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Azure Costs: Feature Update for CSP Support

Today we’re very excited to announce some great feature updates for our Cloud Solution Providers platform. All the updates focus on more accuracy and productivity, when working on a daily basis with your customers.   201 more words


Global Information Security Spending to reach $86.4B by 2017

The rapid growth of digital transformation is putting pressures on companies across all industries to proactively invest in security to protect themselves against known and unknown threats and to neutralize the threats and comply with new regulations, organizations are increasingly looking to highly trained information security professionals for answers. 73 more words


How to Get the Most Out of a Product Evaluation

A successful evaluation starts with asking the right questions. Protip: “What makes the best?” isn’t one of them.

Just as there’s no such thing as “the best bicycle” or “the best browser,” there’s no such thing as the best BI solution. 1,200 more words


FM:Systems Security Case Study

Gary Hollis, VP of Software Development at FM:Systems, has been with the company for nearly a decade and was involved in its decision to implement Exago BI last year. 1,104 more words


Growing CLV with Embedded BI

That the addition of business intelligence software can improve an application’s customer lifetime value (CLV) hardly qualifies as a surprising. In fact, it’s rather obvious. The addition of literally any feature that even remotely meets a market need is bound to help a SaaS company acquire, retain, and monetize customers, if even just a little. 1,822 more words


Applying Applied Math: An Interview with Exago Support Analyst Emma Williams

Since 1999, April has been recognized as Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, a period of observance dedicated to “increas the visibility of mathematics as a field of study and the power and intrigue in mathematics to a larger audience.” You might not have thought math in need of wider appreciation, but according to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), the… 1,075 more words


Crossing the chasm: Lessons learned in transitioning to the SaaS business model

Read the full report here.

The last decade has seen software buyers express ever-increasing preference for purchasing software as a service (SaaS). Most new entrants in the software space have been SaaS-native, but what about the thousands of software vendors that started out with traditional licensing models? 1,266 more words

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