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What is Your Goal in Life?

What is life all about? Everybody in life is basically seeking just one thing: Happiness. These questions are the mystery: How do you get happy? What do you understand with happiness? 151 more words

Do You Truly Seek Happiness?

What is the goal of life? The goal of life is happiness, bliss, peace, and tranquility. But are we actually pursuing happiness? How many people in the world truly seek to be happy? 141 more words

Make the Right Choices; Live an Amazing Life

Our life is what we make of it. When I look back at my life, I realize that today my life is what I have created of, and it’s my choice. 132 more words

Stop and Think before It is Too Late!

When I look around I find that people are just running. People are running and running, but they don’t know to where they are running. They are just running, and they think that they are enjoying the race. 150 more words

Are You Living Truly?

The moment we start living in the future, we lose the present moment, and this is the biggest flaw of our life. Every time we want to live and make the best of this moment, the mind transcends to tomorrow and what happens? 124 more words

Life Happens Only Once; Start a Quest Within!

Most of us want to live a life that is simple and not complicated, and therefore, we tend to escape from all the important questions of life. 150 more words

Keep Smiling

One of the best ways to enjoy the journey of life is to smile. Not just to smile, but to laugh and make cheer and humor a part of your life. 123 more words