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The New SaaS: Software as a Strategy

SaaS has long been known as the acronym for “Software as a Service” – a software licensing and delivery model that refers to centrally hosted software licensed on a subscription basis. 428 more words


From Product-Focus to Market-Focus: Waving Goodbye to the Chasm

This is the 4th article in a series on Geoffrey A. Moore’s Crossing the Chasm. To jump to the first article in the series click here… 377 more words


How agenda is fueling a added activating B2B business world

More than a hundred years ago, Sears, Roebuck & Aggregation befuddled up the retail industry with its avant-garde archive system. By commitment catalogs to consumers and aircraft articles from a centralized warehouse, Sears bound congenital a loyal chump base. 744 more words

Researching Your Beachhead: Crossing the Chasm with Informative Intuition

In the previous article on Geoffrey A. Moore’s Crossing the Chasm, we looked at why it’s necessary to secure what Moore calls a beachhead… 879 more words


A Single Beachhead, Really?: Finding Your Niche Market and Preparing to Cross the Chasm

Read the first article that introduces Geoffrey A. Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm here.

Step 1: Accept the Chasm

In the previous article, I discussed how the worst thing you can do when you find yourself in  753 more words


Natasha - the founder of 'Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Forms' - the secrets to form a SaaS application

Similar to every other start-up, the development of the application was full of hurdles. But like all good things, this mere idea finally was converted into an application. 144 more words

What Chasm? An Introduction to Geoffrey A. Moore's 'Crossing the Chasm'

You’ve probably been in this situation before.

You’ve developed a great product, hired the perfect team, and you’re already generating significant revenue. Your press is good, and your future appears to be wide open. 546 more words