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Milles Dodoine: “So, let me guess… You’d like to see far off and exotic lands, find marvellous lost treasures, save Homins in distress, and all as quickly as possible so you can earn nice sums as a reward that you insist on refusing but that we’ll force you to accept, is that it? 11 more words


Finished Dragon, Started an Orc

I finished up the first water-color pencil dragon. I am still very much in love with the way these work – its a perfect medium for me and I cant wait to find enough time to do some more. 322 more words

Day 2: Crafting and Killing

Second day at Zora. After killed a lot of Slavonia, Rouge came back to the city welcomer to get other missions. And he took a lot of missions: first the mission from the chief guard of the city, and then, talking with the master La-Po Len, a crafting mission. 166 more words


DAY 1: Welcome to ZORA!!


Arrived from the Kami teleport of Sillan, Rouge faced the reality of the new world: Zora. The main city of Zoraï race. As his own race, he could immediately find really nice person to help him. 104 more words


One Way Of Fixing Problems With RYZOM

I am running under Debian Linux (testing branch), with a proprietary Nvidia driver under version 331.20

I have had the following error:

bash: ./ryzom_client: No such file or directory… 156 more words



Well, I admit it. I’ve been slacking. But among my psychotic real-life schedule, I’ve picked up a couple of the more obscure MMORPGs and got a good taste of ’em. 170 more words

#in the MMO trenches: the design of Ryzom

Did you miss me? I certainly did. As you might have gathered, I’ve been rapidly playing Eden Eternal and studying through the small hours. Leading a guild is a fun task/chore, as I’ve discovered. 564 more words

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