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Real Estate and AVMs: The Deviation from Reality

Courtesy of EstateSocial.com

If you have been a REALTOR for more than a week I am sure you have had to overcome the “AVM Objection” or as some call it the “Zestimate Objection” from a client or consumer. 1,490 more words

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Introspect, Learn, Improve and Live!

One important thing to keep doing in life is to continuously learn, be open, and to improve. Nobody is perfect. The biggest imperfection is to find imperfections in others and to think that we are perfect. 100 more words

Strive to Improve Your Efforts

Achieving what you are already achieving cannot be called as achievement. Many people get into a comfort zone because they feel that they are doing good enough. 114 more words

Create Your Destiny

Our life is what we make of it. We are not forced to do anything or to be anything. Choices, not chances, determine the destiny of our life. 152 more words

Choose to Enjoy Life!

We have a choice to make our life interesting and exciting, or we have a choice to get into the mundane of life. When we get into the mundane of life, life escapes us, to be gone… never to return. 166 more words

Make the Right Choices!

Time doesn’t stop. Time waits for none because the world is been created in such a way by the Creator that we have to move on. 117 more words