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In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology a backlink is a hyperlink that links from a Web page, back to your own Web page or Web site. 117 more words

Backlink Rhino

SaaS 2.0 Companies Often Resegment an Existing Market

Continuing with yesterday’s post Examples of SaaS 2.0 Companies, there’s an important point that requires more explanation: SaaS 2.0 companies often resegment an existing market. 168 more words


3 Fantastic For Customer Success Managers

I’m no Lincoln Murphy, but working in Customer Success, there are a lot of tools that help me manage what can be controlled chaos day to day. 786 more words


Examples of SaaS 2.0 Companies

After talking about the The Next Generation Competitor to Every Public SaaS Company, it’s clear a better name for it is SaaS 2.0 companies. SaaS 2.0 companies are API-first, have rich, responsive UIs that are more conversational in tone, have approachable pricing models that are more flexible than the incumbents, and have a modularized platform so that customers can purchase only the features they need. 89 more words


Backlink Rhino Review

 Backlink Rhino

Backlink Rhino is High Quality, getting backlinks from Wikipedia makes Google put stock in your destinations/pages/recordings

Backlink Rhino – Introduction

Backlink Rhino is an Advanced backlinks SaaS device that finds you High Quality, High Authority skilled backlink openings. 515 more words

Backlink Rhino

Software Contracts in the Age of SaaS 2.0

Continuing with yesterday’s post Software Contracts and Traditional Business Practices, a friend was skeptical that contracts would be less common in 5 – 10 years as so many software company business models are dependent on it. 168 more words


How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Enterprise Software In 2017

  • 81% of IT leaders are currently investing in or planning to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Cowen predicts AI will drive user productivity to materially higher levels, with Microsoft at the forefront.
  • 842 more words
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