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The Flame-throwing Myth

Is pitch velocity an indicator of a good pitcher?

Over this past summer, the Twins struck a deal with the Boston Red Sox to send specialist… 675 more words


The Principles of VBD. A beginners guide to gaining an edge in your next fantasy football draft.

I recently had a conversation with my co-worker James last month. We were bullshitting about our general thoughts on the upcoming football season. Both of us were being as completely vague and coy about who we really liked in fantasy this year because we ran in the same money leagues and didn’t want to give anything away. 3,375 more words

Aaron Rodgers

This One's For The Workers

If you spent your Labor Day at Coors Field yesterday, we hope you got your concessions prior to first pitch. Otherwise, you may have missed the game standing in line. 498 more words

Fool’s Gold: The Great Hideki Irabu Hoax

Most baseball fans remember Hideki Irabu as the Yankee’s pseudo-superstar Japanese pitcher who, after playing five years of mediocre major league ball, found himself in the minor leagues before eventually moving back to Japan. 1,253 more words

Smart Enough To Know Im Dumb

Is Exit Velocity Important?

Last season, the MLB released Statcast, an innovative tool used to evaluate player movements and athletic skill. Defensively, it can track how efficiently a player’s line to the ball was, how much ground he covered, arm strength, top speed, and many other factors. 1,259 more words


The Twins Gave Up on Pitch to Contact Before We Did

For many Minnesota Twins fans, the recently vintage dominance of the AL Central that spanned seemingly the entirety of the first decade of the 2000s had been taken for granted. 2,606 more words


Kyle Hendricks

After Kyle Hendricks most recent start, manager Joe Maddon had this to say about the righty:

“A lot of our guys are going through that moment right now. 672 more words

Chicago Cubs