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Me and My MFA

I earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College in 2005. It was three years of non-stop workshops in screenplay, novel, and short fiction as well as literature classes, teaching pedagogy, and a smattering of other stuff. 2,080 more words

Critiques, Theories, And Random Thoughts

Things I Can Say About MFA Programs Now That I'm No Longer in One

There’s this thing circulating the Internet, and it’s not a questionably-colored dress or a bear acting human. It’s a tell-all from former MFA professor Ryan Boudinot… 1,489 more words

Eva Langston

An Open Letter to the Writers who Read Boudinot's Article

Dear Reader/Writer,

Everyone’s writing open letters to Boudinot himself, but honestly, I don’t want to write to him. He wrote his article in a way that would get attention and people talking, and yes we are talking, but I don’t really want to talk to him. 959 more words


Ryan Boudinot and the Peril of MFAs

Trigger warning: references to child abuse.

For the most part, MFA students who choose to write memoirs are narcissists using the genre as therapy. They want someone to feel sorry for them, and they believe that the supposed candor of their reflective essay excuses its technical faults.

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