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Sabering With Medical Devices: The Otoscope Episode

Happy Friday again everyone! I am up to my eyeballs in things to do today, but I thought I would give you another sabering video to start the weekend off on the right foot (or the wrong foot, depending on your opinion of these videos). Regardless, have a great weekend!


Sabering With Household Items: The Champagne Flute Episode

Happy Friday Everybody! We have a chilly, rainy day here in Houston, so I thought I would try to brighten it up with a little sabering. 16 more words


Sabering With Tools: The Hammer Episode

Happy Friday again everyone! It is two days before Christmas and it is supposed to be 75° (24°C) this afternoon. Thus I will be wearing shorts all day. 46 more words


Sabering With Random Tools: The Three-way Allen Key Episode

Happy Friday Everybody! After an extended period now in Houston, I can safely say that it is pretty warm down here. There has yet been a day that I have needed to wear pants, which is a bonus in my book. 43 more words


Sabering With Sporting Goods: The Hockey Skate Episode

Happy Friday Everybody! Things in Houston are going well (and yes, it is still very hot down here). At some point, the house will be ready for visitors, but until then, I have a new video for you: Sabering a bottle of sparkling wine with an ice hockey skate.


The Art of Sabrage

It has been said that the art existed during the middle of the  Napoleonic war where the mounted troops of the great Napoleon Bonaparte himself called as Hussars use their saber when knocking the lip of the bottles in times of victory. 474 more words


Where to Get an Affordable Champagne Saber?

While there are so many champagne sabers and swords you can find on the web, you may be anxious with the quality and the authenticity of the sword.  503 more words

Champagne Sword