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How to Make Digital Dictation Easy

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With Philips Speech Live Digital Dictation all your digital dictations are made easy, affordable and secure. 283 more words


Sales is a Lagging Indicator

Sales is a lagging indicator. That means a lot of things happen before sales hits or misses a number. Unfortunately some leaders look at sales as if it exists in isolation and should be able to grow, maneuver and execute in a vacuum. 278 more words

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Reduce Document Creation Times

Philips Speech Live Benefits

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Philips Speech Live will help you reduce your document creation times and will enhance your everyday workflow. 274 more words


Authenticating with Azure AD and OpenID Connect

Identity in the cloud

Identity management in the cloud is a totally different ball game to when everything was installed and accessed on the corporate network. 3,237 more words


Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Improve Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

Marketing in the B2B sector can be a difficult beast to tame.

About 88% of B2B marketers are using content marketing in their marketing strategies, because it has been proven to work well and generate more than three times as many leads as traditional marketing methods. 1,555 more words


File Sharing SaaS Solutions & Your Data: Considerations for Business Use

There’s a lot to like about file sharing SaaS apps like Dropbox. Why?

  • They are super simple to use
  • They enable “anywhere” access
  • The cost typically scales with the number of users/no large upfront…
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Podcast: Saving Through Archive?

Archiving is a lot more than buying an object storage system and putting old files on it. There are a lot of things to consider before creating an archiving strategy. 34 more words