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More Questions about My Sabbatical

What will you be doing?

Some organizations and churches design sabbaticals to be a working sabbatical (eg., write a book, or a manual, further your education, etc.). 460 more words



I am in sabbatical starting March, 1 2015.

You can find me here

Experiment Complete: What I Learned from My Fast

I finished my fast, y’all! I’m not going to lie; it was tough, but rewarding. Want to know what I took out of the experience? No? 375 more words

Andre C Griffiths

Introduction: Sabbatical in Fribourg, Switzerland, 2015-2016

Blogs. They can be awesome, obnoxious, boring… I anticipate this one will be will be all three. I am doing it for the following reasons: 1. 509 more words


Burmese days

Upon arriving in Myanmar two long weeks ago I immediately fell in love with this time warped country. Aside from the fact the dusty roads, the basic living conditions and the stifling heat strongly reminded me of Bangladesh – a country I grew very fond of in my ten weeks there – the locals are so humble and welcoming it’s hard not to have a permanent smile plastered to your face. 489 more words

A year of raspberries and sunshine in Provence

The fruit and vegetable man showed me a little box of raspberries and slipped it in with my shopping.

Un petit cadeau ,” he said with a quick smile – turning back to the till to finish tallying up. 1,688 more words


Ying Yang

Last week I had to go back to Hong Kong to renew my China visa and attend a conference, which gave me an opportunity to sort of compare side by side a typical week in the Martial Arts school Vs a typical week in the metropolis. 933 more words