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Predicting the Next 300 Game Winner

With the special attention pitchers receive today, such as pitch counts, innings limits, as well as the host of Pitch F/x data that can notify teams of when a pitcher is fatigued, it seems like they days of 300 game winners has come and past. 2,002 more words


Baseball Notes: Save Tonight

It is an accepted reality that, in general, baseball players don’t have much time for their sport’s new and advanced statistics and metrics. In many ways, this resistance makes sense. 592 more words


Joe Panik and the Case of the Disappearing Line Drive

After a great 2015 season which saw Joe Panik make the All-Star team, the Giants’ second baseman and former first-round pick has had a relatively dismal year at the plate in 2016.

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Alexei Ramirez

The truth in the data

All content in this blog is my own work and ideas unless stated (cited I hope), and as such fall under varying global copyright laws. If you want to borrow something, ask a question, or even collaborate, drop me a message. 767 more words

From The Mind

Three Unorthodox Signings the A’s should Consider this Off-Season

In both my business and personal life, when confronted with a challenge, I often think of Brad Pitt’s line from Moneyball – “If we try to play like the Yankees in here we will lose to the Yankees out there.” It’s a simple reminder to think outside the box, no matter how unorthodox it might seem to someone else. 1,268 more words


Modeling Hit Rates Between Minor League Levels

Working on figuring out the hit rates for minor leaguer batters between levels. I’d like to take the hit rates(i.e. singles(1B/PA), doubles(2B/PA), triples(3B/PA) and HRs(HR/PA) ) a player had at their previous minor league level and use that data to predict how a player will do at the following level. 230 more words


The Flame-throwing Myth

Is pitch velocity an indicator of a good pitcher?

Over this past summer, the Twins struck a deal with the Boston Red Sox to send specialist… 675 more words