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Mabon is the second harvest, which usually occurs in late September. For the purpose of our wheel of the year, it takes place on the 21st.  1,105 more words



So welcome to the second to last post in this series. Tonight we’re talking about Aug 2nd. It is Lughnassadh, (pronounced Loo-nah-sad) a name that comes from ancient Celtic. 823 more words


Litha Photo shoot

I’m moving to Colorado but I wanted to do one last photo shoot with Bellawillow Photography. My aim was to capture the magic, mystery and occult feel of the Art Nouveau period plus  I also wanted to try the mesh dress thing too. 82 more words


Summer Solstice: Litha

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We just came back from my favorite local festival…well local as in an hour away, but still my favorite. 950 more words


Solstice Blessings!

As it lovely says in one of Witchlette’s favorite books:

The birds are singing
The sky is bright
The sun is shining
I’m feeling alright…

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Blessed Litha

Sending you love and light and blessings this Sabbat Morn.

(photo credit Anam Cara Witches Litha 2012)

Both Violet Moon and myself are away from home this weekend, so will be celebrating the Sabbat next weekend with our pagan friends at a wonderful outdoor ritual. 21 more words
Life As A Witch

Solstice or Equinox?

During conversations with the ladies this evening while celebrating Litha, we couldn’t get our thoughts on solstice vs. equinox quite in order…I blame the sun.  So, to be clear: 110 more words

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