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O feet of patience carry me, for what remains is little

O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.

“To be patient is difficult but to lose the reward for being patient is worse.” 919 more words


Smoky Joe Wood-The Biography of a Baseball Legend

Throughout its history baseball has seen many changes.  From the way its played, the playing facilities, player and management relations as well as fan appreciation have all been subject to these changes.  474 more words


The guru and the SABR

Did Federer invent the SABR? Happy Slammer Peter Wiggins wonders whether writer Timothy Gallwey is really the one responsible. 650 more words

Roger Federer

A Little Baseball History In Corpus Christi

Every grave has a story to tell.  The story of this ball player I found in Rose Hill Memorial Park in Corpus Christi, TX.

Tim Hendryx baseball career spanned 16 seasons between the major league and minor league levels. 87 more words


Oh those who are patient, hold on a little longer! 

In al-Tirmidhi it is narrated: “On the Day of Resurrection people will wish that their skins had been cut with scissors in this world, when they see the reward of those who were struck with calamity.” … 238 more words


Indeed, with hardship (will be )ease.

Well sometimes we get stricken by certain hardships or calamities that try shaking our iman.it gets to points the strength of holding on yo your iman and patience is harder that the strength to let go.Fear not sweetie for Allah s.w.t is Ar-Rahmaan. 482 more words