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Moon Phases and Esbats 2016-2017 Southern Hemisphere 



New Moon: 29th First Quarter: 7th Full Moon: Strong Sun Moon 14th Last Quarter: 21st



New Moon: 28th First Quarter: 6th Full Moon: Blessing Moon 12th Last Quarter: 20th… 279 more words


Pagan Journaling Practice: Week #2

This second week of my journaling practice from Nature Bound Pagan blog focuses around Pagan holidays and celebrations. I thought this topic would be perfect to jump into since I’m in the middle of trying to focus on studying the different traditions of Yule. 865 more words


Sabbat of Yule

It was difficult for me to write about the Yule Sabbat for two reasons:  The first of the reasons that makes this one difficult to write about is because there is so much out there already on the magic and lore of this time of year that I didn’t want to be repetitive and the second reason is because there is not much growing outside in nature – making it less inspiring for me to write about.  803 more words

Yule Traditions: Yule Log and Evergreens

I’ve been attempting to do some research on a few Yule traditions and decided to dedicate a post to the Yule Log and to the roles Evergreen trees played as well (or the roles that they actually didn’t play). 696 more words


Up Your Pagan Potluck Game

I have a confession to make: I super hate potlucks. I hate everything about potlucks. I hate the food that I remember so fondly from family funerals, I hate the unsatisfying and lopsided nature of a potluck meal, I hate carrying a hot tray on the bus to the party, and most of all I hate that once the summer ends every pagan gathering turns into the same potluck with the same food. 2,816 more words


From Leah Horlick

Today you wanted to show me

the last blaze of that tiny arbutus in the traffic circle on your way
to work and you turned me into a red trail of feathered leaves.

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