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100 Word Review #5: Blade Runner 2049

“I had your job once. I was good at it.”

I finally was able to watch Blade Runner 2049 last night, and wow what a film. 104 more words

100 Movies. 100 Reviews. 100 Words Or Less.

Blade Runner 2049 Flops

So much good hype and buzz around this movie, yet it did not do that great (considering the budget and expectations). Older audiences went and saw it and the movie did get a great score from the audience members who did go to see it. 46 more words

28 Year Old Skin Job in Dystopian Blade Runner Sequel

It’s Thursday evening and the excitement at the theater for the Premier of Blade Runner 2049 is palpable. Nerds from all over the county seem to have converged from the furthest reaches of the wilderness that is Northern California leaving behind snow covered peaks, running fresh water streams and yes their marijuana plantations and video game consoles to join the throng of salivating sci-fi fanatics who are busily checking/texting on cell phones and discussing the original Blade Runner film from the 80’s as the pre-show reel plays ads and previews. 1,070 more words


LA LA Land, The City of Stars

I am late to the party on this movie but its truly amazing. Fantastic dialogue, music and dancing. A modern musical made awesome. Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling are electric together. 31 more words

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