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SIDLE: PART 7: Reading Freedom

Back in Part 2 of this series I wrote:

“If we are going gradeless next year…what if we went curriculum-less too?

What if, along with liberating learning from the tyranny of grades, I also managed to liberate it from the narrow limits of a despotic teacher-driven, textbook-bound, time-constrained learning plan and let the learners themselves choose their own adventure?”

1,232 more words

SIDLE: PART 6: Portfolio Set Up, Mac N Cheese, and Feeding For Life

What seems like a long time ago now, the last time I was really utilizing portfolio based learning, I was fresh out of my Master’s Program, where my focus area was Technology, Curriculum, and Instruction. 1,224 more words


SIDLE: PART 5: Learning the Process

I spent a lot of time over the summer thinking about our approach to going gradeless. I suppose that is a measure of how excited about the idea I was. 1,044 more words


Kings Press Row Podcast featuring Ben DuBose of Sports Talk 790 Houston previewing the Rockets

Charlie O hosts the Kings Press Row Podcast

Ben DuBose of Sports Talk 790 Houston and Locked on Rockets Podcast previews the Houston Rockets for Kings fans. 139 more words


Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder Ready to Compete with Golden State Warriors in Western Confernece

Any predictions this early in the season could go either way, but there are two teams in mind that could possibly challenge Golden State for the Western Conference crown, the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder. 605 more words


SIDLE: PART 4: Criteria, Progress, ALAs, and ILAs

Sorry this one is a week late. Last weekend, on Saturday, my littlest daughter turned 4, and my littlest nephew turned 1 (they share a birthday). 1,593 more words


SIDLE: PART 3: Portfolios and Prioritizing Standards

So I was inspired. TG2 posts, hashtags, and chats. Comment streams, blog posts, and book recommendations.


In rapid succession (inspired by addition to innovative ideas online, and by Donalyn Miller’s reading-and-being-a-reader-is-cool, as well as Steven Layne’s we’ve-got-to-combat-aliteracy, themes), I read: 803 more words

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