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Spotlight Feature: Masayuki-san’s Nissan Silvia S15

Just when I had finished photographing for about 8 hours straight, this car had to grab my attention. There was just so much going on, it was rather mind boggling. 373 more words



So this also happened tonight!

Our Nissan Silvia is getting coilovers installed! We bought them today.

These are HSD coilovers we bought them second hand for a great price, couldn’t turn them down. 13 more words

Blast pipes

Installed blast pipes on the Silvia a few days ago, this was the process:

End result: much deeper idle, louder cams, and of course so much louder drone. 76 more words

S15 mods

Today will also be spent in the garage working on the Nissan Silvia. Today we are installing a pod filter and removing the stock tail lights as they had to be installed for roadworthy. 27 more words

Osaka Excursion: A Taste of Japan's Kitchen

Osaka city, my new favourite place in the world, located in the Kansai region of Japan. It’s the second largest metropolitan area in Japan, and to some is known as the nation’s kitchen. 2,033 more words


Spotlight Feature: Hidemaru-san's Nissan Silvia S15

The Nissan Silvia S15 is an iconic car straight from Japan. A car that is worshipped all over the world and has countless amounts of aftermarket support to replace any part necessary. 427 more words