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First mover (dis)advantage - Moneyball

This is more like a movie review, but for anyone who is getting their hands dirty by implementing cognitive systems no doubt will experience the same as Billy Beane in the film “Moneyball”, where he was portrait as a general manager who first implemented Sabermetrics, a way to assess a player’s ability purely based on statistical data. 269 more words


Industry ablaze over emergence of Segura, Cespedes

According to people familiar with the thinking of sabermetricians, some close to the industry who heavily favor analytics based player evaluation are “livid” over the emergence of  Jean Segura and Yoenis Cespedes. 122 more words


In Baseball, How Important Is It to Score First?

In the 2015 MLB regular season, the team that scored first won a whopping 70% of games.

Batting at the top of the inning, visiting teams were unsurprisingly more likely to score first but less likely to retain their lead: 203 more words


Which MLB Teams Play the Closest Games?

Using the 2015 game logs provided by Retrosheet, I calculated the average absolute run differential for each team:

On average, Tampa Bay played the closest games in 2015, with a 2.9 run differential (i.e. 186 more words


The Journey to Baseball Scout Nerdom

For about 20 years now, sabermetrics has ruled baseball intellectualism.  Moneyball started a divide, at least in the mainstream, between sabermetrics and scouting that slowly faded over time.   680 more words

Predicting the Next 300 Game Winner

With the special attention pitchers receive today, such as pitch counts, innings limits, as well as the host of Pitch F/x data that can notify teams of when a pitcher is fatigued, it seems like they days of 300 game winners has come and past. 2,002 more words