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Make the Best of Life

Talk to an elderly person around you – somebody around 70 years of age. While some of them will talk with mellowness and satisfaction of the life they have lived, some will talk about the regrets and how they have wasted their life. 58 more words

Ruby Installation Using RVM

Installing Ruby using RVM (Ruby Version Manager) is very simple. RVM helps you to install and manage multiple Ruby versions/environments.

Following are the steps to install Ruby using RVM: 37 more words


Make Your Today Better than Yesterday

Would you like to build a better tomorrow? The way to do that is very simple. Try this method – make it a habit to make today better than yesterday. 109 more words

How to install Ruby 2.4.0 in CentOS 6.8

How to install Ruby 2.4.0 in CentOS 6.8

Ruby version (1.8.7) incorporated with CentOS 6.8

commands used:

Applied if necessary (gpg --keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys 409B6B1796C275462A1703113804BB82D39DC0E3) 11 more words

CentOS 6.X

Live Life Every Moment!

Ask a friend casually what he or she is doing. The answer that you will often get is: “Just passing time” or “killing time”. Isn’t it strange? 116 more words

Think and Live Positive!

What is a negative attitude? It is the accumulation of negative behavior, negative responses and negative reactions. Obviously, there cannot be any positive outcome out of a negative attitude. 83 more words

Time is more Valuable than Money

It is strange that you are losing the only treasure that you possess in life – Time. You lose time in making money. You lose more and more of your time in chasing more and more money. 59 more words