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#JusticiaGlobalSemanal - Fallos clave sobre los casos de Kenia en la CPI

En el mes de agosto, los jueces de la CPI emitieron dos fallos clave para los dos casos de la Corte en contra del presidente de Kenia Uhuru Kenyatta, el vicepresidente William Ruto y el presentador de radio Joshua Sang. 923 more words

Scotland Completely Bans GMOs as Kenya Lifts Ban

Barely a week after the Kenyan government announced that it was set to lift a ban on genetically modified organisms GMOs in the next three months; Scotland has outlawed the infamous organisms after all. 166 more words


Advantages of GMOs and Why Kenya May Not Benefit from #RutoGmoDeal

Did you know that genetically modified organisms, commonly known as GMOs have benefits? May be this is why you need to take a second thought when Deputy President William Ruto is lecturing Kenyans on how this biotechnology will address Kenya’s food security crisis. 296 more words

Why GMOs Are a Threat to the Environment

Are GMOs Safe? This is probably the most important question; drawing more attention than ‘what is GMO.’ Interestingly, while the government of Kenya through the Deputy President is ‘misleading’ the public that developed nations embrace GMOs, research says otherwise. 260 more words


What are GMOs? Understanding genetically modified organisms

When the government recently announced a plan to lift a ban on genetically modified organisms commonly known as GMOs, there was outcry from Kenyans of all walks of life, except for a few who are either in the GMO business or informed about GMOs. 139 more words


#WhoWeAreKE - Brave

The artist is a father who is a member of the Mau Mau Veteran’s Association, where he agitates for the rights and recognition of the war veterans of Kenya’s Independence War. 369 more words

Body Mapping The Kenyan Identity