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The Slow Work of God Part 2

Two months into sabbatical, I’m slower, more appreciative, and more present.  10/10 do recommend.

I’m present enough to rejoice and see the small mercies and small places of growth.   543 more words


The home of the brave - part I: California.

11 hours after take off from Fiji, I was wandering bleary-eyed in to Arrivals at LAX (queue Rachel Stevens replays in my head). I was met by a cantankerous shuttle attendant who told/commanded me to take a seat to wait for my ride, confusingly whilst numerous shuttle buses passed me by. 680 more words


Planning for A Sabbatical

The trip feels so long off still but at the same time it seems like time is speeding up. So it is time to start planning out the next few years in order to able to head south with confidence. 283 more words


9. Letting go of compulsive behaviour

Being more mindful for me means letting go of compulsive behaviours. In some cases you could even call them addictions when they get really dominant. I feel that those behaviours are a not very concious reponse to some sensation or desire. 722 more words


My Dear Anhedonia

My family history is ravaged by depression. The quiet and polite Midwest version on my father’s side, and the manic bipolar version on my mother’s side. 779 more words


Clubbing 2.0

Industry 4.0, Web 3.0, and now Clubbing 2.0 – last night in Valencia while Michael and I went out I experienced something I am not sure about if it was a single happening or will become a successful trend and – because being in my 24th year of clubbing – it gets more difficult to adapt to change. 708 more words


Back to Our Roots

Michael and I met in a small town in Western CO.  Fresh out of college and with very different backgrounds, I was a city girl 💄💅🏽and he was born and raised in the Mountain West. 430 more words