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Abolishing the United Nations Security Council Veto

Kibungo Hill, a 25-year-old shopkeeper and farmer, suffered under the Rwandan genocide stating, “I no longer concerned myself with thinking about when I was going to die, since we were going to die anyway, only with how the cuts would hack at me; only about how long it would take, because I was very frightened of the suffering machetes bestow” (Hill). 3,685 more words


Media Watch: Rwandan Genocide

Web Link: http://www.newtimes.co.rw/section/article/2017-04-19/210909/

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Accepted "Fact" versus Real Heroes

I fell for it. I will be the first to admit I fell for Hotel Rwanda hook line and sinker. I watched it in high school and ate it up. 1,184 more words

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Self Confirming Assumptions

Every year at CU Boulder I saw students and self entitled “explorers” “wander” to Rwanda to see the victims of the horrendous genocide. They played the humble witness sanctimoniously taking pictures with groups of black Rwandan kids. 1,016 more words

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They Fight Like Soldiers

I received this book as a Valentine’s Day gift from KK. I know it doesn’t seem like the most romantic pick, and you’re probably right, but ever since I read… 887 more words


How Genuine Was The Pope's Apology?

This morning, a headline in the Huffington Post caught my eye. It said Pope Francis had asked forgiveness for the role the Catholic Church played in the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. 473 more words

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The Rwandan genocide : Failure of a “Never again” Responsibility of France and the international community?

Rwanda has undergone one of the worst atrocities in human history. A carnage that made billion of people around the world question the role of the UN Convention on genocide in preventing and punishing genocide which was signed in 1948. 174 more words