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NBC Soars, and Crashes, in Olympic Coverage

Now that we’re 2/3 of the way through the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, it’s time to once again assess just how NBC is covering this momentous event. 883 more words


Ryan Seacrest's Reach in Rio Extends Far Beyond Late-Night TV

When the cameras are turned off at the close of his nightly Rio-based show, Ryan Seacrest is just getting started.

Seacrest, who is moonlighting as NBC’s late-night host, has been even busier off the air than he is on, filling his popular social-media accounts with all kinds of Olympics-themed video. 483 more words


Leslie Jones To Make NBC Olympics On-Air Debut Tonight

She’s been tweeting a “slay all day” storm since arriving at the Rio Olympics as a guest of NBC, and tonight Leslie Jones is going to be on air. 290 more words


world CUP

Lets talk about suction. I keep hearing about it via the news (serious or fake, take your pick; I’m just as likely to listen to Trevor Noah as Wolf Blitzer). 346 more words

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Daily Dish For 8.10.16

Selena Gomez opened up to Vogue Australia in an interview about dating Justin Bieber. She said that she would love to date a “low key” guy like a writer or producer but those guys are scared of her. 440 more words


NASA’s Juno Probe to Jupiter Exposes Colony of Ryan Seacrest-Looking Life Forms on Planet

Houston, Texas — We were all sure that Ryan Seacrest had to have come from somewhere beyond Planet Earth. The question was just where. After top-secret deep-space NASA missions could not find the source of Seacrest, they decided to probe planets closer to home. 159 more words

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Celebs On Rio Olympics Opening: Trump, Hillary & More Weigh In

The opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics may have been somewhat of a let down, but that didn’t stop the famous and unfamous alike from using the occasion to shout – or tweet – from the rooftops their enthusiasm for the games overall. 142 more words