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My GCSE Results...

–Exams taken at the end of the secondary school year (16 yrs old)–

They were not great at all, but, alhamdullilah, I shouldn’t complain. 342 more words


"Those of determination among the messengers": Tafsir al-Shinqitee

Imam Muhammad al-Ameen al-Shinqitee wrote the following in his tafsir:

قوله – تعالى – : فاصبر كما صبر أولوا العزم من الرسل . اختلف العلماء في المراد بأولي العزم من الرسل في هذه الآية الكريمة اختلافا كثيرا .

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Surah Yusuf (12) 22/07/2015

With the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The sadness of Yaqub (AS) and the lies of the brothers of Yusuf (AS) 12/18 And they came with false blood on his shirt. 135 more words


Root The Year of Blue Snow 1964 Philadelphia Phillies

Mostly because they’re at home, MLB gambling probabilities like the philadelphia phillies in this game. Florida may prove to be liked in the pitching matchup. Anibal Sancehz is planned to be on Thursday for Florida. 223 more words

Scandal on the South Side The 1919 Chicago White

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Of Winning on the North Side The 1929 Chicago

The chicago cubs are coming off a very disappointing period filled with dropping and frustration. From the frustrations with ace pitcher Carlos Zambrano to the troubles with Lou Piniella and his retirement. 209 more words

75 The Red Sox Team That Saved Baseball SABR

The VUMC team has treated over 800 stage-1 lung tumor patientswithin the last nine years, most of them using SABR. The clinicreceives referrals from over 70 Dutch hospitals and treats patientson six Varian linear accelerators, two of which are TrueBeam™devices and one is a Novalis Tx™ machine. 280 more words