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2015 Project 365, Day 330: Pancho Maniquis, RX DJ Hopeful

Photo #330: November 26

Supporting a fellow Adober! He’s one of the finalists for RX’s jock search! You can help him become the next RX DJ by liking his audition video. :)

2015 Project 365, Day 307: The Morning Rush Book 3 Entries

Photo #307: November 3

Okay, forgive me for posting another project 365 entry about The Morning Rush book 3, but Leo (dieyouhypocrite) and I have entries here yey! 54 more words

2015 Project 365, Day 112: Avengers Age of Ultron

Photo #112: April 22

Many thanks to Angel for choosing me to be her plus one to RX’s screening of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”! VIPs! :D This is definitely a movie that must be watched more than once simply because it’s THE AVENGERS! 31 more words

2015 Project 365, Day 71: Cinderella (2015 Film)

Photo #71: March 12

Thanks to Angel for tagging me along to RX’s special screening of “Cinderella”! It’s a really feel-good film, more so because of the super cute mini snowmen from “Frozen Fever”!!! <3

2014 Project 365, Day 363: Sk8rgirl at RX

Photo #363: December 29

Visited Monster Radio RX93.1 today with my balikbayan friend Leslie! It has been 2 years since her last visit, so she was quite excited this morning hehe :D

2014 Project 365, Day 337: Ubebe I Love Your Way!

Photo #337: December 3

I don’t usually join contests that give out shirts as prizes, but when I heard about the “Ubebe I Love Your Way” promo on RX, I was intrigued, so I joined it! 7 more words

2014 Project 365, Day 336: Dumb and Dumber To

Photo #336: December 2

I wasn’t really planning to watch the Monster Movie Premiere of “Dumb and Dumber To,” but when Ralph offered his tickets (with open arms haha) and I also had to claim another prize from RX, who am I to refuse? 42 more words