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Season 6 Predictions: Shiro (Kuron)

There are multiple predictions for Season 6, some more of a reach than others.

The first is that Shiro (Kuron) will be exposed, which is, in my opinion, probably one of the more likely events to occur. 172 more words


To swap or not to swap

Swap space or swapfile use or no-use seems to be among the most common controversial issues in linux. If you wonder why would we engage in such a controversial topic we can explain. 1,247 more words

Init System

References and links to no-systemd sites

An init system must be an init system (ex-systemd-free site now found within the artixlinux.org site for historical-archiving purposes).

without-systemd.org/Init  (this is a more debian oriented site but lists information across the unix-ecosystem). 194 more words

Systemd-Free Linux

Hypothetical project and expected feasibility (Manjaro --> Obarun) systemd --> s6

I noticed on Distrowatch’s inquiry statistics that in the past 6mos and less, Manjaro has climbed gradually from #4 to #1.  Mint, ubuntu, and debian are each one click down on the leading in popularity among distro hoppers.  592 more words

Systemd-Free Linux

Audi S6 in Palo Alto

This car is/was available for sale at Audi Palo Alto. Please contact them for more details on this beautiful car, and to check on availability.


Artix and the choice of 3 init systems

Artix as it appeared was an evolution of Arch-OpenRC and Manjaro-OpenRC but with a clean start of doing things independently.  Both of its predecessors were really a set of packages and scripts to substitute systemd while their corresponding systems remained as they were.  239 more words

Systemd-Free Linux