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Once Upon A Time – Season 6, Episode 1 Recap: Saviors And Villains

We begin tonight with the iconic opening of thundering hoofbeats as a horse races across the desert, and the smartly generic, “Many Years Ago…” except this horse is being chased by a flying carpet. 2,248 more words

6 Things I Hope We'll See On Season 6 Of Once Upon A Time

  1. The Continuing Story of Belle’s Mom

Remember, mom vanished during an ogre attack, and Belle has no memory of it. When she came around, Dad simply said, “You’re mother’s gone.” Belle went on that big adventure with Anna and lost that necklace that could help restore her memory. 595 more words

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When you make illustrations there’s no better thing than seeing your illustrations on a product. 2,507 more words

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