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Twins.....Only One Survives

Today’s story begins with twin daughters being born on June 2, 1848, but we have to backtrack a little to set the scene.  Below is the marriage record of Juliane Kuehnert and Johann Christian Friedrich Saalfeld on August 5, 1845 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg. 408 more words

It Took Commitment

Today’s post from me is personal.  If you look at the same photo above that was in a previous blog post, you will see that two days after the death of Johann Christoph Weber, a young girl, Eve Magdalene Schmidt, died on March 31, 1839.  291 more words

Year of the Beer Day 35: Ur-Saalfelder Dark Beer

Day 35 of the German beer marathon, and I’ve decided to open this entry up for forum, especially with regards to this candidate, the Ur-saalfelder.  This beer is produced by the brewery located in the southern Thuringian city of Saalfeld, located 40 kilometers south of Jena along the Saale River. 416 more words