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Sabermetrics 101: A Brief Introduction

We’ve all heard the saying “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.” Not only did I work for one but I asked to work for him. 589 more words


Moneyball and Wallstreet

One of my favourite sporting movies is Moneyball.  Those outside of the US may not have watched it or even heard of this oscar nominated picture. 263 more words

Movies And TV

Down by 1? Take the 3.

A common debate in the realm of football is whether to go for a 2-point conversion versus the normal extra point attempt. This was less of a question before the NFL moved the extra point back, as the numbers clearly favored the extra point; however, now the question holds a little more weight, as the numbers suggest it is a closer decision than many think. 1,008 more words


So You Want To Be A Baseball Nerd

Do you find yourself interested in advanced baseball stats but a little lost when it comes to breaking it all down? Well, Tuesday’s Tigers broadcast is just for you. 236 more words


Pitching Efficiency Part I: Tanaka, Sale and the Maddux Game

This column is about macro-level stuff that really does matter.  But, it is not necessarily fantasy-relevant.  By definition, therefore, that makes it reality relevant.  So, if you wanna stay on your side of the looking glass with the Mad Hatter (no relation to the MadProf, btw) or you wanna stay plugged into the matrix with the world’s second or third worst actor (Seriously Keanu Reeves in general or Hayden Christensen in… 1,562 more words

Jeff Samardzija is the Most Unlucky Pitcher in Baseball So Far

The start to Jeff Samardizja’s season has been absolutely dreadful, at least on the surface. Samardzija had a typical Samardizija season last year, in ERA in the high threes, was extremely durable, and missed enough bats to accrue a 2.6 WAR. 607 more words


In 2016, teams employed a defensive shift more than ever before. Across the majors, teams shifted 28,072 times. The Cubs, whose defense maintained a historically good BABIP, shifted the least with just 603 batters faced with some sort of defensive shift in place.

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