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Olmecas (No) Se Refuerza Con Rolando Acosta

Durante 2016, los Olmecas de Tabasco emplearon en la tercera base principalmente a Juan Silverio, a quien liberaron el 30 de mayo, y a Karexon Sanchez, a quien liberaron el 17 de noviembre. 1,168 more words


Pirates go super-Nova

The weather outside is frightful, but the hot stove fire is so delightful. I am delighting even more after my Pirates re-signed free agent starter… 647 more words


Why So Closed Minded?

Last week my good friend Jordon Banfield wrote an excellent blog


that resulted in an overwhelming amount of feedback from people all over the country, who pretty much had every imaginable relationship to baseball that you could imagine.  799 more words


2016 Oregon is the Oregon Everyone Thought They Were Watching for the Last Decade

There is a myth that exists in college football that some really good teams are great offenses with bad defenses. These teams win games by scores like 62-51 or 45-38, and, so the theory goes, they are just good enough on offense to outscore any opponent. 828 more words


WAR (huh); What is it Good For?

When it comes to stats I am more of a traditionalist. I look back on our history and see that the vast majority of the normal stats we have been using really go a long way in telling us what we need to know about players and teams. 1,359 more words

New York Yankees

Where DRA and FIP Diverge

This is the second of a series of posts looking at Jonathan Judge’s new pitching statistic DRA. Read part one – where I looked at the 2016 pitchers that DRA loved – … 1,322 more words


Derek Norris 2016 - A Season to Forget

While it may not be the most exciting Nationals story of the offseason, Wilson Ramos signing with the Rays and the subsequent trade for Derek Norris to replace him is a very big change for the Nats. 629 more words

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