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The department of scaredy-cat

I am writing this in the midst of a Trump Tweetstorm.  I don’t follow Trump on Twitter, but everyone’s saying that he’s trying to deflect attention from Russiagate by claiming that Hillary Clinton, (of COURSE) had her own Russia thing.  998 more words

Caffeinated Squirrels

The Two Faces of the Republican Party

To preface, when someone tries to simplify anything into two entities, their almost always wrong. For example, claiming that if you did not vote for Obama, you are a racist is a very flawed argument. 956 more words


Analysis Paralysis

It’s hard to overestimate how bad analysis has been over the last few years. I don’t think any professional prognosticator has consistently been right about any major event. 405 more words


Quotation for Today - 28/03/2017

“So much for The Art of the Deal.”

Senator Chuck Schumer – Leader of Senate Democrats – on the Trump/Ryan healthcare fiasco.


Next up: Tax Reform

Hopefully the tax reform law to be adopted by Congress in the coming months will closely resemble The Better Way Tax proposed outline by Congressmen Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady on June 24, 2016. 913 more words

News And Politics

Trump Now Blaming House Freedom Caucus for Failure to Pass "Ryancare"

When Obamacare was passed without one single Republican vote, Republicans begged Americans for votes in order to “stop Obama” and “repeal Obamacare.”  Americans responded by awarding Republicans a majority in the House, then the Senate.   1,492 more words

Ryan holds 'make-believe' vote in his basement and his health plan passes

(Political Satire) (WASHINGTON, MAR 27, 2017) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, massively depressed after his healthcare plan was defeated before it was even voted upon, has taken to the basement of the Senate Building and refuses to come out. 121 more words