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Record Store Day (Part 1)

Instead of buying extortionately priced re-releases of frankly, some pretty boring, over-blown albums, and instead we all headed to Niagara Records to browse the used records instead.  184 more words


Friday, April 30th

two takes

“Everybody Ought to Treat a Stranger Right” (W. Johnson)

Ry Cooder, live (studio), 4/18/18 (published)


Blind Willie Johnson (with Willie B. Harris), 4/20/1930 (recorded) 9 more words

Music Clip Of The Day

Even though I knew Elliott Smith outside of the industry

“Even though I knew Elliott Smith outside of the industry, I feel lucky to have recorded one of our conversations for a feature that ran in ¬†Alternative Press and later appeared in my book. 301 more words

Norm Arenas

Monday, April 9th

what’s new

Ry Cooder, “The Prodigal Son” (trad., arr. R. Cooder, J. Cooder), live (studio), 3/30/18 (published)



random sights 

today (opening day at Wrigley Field), Oak Park, Ill.

Music Clip Of The Day

Oh Yes! A New Record From Ry Cooder

The announcement of a forthcoming LP by master guitarist Ry Cooder, his first since “Election Special” (2012) is nothing but good news. The video of the title track, “The Prodigal Son”, a re-vamped Gospel song, makes me think that spending some of my hard-earned on something I won’t get for 6 weeks is probably a smart move. 597 more words


Terry Evans 1938-2018

The Mississippi-born soul singer Terry Evans, who died earlier this year at the age of 80, was responsible for one of the greatest vocal moments I ever heard in my life. 160 more words

Soul Music

Blind Willie Johnson

Blind Willie Johnson had a profound influence on the world of music. Born in 1887, the son of a Texas sharecropper, his father got him a cigar box guitar at the age of 5, and the guitar became his lifelong companion. 357 more words