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Beautiful Sabr

When was the last time you almost punch someone out of anger yet you end up composing yourself and smiling instead? When was the last time you feel so down but you just shrugged it off and carry on? 606 more words


But really, it’s not like a new model but a different coloured version of the old year. The very early peaceful moments of the new year were shadowed by a bloody gunshot in my beloved İstanbul. 1,612 more words

it's going to be some kind of alright.

remembering goals that I thought of and worked on in 2015 and continued/fullfilled in 2016..

it was an incredibly emotional year in terms of joy and pain, love and sorrow, laughs and cries – all wildly mixed up and reminding me, once again, on how there is no resolutions and plans that could ever cross Gods plans for you. 320 more words


Overcoming Painful Trials

Whether it was the loss of a loved one, missed opportunity, or encountering a failure, everyone has or will experience heartbreak at some point in his or her life. 2,508 more words

Mindset: Scarcity


Mindset is an interesting thing.  It can make the abstract concrete.  It can turn a mirage into a reality.  It can turn abundance into scarcity and vice versa.  1,065 more words


The Art of Waiting

nourish my art,
i will nourish your books

nurture my heart,
i will nurture yours

kiss my forehead,
i will surely plant a kiss between your gaze… 136 more words

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