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What is a "successful writer"?

I might as well chime in on the Real Deal debate. In response to all the chatter going on in Seattle right now:

Does it boil down to “to MFA or to not?” or does this go deeper?   2,429 more words

What We Talk About When We Talk About Ryan Boudinot

Or: Not Really Anything About Boudinot and Instead About What He Didn’t Say

Ryan Boudinot’s recent essay in The Stranger, “Things I Can Say About MFA Writing Programs Now That I No Longer Teach in One,” 1,077 more words

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Here's Something to Get Your Irish UP

Did you see this article? It caused quite a Kerfuffle on the Internet. Please note: I have only provided excerpts. Click Here to Read the Full Article… 670 more words


The Reason Dick Cheney Votes for Democrats

Long MFA
there’s a lonely book in an otherwise empty box of free books
Story Short



On The Value Of Art and Writing

The implied premise of Ryan’s piece—which probably should have been titled “Ryan’s Rules for Making It”—is that MFA programs are someplace you go to train rigorously to become a successful professional writer.

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Is Talent a Thing?

According to this guy it is.

I recently had a week–as writers/artists/grad students/humans often do–of supreme self-doubt.

Why, I wondered, did I bother writing if nothing was ever good enough for those I was seeking approval from? 818 more words


In Defense of the Low-Res MFA

I am an MFA dropout.

I’d been a journalism major by default—rejected from the undergraduate creative writing program—and minored in an interdisciplinary human rights program in which I was given the freedom to use the tools of longform, literary, and immersion journalism to complete my thesis. 1,529 more words

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