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Unlock the Treasure Chest of Life

Life is a Treasure Chest and we all have the key to it. Unfortunately, many of us don’t unlock the treasure, but take the key to our grave. 119 more words

Ubuntu + RVM: Ruby Install - There was an error(23)

After a new install of RVM on Ubuntu, you may run into the error “There was an error(23)” in conjunction with a file write or folder creation permission error. 77 more words


Choose to Make Every Minute Magical!

We don’t have the choice to hold a minute from passing, but we do have the Choice to make that minute magical.

You can’t stop a clock from ticking. 93 more words

Using required Ruby for a project

My default Ruby is 2.1.5 which I use along with Rails 4.2 and I recently installed 2.4.0 for Rails 5. Every time I go into the newly created Rails 5 project I was having to change the ruby version to 2.4 ( 66 more words

Ruby On Rails

Setting up RVM on MAC

Below are the commands needed to set up RVM in MAC and install Sinatra gem.

\curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable –ruby
rvm install 2.4.2
rvm use 2.4.2
gem install sinatra

Install ruby on centos with rvm


Whether you are preparing your VPS to try out a new application, or find yourself in need of a solid and isolated Ruby installation, getting your system ready-for-work (inline with CentOS design ideologies of stability, along with its incentives of minimalism) can get you feeling a little bit lost. 805 more words



If you somehow ended up on this post because you’re looking for the answer of how to get RVM and Ruby 2.3 on Peppermint, I’ll save you a read: 881 more words