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We Need A Transition Government In Kenya

In We Need Transition Government In Kenya, I make the case the only way to send Uhuru packing is for the opposition to unite as we did in 2002 which I say is possibly only if greed and ego don’t come into play. 380 more words



Sunday morning. The sun is up moving across the sky, covering the stretch of the horizon. It has covered quite a portion and I just realize how early it had woken up…early and determined. 1,599 more words


Jubilee Election Law Evidence of Rigging

In Jubilee Election Law Evidence of Rigging, I make the case the recent shameless ramming through of new election laws was illadvised and backward. 396 more words


Women In Politics Is Not End of Chivarly

In Women In Politics Not End To Chivalry, make the case just because a woman decides to enter the political arena to vie for public office does not mean that’s the end to chivalry in as far as she is concerned. 540 more words


Time For A Political Tsunami in Kenya

In my oped this week Time for Political Tsunami in Kenya, I make note conditions are ripe in Kenya for the opposition to mobilize mass rejection of Uhuru and his Jubilee government much the same way they rejected him in 2002 when then president Daniel arap Moi attempted to force him down our throats. 296 more words


Jubilee Score Card: Have We No Shame?!

Taking a page from Samantha Powers, United States Ambassador to the United Nations who yesterday asked delegates from Syria, Russia and Iran at the U.N. Emergency Meeting on Aleppo –  991 more words


Trump's Foreign Policy In Africa

In Trump’s Foreign Policy in Africa, I summarize views recently expressed in a Conference Call organized by the Washington, DC Think Tank Wilson Center. 240 more words