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His plan

“Sometimes really annoying things happen to you. Really annoying things! And you get stuck in the traffic in your way to Arabic class… 45 minutes late.

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Curse undone

Lift the curse that splits you into two

By rekindling your fire to burn away

your own Ill thoughts through

It won’t be long that you await… 18 more words


Sabr & Shukr

First and foremost – This post is a reminder to myself first before anyone else.

Secondly – I apologise for the fact I haven’t written a post in about 4/5 months – life kind of just happened I guess. 677 more words


My Hijab Story

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Hope you all are doing well in sha Allah ❤︎

Being a muslimah who decides to wear the hijab in a not-so-conservative family can be hard, not that it may not be hard for others as well. 609 more words


about sabr.

♫ Listening to: “Rainymood”, my study-sessions’ soundtrack.
☺ Mood: still working hard for better days, a bit antsy now though.
✉ Reading: my notes, over and over again. 228 more words


A struggle - let me practice my faith, don't hold me back

Hello and Assalamualaikum!

Today I want to share with you all a situation I’ve been going through and offer advice based upon it. Alhumdulilah I’ve been born into a Muslim family, but the issue comes up when you are on different levels of deen. 915 more words