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'Plane Talk' with Ruth Ellen Brosseau: On the surprising win in 2011 and that trip to Vegas

WATCH: NDP MPRuth Ellen Brosseau was elected in the orange wave and thrust into the spotlight because of a mid-campaign trip to Las Vegas. She talks to Tom Clark about the transition from paper candidate to respected MP. 1,405 more words


Q & A: Brosseau flourishes in Commons after rough start as 'Vegas girl'

In 2011, Ruth Ellen Brosseau was elected as an NDP MP in a Quebec riding where she hadn’t even campaigned. Brosseau was an accidental politician: She had helped manage a pub at Carleton University, did not speak French well, and had travelled to Las Vegas during the campaign to celebrate her birthday. 739 more words


Lunch with NDP’s Ruth Ellen Brosseau: Harassment ‘happens everywhere’ - even Parliament Hill

OTTAWA – She worked in restaurants and bars for years, infamously managing a campus pub when she was unexpectedly elected as an NDP MP in 2011. 1,689 more words


Questions raised about scope of student loan data breach

OTTAWA — Natasha Vaughan took out a student loan in 2007. She submitted her request on March 9, 2007.

The $27,000 loan helped her pay for a distance education course that she had to withdraw from after giving birth to twins seven weeks early and then falling ill in 2006. 668 more words


Missing hard drive last seen in August, government says

OTTAWA — An external hard drive containing the personal information of nearly 600,000 Canadians was last seen in August – three months before anyone notice it was missing. 759 more words


Student loan data breach affects NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau

OTTAWA — Questioning about the loss of personal information on nearly 600,000 Canadians will take on a new meaning for NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau after she received a letter in the mail this week confirming her information was on a hard drive missing for months. 450 more words