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...And you ask..

Your job was your priority when they were growing up.Now their job is their priority when you are growing old.- Hibroo  

Their little innocent hearts…

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Sabr or Patience

Patience is something that we could all work on here and there. We all have our moments where we are not too sure about how we can make it through a tough situation. 553 more words

Bradley Nicholson

How Amazing is the Affair of a Believer

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

عجبا لأمر المؤمن إن أمره كله له خير, وليس ذلك لأحد إلا للمؤمن. إن أصابته سراء شكر فكان خيرا له, وإن أصابته ضراء صبر فكان خيرا له 58 more words


Dangerous descent: should these charts make investors who own online travel agencies nervous?

It’s becoming en vogue to blame slowing earnings growth on the strong dollar. Just last week Stratasys tried to blame their current woes on a rising greenback and today Priceline (PCLN) … 233 more words


The Passage of Time .....Anxious? Yes, Alhamdulilah


So, time insha’Allah for another chapter of my journey.

As mentioned in my last post, it is vital to recognise any metal health issue for what it is, and to realise that even a person of faith can be afflicted with worries and doubts, as indeed was the best of creation (saw). 1,139 more words


The Early Days.... Jinn? Jitters? or Just Losing it?


Seeing as I started a new blog, I thought I would start from the beginning of my journey before sharing my current thoughts and feelings. 1,088 more words


An Anxious Muslim? A Short Introduction

I started of writing this in the ‘About Me’ section, and then realised I had written much of what I wanted to include in my first post!…so here it is; 388 more words