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Finally starting to cool down here in Caballo. I even was chilly this morning but we're still in the upper 80's all week.

We went out to get a new leash this morning, the one I got from Joan broke and I couldn’t repair it, they allow you dog in the store if on a leash, they have everything Charley needs at this place, which is very good as I won’t be able to bring him in when I need to grocery shop. 304 more words

The Constitution... most politicians apparently have never studied it!

Mary is no longer available for RV traveling, but we remain good friends.
Sadly Mary is struggling with health issues. To see the latest about her situation, click… 650 more words

South Dakota

We just can’t get enough of the badlands apparently. After visiting the North Dakota badlands, we had to check out the South Dakota badlands. 534 more words

Charley and Me

Life changes when you live in a confined place and add a dog to it.

But I chose well and Charley makes no demands, but obligates me to at least three walks daily which is only good but that first am trip comes early…….. 77 more words

Monday 9/16/2019

This morning was a good morning, woke up checked on the neighbor and was of to the interview. The interview was … another interview but after went to the library and really looked into digital work as well as applied at other brick and mortar store. 274 more words

DISCOVERING PATAUA & WHANANAKI By: Heather Whelan, Photography by: Heather Whelan

This article was recently published in Motorhomes Caravans & Destinations Magazine: https://www.nzmcd.co.nz/destinations

Pataua and Whananaki are tricky to get to, but once you discover their delights, it’s all water under the bridge, says Heather Whelan… 1,117 more words


The Long Goodbye

New Mexico:  Not really new and not really Mexico.

Long before we launched, we anticipated spending a large chunk of time in New Mexico, and thought it was high on our list for permanent residency when we decide to come off the road. 1,433 more words