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Finding clarity

When I was going through one of the hardest times in my life, I became desperate for a way to calm my aching heart. I felt detached from everyone and everything in my life, and somehow nothing could ease the pain. 1,054 more words


The Analytical Convention for Baseball Enthusiasts

Here is a piece from my Writing and Reporting class

The Analytical Convention for Baseball Enthusiasts

By: Madison Miller

The director of editorial content from Society for The American Baseball Research came to discuss their upcoming fifth analytical convention held in March, for students at the Downtown Phoenix campus, Arizona State University on Tuesday. 287 more words


Dia terserang penyakit murahan dimana rasa yang didapat semakin menjerat. Meskipun sudah melakukan segala cara untuk meredam gejolak api asmara tersebut, namun apa daya sebagai seorang anak manusia yang lemah dia selalu saja kalah.

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The most powerful word that becomes my life guidance.

Sabr is about holding back yourself in doing and avoiding something. Based on what I’ve read, in Islam, sabr is divided into three categories; 156 more words


He Knows what is best for you

The story of Musa (alayhissalam) and Khidr holds so many profound lessons. Even Musa (alahissalam), a prophet of Allah, the one who spoke to Allah, struggled to stop himself questioning the actions of someone who was more knowledgeable than him. 137 more words