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Who Was a Better Hitter: Cobb, Ruth, or Wagner?

Hey baseball fans!

There’s a question on my mind that I, for the longest time, was never able to figure out the answer. The question is who is the best hitter from the first Hall of Fame class? 552 more words

Plans For The 2015 Season

It is the end of February. Pitchers and catchers have reported. Most of the rest of the players have reported. The first Spring Training games start in less than a week. 260 more words


Browsing Catharsis - 02.25.15

Feeding Infants Peanut Products Could Prevent Allergies, Study Suggests,” by Andrew Pollack.



The Great Analytics Rankings,” by ESPN The Magazine and ESPN.com.



Some random late February tidbits

Here are three things that require a little more commentary than what appears in my normal link dump.

1. The one podcast I listen to regularly is  215 more words


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Rich Data, Poor Data,” by Nate Silver.



The Fallibility of Science,” by Razib Khan.



Pitch-level linear weights

One of my current sabermetric obsessions is pitch sequencing. It’s a huge topic, and to try and dent it ever so slightly I have found it useful to be able to assign run values to every major event in every count. 168 more words


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Why Fahrenheit is Better than Celsius,” at isomorphismes.



“Libertarian constitutional thought is a distinctly minority position among scholars and jurists, one that at first glance has little connection with either modern Supreme Court jurisprudence or the liberalism that remains dominant in the legal academy. 269 more words