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How to update Ruby 2.0 to the latest version of Ruby on Mac OS X Yosemite?


Mac OS X Yosemite comes included with Ruby 2.0. But when you are working with the latest version of Rails, you might be in need of the latest version of Ruby to have better performance. 138 more words


Setting up Homebrew, Node, Bower, Grunt & more

We use a variety of Homebrew, Node, NPM, Bower, Grunt and Compass in the majority of our web-apps to aid us with managing our packages and dependencies. 822 more words


RVM, Zsh and Konsole

Today I set up RVM with Zsh (Z shell) with Konsole (the KDE equivalent to gnome-terminal).

The RVM Konsole example shows it with bash, setting the “Command” field to “/bin/bash –login”. 148 more words


Ruby Gems and a Messed Up Ruby Installation

rvm reinstall ruby
gem install sinatra

Brian Douglas ran a “Singing with Sinatra” Code Club session for the Code Newbies site. Well I signed up and I was the only student. 175 more words

A beginners look at RVM: Installs, Upgrades and the rest

One of the most confusing things about learning rails is in dealing with the Ruby Version Manager (RVM). Being a noob myself in the Ruby world, I wanted to give some clarification on stuff that I’d wondered at the outset regarding this tool. 480 more words

Web Development

FlatIron out.

So a few days ago I had to set up my environment once again (actually for just the second time after quite a while) and, of course, I screwed up. 348 more words

Yosemite and Gems and Ruby, OH MY!

I’m not sure if it had to do with having OS X Yosemite, but I kept running into an issue when trying to install gems on my machine. 166 more words