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Genre, History, and Hope as a Fan of Bones

(No spoilers here if you’ve seen the most recent episode, but there is mild speculation.)

I’ve been waffling all week about this post. I’ve had discussions about some of this before, and apparently wind up seldom making sense about what I’m trying to say. 1,991 more words


Fan Review: The Murder in the Middle East (Bones)

Confession: I was pretty freaked about this one.  I believe in waiting until I’ve seen an episode to judge it, and my faith in these writers is near-absolute, which I think they’ve earned.   2,129 more words


Fan Review: The Verdict in the Victims (Bones)

I’m a bit conflicted about this episode. It didn’t completely work for me on a couple of levels, but there’s a great deal here that I like, and some of it’s enormously important from a character perspective. 1,741 more words


Fan Review: The Lost in the Found (Bones)

(Housekeeping: My plan had always been to do two separate reviews, and I’d thought to get this one posted yesterday (I was off work) and the other one today or tomorrow…but then I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon participating in the collective fangasm over season eleven. 2,042 more words


Fan Review: The Big Beef at the Royal Diner (Bones)

No one who knows me, or who reads this blog, will be surprised that I loved this episode. Team moments FTW! Oh, so many feels, I don’t even know where to start. 2,293 more words


Fan Review: The Eye in the Sky (Bones)

Oh, Booth.

It’s difficult to unpack this one, because I’m responding to on it two levels: brain, and heart.

Intellectually, I think it was brilliantly plotted, written, and acted, particularly by David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, and John Boyd. 2,176 more words