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Happy Birthday Wanderlei Silva: here's a GRAPHIC Highlight Video to Celebrate

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva turns 37 today. Let’s celebrate by taking another look at his devastating career in this highlight video (originally posted here in 2011). 144 more words


Good Lord...Bob Sapp Tapped to Strikes (AGAIN!)

I vaguely remember Bob Sapp having a scheduled fight over the weekend. In fact, I tried to forget about it completely. Unfortunately I was reminded of it and I forced myself to watch the massacre on YouTube. 104 more words


Let's Play 'The Joe Silva Game' for UFC 144's Key Players

And now it’s time for everybody’s favorite game show, “The Joe Silva Game!” As you know, this is where we pretend we have knowledge of the UFC and we attempt to book our own fights. 674 more words


Dakota Cochrane Talks about his Past and the Ultimate Fighter

Yesterday news broke that one of the contestants for the upcoming Ultimate Fighter, Dakota Cochrane, had a secret past in gay porn under an alias. Apparently that was only part of the story. 339 more words

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Report: Ultimate Fighter Cast Member Discovered to be Former Gay Porn Star

It is being reported that one of the newly announced contestants on this season’s Ultimate Fighter has a controversial past. Dakota Cochrane has been discovered to be a former gay porn star. 209 more words


UFC 144's Biggest Losers; The "What's all that food doing in your napkin" Edition

UFC 144 was certainly an entertaining event. Sometimes we’ll see a show that was so good, it’s difficult to pick Biggest Losers. Well, this is not one of those times. 675 more words


I guess 'Hey, you look just like Mark Hunt' isn't the best pick up line & More Random Thoughts on UFC 144

Seven fights is too many. I loved the action Saturday night, but the show went on a bit too long. If you disagree, think about this. 580 more words