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富士通の農業生産管理SaaSを運用開始--JA西三河 [ #cbajp ]

富士通は11月30日、JA西三河が「FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution 食・農クラウドAkisai 農業生産管理SaaS生産マネジメント」を運用開始したと発表した。今後、蓄積したデータの活用による産地全体の生産性向上や生産計画にもとづく契約販売の拡大、出荷予測の精度向上、コスト低減に向けた農業経営者向けの指導強化などを進めていく。



Is Salesforce the mouse that gets the cheese ?

We all know the adage ‘The early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the Cheese’ and in my mind it’s got great parallels in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) vs Software as a Service (SaaS) debate. 367 more words


Wingify Acquires US-Based Visitor Analytics Provider Navilytics

New Delhi-based Wingify, a developer of website optimisation tools and A/B testing solutions, announced Monday the acquisition of US-based Navilytics.

With the acquisition, Wingify aims to turn its flagship tool, Visual Web Optimizer (VWO), into a full-featured conversion optimisation platform by early 2016. 200 more words


Customer Success - A methodology to Drive Retention and Mitigate Churn

In several courses that I am doing in this semester – most of them related to marketing field – Marketing Strategy, Data Driven Marketing, Consumer Behavior and one of my favorite – Design thinking, there is one underlying theme – “Customer”. 786 more words

Just Curious

Cybersecurity is critical for SaaS CEO's and Investors

The Identity Theft Resource Center states that over 175 million records have been exposed in data breaches in 2015 through October. The incidents of breaches continue to increase and as more businesses are offering SaaS solutions to their customers, SaaS CEOs and Investors must take a careful look at their security practices to avoid business and financial risk. 245 more words


Decoding product feature prioritization

Product Manager, if I may use an analogy, is an orchestrator of a band who decides when to start or which instruments to play, working with the team to create a melodious symphony. 596 more words

Pawan Kumar Adda

Fodder for Friday

We only have a few weeks left until we welcome 2016, so with everyone already sitting back to enjoy the holidays, we thought we’d make it easier for the tech community to keep up with what’s important and happening by feeding them a little fodder every week. 173 more words

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