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When we last mentioned Seattle’s bid for official UNESCO designation as a City of Literature, in February 2014, there were seven such cities and Seattle’s effort was earnest and grassroots. 73 more words


The MFA Debate in 1988

Ryan Boudinot’s piece in The Stranger on the subject of MFA programs elicited some very strong reactions on both sides. Plenty of smart people have… 387 more words

Beatrix Potter 1846-1943

Colleen quoted William Shakespeare today on Writer’s Quote Wednesday. ” The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” The focus of her post is, … 433 more words

Wednesday's Write-Up

1124 Pike St, Seattle, WA

indecipherable idea croutons lounging atop word salads
visual hyperventilation
stirring a gluten-free debate on rick steves’ Iran
oh the bodies of blue cheese skewered upon the tongs of ryan boudinot’s fork




I’m never ashamed to say it: I got my MFA in fiction from possibly the worst (i.e., easiest to get into) graduate writing program out there. 651 more words

Here's Something to Get Your Irish UP

Did you see this article? It caused quite a Kerfuffle on the Internet. Please note: I have only provided excerpts. Click Here to Read the Full Article… 670 more words