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Unpacking the Politics of Trudeau's 'Elbowgate'

The prime minister “fouled the legislature” by physically intervening in an NDP blockade in the House of Commons last week, says one veteran Hill journalist, and the story isn’t going to be going away anytime soon. 289 more words


Justin Trudeau And Elbowgate: Safe Space Hysteria In Canadian Politics

It’s not just the students. Now fully grown adults – even elected MPs – are using the victimhood-soaked language of social justice and identity politics to score political points… 1,142 more words


Prime Minister of Canada Sexually Assaulted in House of Commons

On Wednesday May 18, 2016, a disturbing incident took place in the Canadian House of Commons (as can be seen in the above video).  I have watched this clip a few times, and I have noticed something that nobody else seems to have realized.   218 more words

‘Do I have to justify how hard I was hit in the breast?’ MP criticized after being elbowed by Trudeau

OTTAWA — Ruth Ellen Brosseau says she has faced personal attacks since she was elbowed in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, including that she should be “ashamed to be a woman” and that she is “not a feminist.” 638 more words


Scoffield: How politics mattered this week

Parliament Hill was either seething with animosity or awash in contrition for most of this extraordinary week, with the opposition and the government manoeuvring — elbows up — to get the better of one other. 671 more words


Canadian Parliament. Its Meant to be Better.

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of sunny ways, the man whose smiles makes men and women alike swoon like little school children; has darkened his reputation with a single-handed action. 1,225 more words