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Samhain: The Celtic New Year

History of Samhain

Samhain (pronounced numerous ways such as sow-in, sow-een, and sav-en) is a Gaelic festival generally denoting the beginning for the new year. It is also the last Harvest festival marking the end of the season and the coming of Winter. 466 more words


7 Days of Samhain!

Hello, Lovelies!! Today I’m gonna tell you about a little series I’ll be doing on my blog here for y’all.

I will be doing a 7 days of Samhain in preparation for Samhain on Oct. 287 more words


Samhain- the Witchs' New Year

The passionate within cannot deny Samhain (Sow-en-).

We, who live inside our psyche, and delve deep within another’s opinion and views of the world; can see more than the average. 454 more words

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Yes, I know it’s already several weeks into the Mabon season. Or Herfest. We celebrated with beeswax candles and apples and homemade bread. I made a beer and honey bread and took it to a friend’s house, where it was a great hit. 419 more words


Samhain Spiral Spread

For those that follow the four Celtic Fire Festivals, Samhain (lit: “Summer’s end”) marks the end of the light half of the year and the beginning of the dark half. 361 more words



What is Samhain?

Merry Meet, Loves! As Samhain approaches, we will be talking a little bit about it. 

Samhain is the day when winter comes closer and the colder months start. 309 more words


Rádio Quântica – Satan Made Me Do It #22 [+tracklist]

Things have been busted pretty much ever since the beginning, but they seem to be getting even crazier lately. Shit’s fucked, man! You know what they say about being out of touch when living in a cave or whatever? 473 more words

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