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4 months

In just under four months we will pack ourselves and some clothes up, board a plane, and move to the South Island of New Zealand. It’s something James and I have wanted to do for many years, ever since we visited for just under 3 weeks back in January 2004. 174 more words

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? (for Blogging U 101 - not existential crisis!)

I’m a writer who teaches and a teacher who writes. And I’m a twin from Newfoundland who has lived in a lot of different places. 146 more words


I have to pass THROUGH . . . A Journal of my Sabbatical Bicycle Journey to Bar Harbor, Maine

If you are following this site, then you know that I am taking a Sabbatical Journey this Summer.  I choose not to use Facebook as a publishing forum simply because it is much to public.   299 more words



Here we are, the day of departure, and every possible butterfly in the world is currently stored in our 2 bellies. We’ve spent the last few days saying our (very sad) goodbyes, selling our cars and furniture, handing over our rental apartment keys to the Estate Agent, and packing (what is left of) our belongings into 4 bags. 147 more words



I am writing this just a few hours before liftoff (hopefully), the very last day of my two months in Washington. I haven’t yet counted up the numbers of pages of notes and scanned documents that I have gathered in the five libraries and archives that have been the sites of my research, but I’m sure they number in the thousands.   131 more words



I have completed one month of training. As everything in life is difficult to measure any change on a day-to-day basis and during the first weeks of pain I couldn’t see any progress, however, after 4 weeks I am happy to report the following: 281 more words


Welcome Home Leesa!

Leesa Kirchner, N.D., FABNO will be returning to Canada in March after a wonderful and very productive sabbatical. Her patients will be receiving an update letter with her new practice information in the near future once the details are confirmed. 20 more words

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