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Where to start? Samhain is a Gaelic festival spanning back to the Druid times that symbolises the end of the harvest season. Halloween is considered a younger festival that started only a few hundred years ago. 450 more words


SAMHAIN... un temps hors du temps...

Sahmain est un temps hors du temps… fin de cycle… porte ouverte sur les autres plans nous laissant libres d’honorer ceux qui nous ont précédés et sans qui, nous ne serions pas qui nous sommes aujourd’hui. 808 more words

Dans Mes Grimoires

samhain's coming

Well, Samhain is coming up very quickly! I’ve got my altar set for Mabon right now, with dried corn, a piece of rabbit fur, and a red and purple wool plaid altar cloth, since I tend to use fabric I have on hand that feels right. 366 more words


What's Brewing at MAD Goddess?

Greetings followers. You may have noticed that there are new posts requiring a password to access the content. It’s related to my new Patreon Page – which will be launching in the next few days.  58 more words


How I celebrated Mabon

How I celebrated Mabon!

Mabon is the first sabbat I’ve celebrated, and I was very excited for it! Harmony Nice is a Youtuber who talks about a lot of Wicca and witchcraft related stuff, and a few days before Mabon she released a video about it, with a kitchen magick spell to make buttermilk bread. 73 more words


Samhain Food

by Alexis

October is famous in the US for the excess of pumpkins being carved into jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pies, and candy being shared with the masses. 1,129 more words


Mabon. Mabon not.

Don’t say ‘Mabon’.

Thank you for trying to take an interest in paganism and give me a ‘happy holidays’ for the Equinox.

But see, there was this guy who seriously harmed many pagans back in the day who decided to ignore history and actual folklore and ‘invent’ a new term for the Autumnal Equinox. 322 more words