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Think and Live Positive!

What is a negative attitude? It is the accumulation of negative behavior, negative responses and negative reactions. Obviously, there cannot be any positive outcome out of a negative attitude. 83 more words

Time is more Valuable than Money

It is strange that you are losing the only treasure that you possess in life – Time. You lose time in making money. You lose more and more of your time in chasing more and more money. 59 more words

Enjoy the Rainbow and Dance in the Rain!

I have observed that as soon as the monsoon season starts, instead of talking about the rain and the joy it brings, people start discussing potholes, puddles and traffic jams. 103 more words

Live in the Present!

What happens when you regret the past? You think about all the wrongs and you feel sad, right? What happens when you start thinking too much about the future? 76 more words

Make the Best of Every Moment!

Each day has 24 hours. That means each day you have 1440 minutes. That in turn means that each day you have 1440 chances of feeling Joy, Bliss and Happiness. 100 more words

Choose to Make the Best of Your Life!

A few men were locked behind prison bars. Some of them looked below and saw mud. The others looked above and saw the stars. Everybody lives through the same life. 86 more words

Find out the Purpose of Your Life

I saw a child yearning and crying for a cone of ice cream. After his repeated tantrums, he was given one. But instead of relishing the ice cream, he got busy playing. 105 more words