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Filming For Deadpool 2 Has Been Pushed Back To June

Originally set to begin filming this May in Vancouver, production on the highly anticipated sequel has been pushed back by just over a month, presumably to give Ryan Reynolds and the writing team more time to develop the script. 474 more words


2017 Alternative Oscars: Winners!

In January, the readers of Movie Metropolis were asked to take part in the second annual Alternative Oscars. With films not recognised by the Academy Awards from the last twelve months, including… 504 more words


'Deadpool' Creator Rob Liefeld Would Like A Certain Oscar Winner To Play Cable In The Sequel

There’s always a few names you never consider for a large genre film, mostly because the price tag would be too high and the idea of them in some weird costume is hard to picture. 329 more words


Ladies, who are your top 5 Hollywood hotties?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

I’ll answer this…oh yes I will! :P Time for some healthy Sunday afternoon ogling on Google images :P LOL

Alright so the top spot goes to the current subject of my dreams…ladies and gentlemen, I present you…the one and only…the most handsome… 238 more words


'Daredevil' Showrunner Drew Goddard Has Joined 'Deadpool 2'

When you spend ten years developing a film, and it finally releases, and gets universally praised, you’ve set a bar for yourself that needs to be raised, if not met. 300 more words


'Deadpool 2' is getting a new writer!

Over the last couple of weeks we have heard of countless projects getting new directors, new screenwriters, or just scraping the original scripts all together for page one rewrites (looking at you Warner Bro.)  Well, it looks like Fox’s fan favorite… 267 more words


'You don't need me': Hugh Jackman confirms he will not be appearing in a Deadpool/Wolverine movie

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds may have spent the last year teasing a collaboration between their respective superheroes, Wolverine and Deadpool, but during a Facebook Live session this week, Jackman made it clear that, actually, he’s not interested after all. 276 more words