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Steve Cochran Full Show 07.28.16: Next up...Hillary!

Thursday was a politically packed show including our heavy hitters: Andrea Darlas, Naomi Schaefer Riley, Chuck Todd, Rick Pearson, Pat Brady, Eric Adelstein and Roe Conn. 47 more words

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Dempster Fire

I remember he had a little glove waggle before he threw a pitch. I absolutely detested it, he’d peer over the top of his glove, then wiggle, and set into motion his delivery toward home plate. 740 more words

Steve Cochran Full Show 07.21.16: RNC rolls on

The Steve Cochran Show Cleveland style continues today with Andrea joining Rick Pearson, Roe Conn and Pat Brady at the RNC. Independent Maps chairman Dennis FitzSimons joined the show to talk about appealing Wednesday’s ruling to the Illinois Supreme Court. 34 more words

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Steve Cochran Full Show 07.14.16: Adele 'Hello'

Andrea and Dave filled in for the golfing Steve Cochran…they knocked it out of the park with topics like Dave reviewing the Adele concert and hilarious banter with Dean about his favorite singer, Selena Gomez. 36 more words

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Ryan Dempster: 'Benefit from the break'

Former Cubs hurler Ryan Dempster joins The Steve Cochran Show to talk about the All-Star Break and how the players really do benefit from the rest more often than not. 18 more words

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