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Developing a service ethos: Services and microtransactions to transform games industry

November 2007

Ask Nexon, the Korean providers of drive-away hit Kart Rider, about the challenge of online games development; their response is telling: “we’re not games developers, we’re service providers”. 628 more words


10 years of Games in the City: lessons from a savvy games investor

May 2006

Whilst my company, Games Investor Consulting, has existed for only three years, I, myself, recently celebrated reaching 10 years of working in and around the games industry. 638 more words


The new Asian tigers: demystifying the Asian games market

March 2006

The perceived wisdom in the west is that the rise of new Asian games markets will ultimately threaten the western development market. Doom-mongers point to Asia’s weak protection of intellectual property, impermeable protectionism that locks out western games, low-cost outsourcing providers undercutting western developers and, most frightening of all, more competition for western developers. 595 more words


A10 、SaaS型アプリケーション配信管理プラットフォーム提供 [ #cloud ]

A10ネットワークスは12月5日、SaaS型アプリケーション配信管理プラットフォーム「A10 Lightning Application Delivery Service(Lightning ADS)」 を発表。2017年第1四半期から、日本市場にて提供開始する。Lightning ADSは、マルチクラウドやハイブリッドクラウド環境で提供されるアプリケーションのパフォーマンスを最適化し、WAFやDDoS攻撃防御などのセキュリティー機能を同時に提供する「Lightning ADC」と、Lightning ADCに対する設定やサービス状況の監視を一元的に管理できる「Lightning Controller」で構成されている。



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