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We are looking for a Paid Acqusition Manager to join the Favro team, with plenty of drive and great problem solving skills. You will be responsible for creating, managing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns within various paid acquistion channels. 268 more words

Nytt Jobb

Azure Weekly: Apr 24, 2017

Are you having difficulty keeping up to date on all the frequent changes and updates in the Microsoft Azure space? Then the Build Azure Weekly has the solution you’re looking for. 1,583 more words


Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is ubiquitous in IT world in the last couple of years. Cloud computing is a new model for fulfilling corporate IT needs. According to… 1,275 more words

Cloud Computing

A software development lifecycle for the Cloud Era

Back in February, I was given the chance to deliver a presentation for the BCS, the chartering body for IT and computing in the UK, on the evolution of the software development lifecycle as we race into the Cloud era. 1,109 more words


Where Does Automated Customer Benchmarking Make Sense?

A customer benchmarking engine is an emerging technology which uses an artificial intelligence approach to automate the reasoning that underlies data-driven benchmarking. Its benefits are discussed… 824 more words

Swingvy raises $1.1M to give HR staff in Southeast Asia a break from paperwork

Human resources paperwork is never fun to take care of—especially if it’s literally on paper. Swingvy co-founder Jin Choeh says that in Southeast Asia, many small businesses are still stuck with physical spreadsheets and piles of forms. 302 more words


Why You need Customer Engagement Software For Business Success?

Before we commence, let’s take a look at what customer engagement implies?

CX dictionary says, customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. 493 more words