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The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

“I know that voice.” … and after a week of speculation, it’s… drumroll… Tim Blinking Shaw.  If there’s one thing I could ask Chris Chibnall to take on board after this year it is this: stop baiting the fans.  2,052 more words

Doctor Who

Will history forgive Paul Ryan?

Andrew O’Hehir writes that history has its eyes on Paul Ryan — and it won’t be kind. Setting aside even his “fiscal hypocrisy… his willful political blindness his collaboration with a regime of corruption and destruction,” O’Hehir calls Ryan “a second-rate grifter who came up short and got pimped out by a much better one.” > Salon

Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 10 (The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)

This episode dealt with a very unnerving ans often relevant theme about religious corruption and how people use people’s belief’s against them and to manipulate them. 560 more words


Belated f*** yeah!

Clearly this conversation has happened, is happening, and commenting on this website is a mere peep in the social media ocean.

But you know, even though history has superseded the need for this website (or proven how important it was to say all we said when our book was published five years ago), for the sake of completion we can’t really go past it can we? 17 more words


Good riddance, Paul Ryan

When Paul Ryan leaves Congress at the end of his term in January, Republicans should finally stop pretending his political prescriptions are the future of the GOP. 22 more words


An end of a era yet the beginning of a new chapter.

The Funny Thing Called Money

Well, we are a 10 days into being here in Kenya and the good news is, I think we finally have the ability to transfer money without major charges accomplished. 321 more words