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Drums: It's Good To Dream

Well I’m back with another drum post. But this time it isn’t one that is me moaning about my back and how I can’t do it. 998 more words

Lay Down Your Weapon

I was reading the Sabian symbol that popped up on my desktop this morning. It’s the 13th degree of Pisces (ordinal number i.e. 12 degree 0 minutes to 12 degrees 59 minutes) “A Sword, used in many battles, is now in a museum.” 60 more words

Pisces 13

New toy

This is it.

It is a new cymbal, for the technically minded it is a Sabian Pro Studio 17″ crash.

Neighbours beware.


Conversations with Sabian


Listen to your body. What is it telling you?

Check with each part of yourself,  your feet, legs, etc. Check through your entire system.  114 more words


Wisdom from Sabian

Breathe……. Again…… And once more… Big deep breath


There… Listen to my voice… Focus your attention on my voice.
Laughter, yes.. It will get to the point where you will not ‘hear’ me and just type. 99 more words


Converstations with Sabian



 Thank you for the feeling of your paws on the keyboard.

It helps, yes?

Oh yes, very much so.

Don’t get caught up on the other energies, the people in the house that are watching tv. 292 more words


Conversations with Sabian

Sabian was in a comic mood when this came through.  He was the one to start the conversation. I barely had my hands on the keyboard. 279 more words