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A compilation chronicling the history of UK Thrash Metal has been announced. Contract In Blood has been curated by author and scene chronicler Ian Glasper. The 5CD box set will feature legends such as Venom, Onslaught, Sabbat and Acid Reign as well as lesser-known, cult artists. 238 more words


How To Keep The 7th Day Weekly Sabbath Holy

To keep it holy is to set apart preferably every Sunday as an uncommon day over the other six days of the week. On this day, going to Sunday church, read the scriptures, pray to GOD, worship The LORD and witnessing the gospel to others are acceptable. 166 more words

Even God & His Archangels Keep The Sabbath

Some make excuses saying “If everyone on the earth observe the Sabbath day, then this society will not function normally!” This 4th commandment is so important that it is part of the… 2,201 more words

Lines on an Unlikely Lover

I wreck my bones upon your rock-strewn headland
And tempest-tossed, my bark is broke asunder
The salt seas swallow boat and sailor both
And do you care? 184 more words


Black Roses: Butterflies and Photographs

Pelita sits down cross-legged on the attic floor, the shoebox balanced on her lap. She’d noticed it when they were clearing room for her brother’s old cot, and her mother had said she could go back up and look through it after lunch if she wanted to – so of course she’d bolted her food, skipped clearing up (which she knew she’d end up being told off for) and headed back up as fast as possible. 1,465 more words

Original Fiction

Hunter and Hunted

“Do you people never learn?”

The hunter whirled around, crucifix held out protectively in front of him – as a precaution, of course, because this particular Creature of the Night had been well and truly staked, and therefore…really should not have been standing right in front of him wearing a rather aggrieved expression and gesturing to the large bloodstain on his coat. 437 more words

Original Fiction

The Spring Equinox Sabbat: Eostara | Week 8

I know I am going out of order here and starting with week 8 of my Year and a Day but I figured, in a way, it kinda makes sense … in a way … kinda. 1,653 more words

A Year And A Day