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Can IEBC Chair Be Fair and Impartial?

In A Fair and Impartial IEBC Chair?, I make the case it’s possible but those charged with the responsibility to pick the next chair of this important body must do the utmost in screening and selecting only an incorruptible person who can ensure we once again have a fair and transparent election even half as good as we had in 2002, the only time it can be said we have not had an election riddled with rigging and all manner of corruption as to negate the will of the majority of the voters going to the polls as we have always had as the case going back to our country’s independence. 224 more words


Chief Justice David Maraga and what lies in wait

In CJ David Maraga and what lies in wait…I share my thoughts on what I believe the most important task for the CJ will be as he assumes office as our next and new Chief Justice and how how he handles that task will define his legacy while at the same time offering evidence of whether or not we finally have a truly independent judiciary that can be counted on to render judicial judgments and decisions based on facts and the law. 164 more words


Well Hello There MR Smarty Pants...We Meet Again:)

Any publicity is good publicity! Trump surely rode this show horse till there was nothing left but he somehow survived the media storm of negative coverage, emerging victorious as the 45th president elect of the United States of America. 495 more words

Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has started his tour of Kilifi County today amid claims that the County had lost a whopping sh51 million through rogue officials. 120 more words



The past two weeks Kenyans have been treated to an exhibition of presidential incompetence.Graft has taken over in the public discourse.
It was lamentable watching President Uhuru Kenyatta buckle under the war against graft on National Television at the State House Summit on Accountability and Corruption.It was even worse when he resorted to assigning blame in as far as the deceleration of the war on corruption is concerned.A seemingly emotional Head Of State went on a harangue against the Office Of The Attorney General,The Office Of Director Of Public Prosecutions,The Office Of The Directorate Of Criminal Investigations,The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and The Kenya Police Service.He cited frustrations in their co-operation as far as executing their mandate in handling of graft cases. 483 more words


The Evil That Must Be Defeated In Kenya

My resumed column published in the The Star:

As we have sped past 52 years since our beloved country became independent, those who have been alive at least that long recall being taught in school how the colonists came with a Bible on one hand and a gun on the other. 651 more words


To Vote or Not to Vote?

Ah, Nairobi. The hub of air pollution, dusty (and dirty) streets and noisy matatus. Especially the latter, which is where I find myself writing this post, probably not wise, as the guy sitting next to me is either eyeing my phone or trying to peek at what I’m doing. 1,521 more words