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If you somehow ended up on this post because you’re looking for the answer of how to get RVM and Ruby 2.3 on Peppermint, I’ll save you a read: 881 more words


Could not install Ruby 2.3.4 in Ubuntu 17.04 using RVM

I could not install Ruby 2.3.4 which I needed because Heroku does not support latest stable release like 2.4.0.  So my Gemfile has locked the version… 94 more words

Ruby On Rails

Are You Truly Enjoying Life?

If somebody tells you that they are enjoying life, with a growling and wrinkled face, don’t believe them. An unhappy face means that they are not truly enjoying their life. 63 more words

Trying Ruby Rails Again

A while back, I tried installing and using Ruby and/on Rails. I think it was so I could use Jekyll so I could contribute to an open source project. 624 more words


RVM - Gemsets

Creating gemsets

Gemsets must be created before being used. To create a new gemset for the current ruby, do this:
rvm 2.1.1
rvm gemset create teddy… 132 more words


Unleash the Energy Within You!

Tremendous energy lies within each one of us. Alas! We don’t discover and unleash it and when we die, we lose it because we didn’t use it. 101 more words

Are You Going Where You Want to Go?

First, know where you want to go. Then, go where you want to go. You are your own pilot and you can choose your Destination. 71 more words