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Answer Me This {summer #2}

1. What’s the best thing about your dad?

His love of music, and artistic ability. The fact that he’s willing to sit there and take late night phone calls when I have a need to have a question answered RIGHTTHISVERYSECOND!! 563 more words


Answer Me This {summer #1}

1. Any big plans for the summer?

Road Trip!!!!!! Heading to Georgia in a little over four weeks. Spending nearly three weeks with family there. Topping off with my youngest brother-in-law’s wedding. 603 more words


little bits and pieces

I suppose I could label this a “Daybook” post, but greatly modified. Because those always have a lot of headings, and take me a lot of time because I feel bound to do EVERY SINGLE ITEM… 635 more words


things I learned {about marriage} while crocheting

I recently finished up Jared’s afghan that I’d been crocheting. And everytime I do a “big” project like this (this is the second one) I can’t help but think about my marriage and how I somehow manage to learn a few little life lessons along the way. 946 more words


I finished it!!!!! {and WIWS}

First we’ll take care of what I put together for Mass yesterday:

I, ummmm, didn’t manage to get a photo before so… this is after we got home. 509 more words


Washing the truck and Finding Joy

We’ve got a lovely tree… well actually, let me rephrase… The neighbors behind us have a tree that spreads primarily over our yard and driveway. It casts lots of shade so the garden has a hard time growing and it produces a good amount of pollen which covers the driveway (and the birds enjoy nesting in it so we have their droppings as well). 470 more words