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Valentine present Vampire books

This year for Valentines day I was given a stack of Vampire the Masquerade RPG books. I am extremely happy for getting them. I used to have a huge list of White Wolf RPG books I wanted to collect one day. 225 more words

Thing Of The Moment

Sabbat Crafts - Ostara

– Affirmation Eggs –

One of my most favourite sabbat activities is affirmation eggs (my take on a fortune cookie). The first time I made them was for a coven ritual I wrote back in 2012, those eggs were no where near as pretty as these ones they were just simply dyed with food colouring in a single colour. 339 more words

Grey Witch Craft

Supreme Overlord

Name: Holly Race

Positions for the Event: HST, Supreme Overlord of Coffee, Decision Maker in Chief

Org Positions: HST, Sub-Coord (x5), Marketing Guru

Player of: Lilly Dubois, former Harpy of Cincinnati; Purple, Malkavian-Anti Seer and Guardian of Crayons and Kittens; Siobhan, Gangrel-Anti and grandchilde of Balthazar… 31 more words

Ecumenical Council V

Imbolc 2017 - Our First

Remember when I said in my 2016 new years resolutions that I wanted to start celebrating the pagan holidays? But then I found out I was pregnant and all my resolutions went out of the window. 629 more words


Imbolc Mini Ritual

The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to the following blog post on doing a mini ritual for Imbolc.


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Imbolc Correspondences

Imbolc Correspondences

It has Salt for purification, Bay Leaves for wishes and growth, Cedar for grounding, Rose petals for love, Cinnamon stick for protection, Star Anise for meditation, Thyme for healing, and Rosemary for Remembrance. 312 more words


Imbolc Oopsies

Even though one of the worst social fails of my life happened on Imbolc, it is still one of my favorite Neo-Pagan holidays. Let’s all curl up in the candlelight as I weave my silly tale of social woe. 771 more words