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Team KappaKeepo

Team KappaKeepo announced the acquisition of Kostas ”Sabi” Mitroglou who will be the leader and trainer of its Hearthstone squad.

We wish Sabi good luck in his new position



We have to announce that we will be interviewing our beloved Sabi tomorrow, and we would have his signed ”sabikeepo” autographs for a giveaway!!!


What is Wabi-Sabi?

A few years back, my dad and Aimee brought me back a magnet from their trip to Hilo Hawaii. In their (and my) style, this wasn’t a typical “touristy” magnet, but rather one with a drawn image of a cute black cat and a simple phrase: “life is wabi-sabi.” 392 more words


Haiku IX

That does explain it

built into the fabric, oh

yes serenity

A Useful Idea

The word Sabi has changes over the years. Originally is was a slightly longer word in Japanese, the word sabishi. In the simplest terms, that old word meant solitary or lonely. 173 more words


Busosanseong: Where the Baekje Kingdom Fell

The town which is now called ‘Buyeo’ in Chungcheongnam Province was once known as ‘Sabi’, and it was the third – and final – capital of the Baekje Kingdom. 659 more words


A Definition of Sabi

In Wabi Sabi for Writers I said that sabi “was refined over the years to emphasize a state of receptivity, fostered in remote natural settings.” The legendary Japanese poet Basho was among the first to use the word and he did so to distinguish his style of poetry from others. 353 more words