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IT Services Companies’ ADnM Business is Shrinking

When I was growing up (the eighties) there used to be TV and Refrigerator repair shops in every 4 to 5 km. They used to do a reasonable amount of business; it was definitely enough to run a family of 4 to 5 people. 386 more words


What, Why and How Salespeople Struggle - VLOG #SaaS #Sales #APAutomation

Software as a service and AP Automation sales people hurt themselves by the information they talk about. Find out what that is.

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Accounts Payable Automation

KYC3 Academy is launched!

See it on video!

We are excited to announce our first set of training videos

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Make staff training invaluable

Every company needs to get the most out of all its investments, be that buying a new van, renting a building, finding a new machine or, indeed, some training for their staff. 533 more words


SaaS Public Company Valuations Q1 2016

Eleven months ago I wrote about the SaaS Public Company Valuations Q1 2015 and times have changed. Before, SaaS companies were trading at higher multiples and now, most, but not all have come down. 380 more words


Leadvise、ソフト開発のテスト工程管理を効率化するSaaS「Qangaroo」 [ #cbajp ]




ALSI、「InterSafe ILP」をAXLBITのクラウドサービス「AXLBOX」で提供 [ #cbajp ]

アルプス システム インテグレーション(ALSI、麻地徳男社長)は、AXLBIT(アクセルビット、天野信之社長)のSaaSプラットフォーム「AXLBOX」で、情報漏えい対策シリーズ「InterSafe ILP」の提供を2月2日に開始したと発表した。ALSIでは、企業や官公庁、自治体、教育機関などに向け、持ち出しデータの情報漏えい対策InterSafe ILPを提供している。