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Tired of Captain America and co. destroying cities and insulting one another? Bored of Batman and his sandpaper rough voice? Wish superheroes nowadays weren’t all dure faced, serious shits? 862 more words


"Deadpool" shatters weekend box office

Weekend estimates had Deadpool tracking originally at $55-65 million for the weekend and around $75 million for the 4-day weekend. However, the Ryan Reynolds vehicle has shattered expectations with around $135 million for the weekend and $150 million for the 4-day. 85 more words


How 'Deadpool' Returned Ryan Reynolds to the A-List and Saved R-Rated Comic Book Movies

“Deadpool’s” record-obliterating success is really a tale of two comebacks.

First there’s Ryan Reynolds. Going into this weekend, the genetically-blessed actor was on the ropes. Following “The Proposal” and “Buried,” Reynolds was anointed the Next Big Thing, but the twin failures of “Green Lantern” and “R.I.P.D.,” catapulted the actor off of the A-list, seemingly dooming him to a career of being Helen Mirren’s sympathetic ear in the likes of “Woman in Gold.” 810 more words


Deadpool Review: It Doesn't Save the Superhero Genre, But It Doesn't Have To

Here’s a problem many films before Deadpool have faced and many films after Deadpool will continue to face: If you laugh at a particular storytelling formula which has become stale due to overuse but then fall into that same exact formula do you risk coming off as clever, but ultimately uninspired because if you were really gutsy you would have gone completely against the grain? 1,327 more words

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This week’s subject is a timely one. Ryan Reynolds is starring in Deadpool, which opened Friday, and the actor has been named “Sexiest Dad Alive” by People magazine. 55 more words

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Deadpool, Solo Mercenary or Hero in Disguise? A Movie Commentary & Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Ryan Reynolds is born to play the sarcastic anti-hero Deadpool far better than his previous role in Green Lantern… 938 more words