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Rite of Winter

On the Blood Moon, the Rite of Winter was conducted under a clear sky with a big and beautiful full moon overhead.  This ritual is slow and somber in tone because of the “gathering in” theme that this ritual represents. 384 more words

Online Midsummer Ritual 2015 - Puja for Lord Ganesha by Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple

This was our first online ritual for the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple. It was shared as a file on our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon group page at the time. 726 more words


Echo is one of the lead singers for Nox Aegis, with Eric being the other.  She is always humming or singing to herself, and her voice has a way of making others feel what she wants them to feel.  15 more words

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Antol is the Priest of Nox Aegis, and a fairly imposing figure on his own.  He stands nearly 7 feet tall, with an athletic frame, and fair features.  53 more words

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Reese is a tank with teeth and claws.  He doesn’t talk much, and tends to resemble a Lupine more than a Vampire.  He is not without a sense of humor however, and his packmates have discovered he has quite the knack for pulling pranks.

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Zaluut is the Priest of the Watchers, and is the most gentlemanly monster one could ever hope to meet.  He is reserved and at times seems to be overflowing with patience even.  52 more words

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Scary bitch does not even begin to describe this woman.  Athena is an Archbishop and is currently residing in Baton Rouge.  She is beautiful and deadly, but known mostly for her temper.

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