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Antonio Velardo photo: Antonio Velardo shares Picture of the day for November 12, 2015

Wikipedia picture of the day on November 12, 2015: "Fairy Kingdom", a cave inside the Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes in Germany. ift.tt/1O4I4g5

from Flickr http://flic.kr/p/AnL6iP

Antonio Velardo

One Dead In Germany Asylum Shelter Blaze

At least one person has died, following a fire, at an asylum shelter, in eastern Germany. 129 more words


Happy Easter!

As a child, Volker Kraft saw a beautiful paschal tree in his home town…and he wanted one.

In 1965 his dream came true – his own tree with 300 odd eggs on it. 49 more words


Nuremberg & Schloss Rosenau

We didn’t manage to get a beer in Nordlingen on the night; it was pretty closed up by 9pm L but be did hear the watchmans cry before heading home to make a dent in the case of Weissbier we have under Pauls seat :D. 804 more words

Campervan Europe


Saturday was a velvet luxury of alone time. The prospect of the day – not yet cemented in any routine — stood before me like a handful of playdough eager to be sculpted.   510 more words

Music from Germany - Heaven shall burn

Heaven Shall Burn is a German heavy metal band from Saalfeld, formed in 1996. They combine an aggressive metal sound with lyrics that show a militant support of anti-racism and fighting social injustice.  32 more words


Flying over Thuringia

Definitely not a picture of me. Having fallen out of the sky whilst trying paragliding i’m not keen to try it again. However, one very crisp day last November on a hill between Saalfeld and Hohenwarte souls far braver than I, or perhaps just more coordinated, were soaring majestically in the Thuringian air. 59 more words