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Sabbatical report: Context switching

I’m now about 6 months in to my year-long sabbatical. Currently, I’m working on two very different sub-projects. Each sub-project is related to my larger research project on self-healing home networks, and each one approaches the larger project from the lens of the two subfields I straddle. 458 more words


The joy you emit returns to you, so let your light shine!

Until recently, our plans for sabbatical were not widely known.  We had told our families and some friends, but it was all really hush hush until we were fully committed and ready to tell our employers. 1,489 more words

Turkey, Stop 8

My final stop on this almost-6-month journey was in Istanbul.

I did have the pleasure of spending a day there on a long layover about 3 years ago but this time around was so much better! 338 more words


United Arab Emirates, Stop 7

My second-to-last stop was in UAE. I stayed mainly in Dubai but I was also able to visit Abu Dhabi for a day.

The friend I stayed with lived within walking distance to the marina and beach so I was close to nightlife and other activities. 526 more words


[Street] Food - Episode 3

Before we left, we were advised only to eat in “restaurants that have a door,” as they are also therefore more likely to have a fridge! 357 more words


Murder Mystery

I enjoy writing nonfiction, but I also have fun writing fiction. I currently have a murder mystery simmering on the back burner that I’ll jump back into—with gusto!—once The Business of Being is complete. 174 more words


Last Sail in Sydney

We had our last sail in Sydney last weekend. Like all good things, they must come to an end. It’s the last sail in Sydney – at least for a while – because it’s just two months before we head to Slovenia to pick up Tranquilo and sail the world. 728 more words