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A Beautiful Autumn - Somewhere in Canada

Earlier this year a sepia toned card was offered on the sales market. It was one of several cards published by the Toronto firm of… 788 more words


Flying Places

Your spike drive lets you drill into metaspace and travel between stars in a matter of days. How many days? 298 more words


Suddenly they're everywhere

There seems to be a thing with four-leaf clovers. When you start looking you can’t find them anywhere. So you stop looking. Then you find one. 728 more words


Bowlby's Theory Of Maternal Deprivation

John Bowlby was a psychoanalyst who believed in the idea that mental and behavioural problems could be attributed to early childhood. Bowlby’s evolutionary theory of attachment suggest that children are born into this world pre-programmed with an instinct to form attachments with others as this is a useful trait that will help them to survive. 1,220 more words


1839 Antique Deed West Chester Pa Enos Smedley West Goshen John Rutter Land

1839 Antique Deed West Chester Pa Enos Smedley West Goshen John Rutter Land
.1839 Antique DEED West Chester Pa ENOS SMEDLEY West Goshen JOHN RUTTER LandClick HERE To View Or Search ANTIQUE.COTTAGE Listings.This Listing Is For The Original Vellum Indenture. 152 more words


The Three Sisters

In my youth when I began work at the Public Archives of P.E.I. I spent a lot of time on the reference desk.  It seemed as if every second genealogical inquiry began with the words “There were three brothers…”  In the world of postcard collecting the catch phrase seems to be “the three sisters”. 458 more words