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Bosco ‘The Terminator’ Ntaganda Goes on Trial: Should Kagame Be Afraid?

Nine years after he was originally indicted and over two years after he shocked the world by walking into the American Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda, and asking to be hauled off to The Hague, the trial of Bosco ‘The Terminator’ Ntaganda has finally began at the International Criminal Court (ICC). 1,276 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Rwanda Inc.: Paul Kagame’s Odyssey from Rebellion to Tyranny. | by Dr. Noel Twagiramungu

The final irony is that the regime’s oppression in Rwanda has proven so successful that the victims of the prevailing tyranny are the ones who call for its perpetuation.

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Can Suffering Actually Bring More Danger To Faith?

Yes, suffering may bring harm to your faith, but it doesn’t have to. Suffering can be an opportunity to experience an unprecedented glory of God. When pain and tears flood our lives, our hope remains in Christ. 930 more words


Dearest Immaculee

Every year, Rwanda commemorates the Rwandan Genocide. One such person who equally does the same is a courageous African woman, Immaculee Ilibagiza. I know that her first name is supposed to have an accent on top of one of the ‘e’s, but I couldn’t for the life of me, manage to get the correct French version of her name from the computer I was using to type this. 906 more words


Those Who Forgive Much: A Message from Executive Director Chris Purnell

Pain destroys relationships. At the Clinic, we see this all the time in the context of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse perpetrated by a spouse against the person that they’ve pledged to love and cherish until death; we see it when a community threatens one of its members who is then forced to flee to the United States for safety; we see it when a veteran returns home and is unable to cope with his psychological trauma and isolates himself. 522 more words

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic

Remembering Rwanda's Dark History- A Visit to Rwanda's Genocide Memorials

I wanted to visit the Genocide Memorial Centre in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and learn what really happened 21 years ago in 1994.  All I had previously learned about the genocide was from what I had seen in the movie Hotel Rwanda.   472 more words


Britain's Bashir-Esque Dilemma - What to Do With the Arrested Rwandan Spy Chief?

(Photo by Daily Maverick)

By Simon Allison 

He might not be a president, but Rwandan spy chief Karenzi Karake is still a very big fish. 953 more words

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