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Install RVM and Ruby on Amazon Linux as Jenkins/Root User

Install RVM and Ruby as a Jenkins User

  • Install Jenkins (Follow this link)
  • Become a root user
sudo su

Unlock the Treasure Chest of Life

Life is a Treasure Chest and we all have the key to it. Unfortunately, many of us don’t unlock the treasure, but take the key to our grave. 119 more words

Ubuntu + RVM: Ruby Install - There was an error(23)

After a new install of RVM on Ubuntu, you may run into the error “There was an error(23)” in conjunction with a file write or folder creation permission error. 77 more words


Choose to Make Every Minute Magical!

We don’t have the choice to hold a minute from passing, but we do have the Choice to make that minute magical.

You can’t stop a clock from ticking. 93 more words

Using required Ruby for a project

My default Ruby is 2.1.5 which I use along with Rails 4.2 and I recently installed 2.4.0 for Rails 5. Every time I go into the newly created Rails 5 project I was having to change the ruby version to 2.4 ( 116 more words

Ruby On Rails

Setting up RVM on MAC

Below are the commands needed to set up RVM in MAC and install Sinatra gem.

\curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable –ruby
rvm install 2.4.2
rvm use 2.4.2
gem install sinatra