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Kelsie Harriman: Where Was God? The Horror at St. Famille

There is a Catholic church in Kigali, Rwanda called St. Famille. It is a large structure made of red bricks that stands on a hill overlooking the city of Kigali. 781 more words

Our Common Humanity

Although I don’t remember very much from the years I spent in high school, something I will never forget is learning about the Holocaust. I was fifteen years old at the time and recall being brought to tears during a history lesson as I learned about the slaughter of six million Jews during World War II. 1,193 more words

Donald the Human Trump Card: One Buddhist's Perspective...

With each passing day, I find it more difficult to get away from what appears to me to be the “truth” about Donald Trump – and it is this: the man is where he is today, practically in the White House, because not only are the conditions “right,” but also because they’re damned near perfect. 995 more words


Rwandan Genocide & International Intervention

One of the most important things that we, as an international community, can take away from the Rwandan Genocide is that not intervening when a nation fails to protect its citizens ultimately allows for the tragedies to continue. 496 more words

Human Rights

A Day In The Marshes


Tutsi’s who were old, sick, and had families tended to hide in papyrus in the marshes.

Killers worked in the marshes from 9am-4pm.  If it rained, they came later in the morning.   384 more words

Rwandan Genocide

The 100 Days Of Slaughter

On April 6th, 1994, a plane was shot down carrying Rwandan President Habyarimana and Burundi President Cyprien Ntaryamira.  Tensions were already running high between the Hutus and Tutsis and the assassination of two high-ranking Hutu men only added fuel to the flame.   390 more words

Rwandan Genocide

22 Years Later, US Still Classifying "Bombshell" Plan to Pull Peacekeepers Out Before Rwanda Genocide

The tinderbox of Rwanda’s ethnic tensions ignited in April 1994 and mass violence engulfed the country in one of the swiftest campaigns of genocide in history. 916 more words