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Unleash the Energy Within You!

Tremendous energy lies within each one of us. Alas! We don’t discover and unleash it and when we die, we lose it because we didn’t use it. 101 more words

Are You Going Where You Want to Go?

First, know where you want to go. Then, go where you want to go. You are your own pilot and you can choose your Destination. 71 more words

Move on Ahead of Your Problems

Are you hurt from something? And has it been residing in your heart for long? Don’t let your hurts rule your life. Don’t curse them, don’t nurse them and don’t rehearse them. 55 more words

Today, Find out What Makes You Glad!

Isn’t it unfortunate that many of us live our life without being happy? Instead of enjoying today, we worry about tomorrow. Instead of being happy, we allow unhappiness to take command of our life. 74 more words

Specify RVM Gemset for Each App

Using rvm is always a bit confusing for me – I never fully understand exactly how its working. One thing I learned recently was how to specifcy a specific gemset for an app. 98 more words


Believe in the Universal Power

Today when you go out, stop for a while to feel the wind. Or if you see a river, enjoy the grace with which the water flows. 75 more words

Version 'x.x.x' is ambiguous. Cannot select Ruby implementation/version, please be more specific.

The error appears on the console whenever you navigate to the root of a Rails application and you’ve specified the Ruby version in the Gemfile. 469 more words