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Ankunft in Bangkok, Tag 1+2

Tag 1: Flug und Ankunft.

Mit Thai Airways ging es am Dienstagabend, 28.03., ab Frankfurt los. 10 Stunden. Non-Stopp. Was hatte ich ein Glück: Die zwei Sitzplätze neben mir im Flieger waren nicht besetzt und ich hatte somit eine ganze dreier Sitzreihe für mich, zum Beine hochlegen. 1,478 more words


Koh Samui

Lets have a little beach retreat – lets go to Koh Samui. Koh Samui is one of the main tourism islands of Thailand (second after Phuket) and located in the gulf of Siam. 259 more words


Re-energize yourself with a 1 Day Technology Fast

Do you feel like you just can’t get everything done that you need to?

Are you tired even though you get plenty of sleep?

Do you ever feel like you simply just can’t catch up on life in general? 477 more words

Ghost Writing

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang has also the World Heritage title, and I think it is worth it. The small peninsula between Mekong and Nam river is a beautiful collection of temples and colonial style housing. 221 more words


Week 3 ~ Buenos Aires: Palermo

Friends, Romans,

I was woken this morning at 3.30pm (that is not a type-o) by the woman next door singing. One could say “singing”, for me, it was difficult to know when the singing stopped and the cat-beating began. 2,426 more words


All change

It’s a strange place to be: at home in the manse surrounded by the normal things of ministry, not sick, not on holiday but not working. 143 more words


Life in a Bubble

For three months (Jan-Mar) I enjoyed the gift of life in a bubble; the opportunity to live where I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me. 179 more words