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To Vote or Not to Vote?

Ah, Nairobi. The hub of air pollution, dusty (and dirty) streets and noisy matatus. Especially the latter, which is where I find myself writing this post, probably not wise, as the guy sitting next to me is either eyeing my phone or trying to peek at what I’m doing. 1,521 more words

Decision 2017 Not all about the Money

By Ooko Victor

15 Billion: the legally sanctioned upper limit for campaign funds for a single political party in Kenya which translates to about 0.24% of our GDP (as at 2015). 755 more words

Ooko Victor


Viongozi wa nchi ya Kenya ni viumbe wa ajabu sana. Mwanzo mghala muue na haki umpe, Vigogo hawa wamebarikiwa kwa kipawa kimoja; ushawishi wa maneno. 829 more words

Jubilee Seems Ready, but CORD Are We?

In the TV series Perception, Dr. Pierce defines reality as a figment of one’s imagination.

Another similar quote is Albert Einstein’s statement that Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. 470 more words

Social Issues

Discretion, a polite word for hypocrisy.

“In a world where many habitually broadcast photographs of their sandwiches just before they’re eaten, we no longer agree that intense self-regard is a sign that something is wrong. 753 more words


Social Media Realm, A sphere that obscures Reality

Drifting back down the memory lane, once upon a time, me, my folks and my bloodline had a life. That was till we got Internet connection,  and that was it. 1,881 more words

Why are Kenyatta and Ruto Glorifying Poverty?

Cameras on toe rehearsed moments and strategically placed individuals. In the picture, an old suffering grandmother, battered by poverty as white boogers oozes at the corner of her eyes, there is a sad reality on her face. 376 more words