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Valerie Fairman, Christina Grimmie & 12 Other Reality Stars Who Died Too Young

Unfortunately, the phrase “the good always die young” is something we’ve said all too often when it comes to reality TV stars. Over the years we lost some amazing people to tragic circumstances. 384 more words


Bam Margera is the Real Life Peter Pan

In the mid-2000’s, MTV produced numerous “pseudo-reality” shows in order to satisfy their audience’s demand for more reality based programming. These shows were based off the concept of actual people in staged but realistic scenarios. 709 more words


Skateboarding: The Original "Sports Entertainment" (Sports Rant 2)

Skate videos are one of the most underappreciated form of media out there. They are so unappreciated to the point where, unless you are really into skateboarding, you probably have never sat through one. 529 more words


Ryan Dunn

AKA Political Chopper is just some weird kid. A supporter of the English Defence League, the Great Aussie Patriot and the White Australia Policy, Dunn thought it amusing to make videos of him calling for Muslims to be wiped out, while impersonating infamous criminal Mark “Chopper” Reid. 15 more words