

Who doesn’t LOVE to shop? Especially for one of a kind things that will make your kids stand out and give them a little edge in their look. 1,559 more words