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Are You Living Truly?

The moment we start living in the future, we lose the present moment, and this is the biggest flaw of our life. Every time we want to live and make the best of this moment, the mind transcends to tomorrow and what happens? 124 more words

Life Happens Only Once; Start a Quest Within!

Most of us want to live a life that is simple and not complicated, and therefore, we tend to escape from all the important questions of life. 150 more words

Keep Smiling

One of the best ways to enjoy the journey of life is to smile. Not just to smile, but to laugh and make cheer and humor a part of your life. 123 more words

Think Before You Choose!

We all have a choice to make our life interesting and exciting, or a choice to make it boring. When we get into mundane things, life escapes us. 153 more words

Make the Right Choices

Time doesn’t stop. Time waits for none because the world has been created in such a way by the Creator that we have to move on. 107 more words

Ruby On Rails : Bundler : why need to write 'bundle exec rspec spec/'?

Why do we need to write ‘bundle exec rspec spec/‘ or ‘bundle exec rake db:migrate‘ while ‘rspec spec/‘ was still running.

Ruby On Rails

Live in the Present!

Life is a journey, not a destination. Many people look at tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year, and then they look at their goals and dreams and think “I will be happy if I have my own house”, “I will be happy when I go for a world tour”, or “I will be happy after I have so much money in the bank”. 88 more words