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Stanton, Chapman lead Statcast All-Star team | MLB.com

With the first season of Statcast™ behind us, let’s run down a roster of 2015’s All-Statcast™ Team. This isn’t the same thing as “the best player at each position,“ because you’ll notice there’s no Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw or Buster Posey. 31 more words


The Slow, Steady Inculcation of Sabermetrics

The 2015 MLB award finalists are surprisingly in line with Sabermetric Scores

Wins Above Replacement (WAR) should never stand alone as the deciding factor in giving player awards. 624 more words

Joe Maddon and Hitting the Pitcher Eighth

Joe Maddon enjoys bucking trends. On June 30, after the Cubs’ five game losing streak, Maddon brought a magician into the clubhouse to lighten things up – to change the “atmosphere” in the clubhouse. 3,101 more words


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Thirteen years ago, Oakland manager Billy Beane turned the world of professional baseball on its head. As depicted in the movie Moneyball, Beane knew that the Oakland Athletics didn’t have the budget to compete head to head with better-funded teams from larger markets. 332 more words

Mark Leibman

The Royals: A Youth Coach's Dream

The Royals ability to make contact was a hot topic throughout the postseason.  Though I had tweeted about it a month ago (ESPN’s “Blueprint for October Success… 583 more words


No Cinderellas in Kansas City

Yes, the Kansas City Royals just won the World Series. Last year they came within 90 feet of winning, and I wrote this to process my disappointment. 466 more words