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The Union Movement's Agenda for 2013

As you would all know, it is an election year. So it was timely, after the announcement by Julia Gillard that the election would be held on September 14th, that the Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions Dave Oliver appeared in the National Press Club to address the Press and the Nation on what is on the agenda this coming year.This is an excerpt from Dave’s speech: 43 more words


Who really values education?

Part of the reason Isobel Redmond was forced to step down as Opposition Leader were her comments on the staffing levels of the Education Department. 97 more words


What can South Australia expect from an Audit Commission?

Isobel Redmond’s popularity has been fading in recent months and she has been under fire in relation to her announcements of job cuts to the public sector. 114 more words


Safety is no accident

How safe do you feel in your work place? New safety laws will mean harsher penalties for workplaces deemed unsafe.

To talk more about these developments, Angus Randall spoke to Janet Giles from… 11 more words


Kevin Purse explains the new workplace safety laws

A new deal to get workplace safety laws through the SA parliament has been welcomed by SA Unions.

It’s taken a few years to get to this point of agreement, with Business initially driving the move to harmonise workplace safety laws across the states, and then opposing the proposed changes. 65 more words


Nurses Union find rural workers in tears

On Your Rights at Night we’ve been following the campaign for better staffing for Nurses in our country hospitals.

Elizabeth Dabars, the Chief Executive of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) took a tour of some of these country hospitals and was surprised at what she found. 17 more words


A dollar in the hand is worth two in the superannuation fund

Have you ever worked a cash-in-hand job?

Well, a new survey by the Australian Council of Trade Unions shows that that’s how 1 in 4 young workers are being paid. 59 more words