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Just One of the Schuessler Swarm

There are 31 pages in our German Family Tree dedicated to the surname Schuessler.  Just last month, Wayne Schuessler contributed a post to this blog that told the story of the original Schesslers who came to Perry County.  705 more words

The Bold Immigrants

In the German language, the word kühn means “bold” or “daring”.  There were two surnames in the Gesellschaft that contained kühn, Kühn and Kühnert.  As time went by, many German names containing an umlaut had that umlaut eliminated and replaced by putting an “e” after the vowel with the umlaut.  1,102 more words

Double Double-U

Today I will share the story of W.W……..Wilhelm Wachter.  His story is not without its puzzles.  I hope I get it right.  I tell his story today because December 29th was the date of his second marriage in 1870.  825 more words

Adolphe Saalfeld

Vials of perfume discovered in the wreckage of the Titanic — they belonged to first-class passenger and perfume maker Adolphe Saalfeld

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Kids from a Kassel

Today’s birthday boy did not even have to wait for his baptism to be called a Christian.  That’s because his name was Christian Kassel.  He was born on September 29, 1861.  762 more words