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Dyfarniad yr FIE ac Ymhlygiadau Posib

Ar Fehefin 13 2015 wnaeth Pwyllgor Gweithredol y FIE gwahardd llafnau Leon Paul wedi gofannu o 2013-2015 a gwifrau corff bayonet o bob cystadleuaeth. Ond beth ydy hyn yn golygu’n wirioneddol a beth all yr effaith tymor hyr fod? 764 more words

Is there really ease after hardship?

Why did Allah take you away from me? 

I have always pondered over why people leave. I guess they just enter your life with no warning sign and then leave, … 771 more words


wait for the relief

{So verily, with the hardship, there is relief}
~Surah Ash-Sharh, 94:5

Shaikh Ibn al-‘Uthaymeen:

“This statement is news from who? From Allaah عز وجل. And His news is the truest news and His Promise is never broken.

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Leaving Sins

Bismillahi wa salatu wa salamu ala Rasulillah wa
‘ala jami’il ambiyai wal-mursalin wa ‘ala ahlihi wa
sahabihi ajmain, amin
We seek from Allah a pearl invaluable… 4,048 more words


In Midtjylland Stat Virtus

An old quip states that “Everybody said something was impossible, until someone came along who didn’t know that, and just did it”.

It was the 2003 when the book ‘ 782 more words

...And you ask..

Your job was your priority when they were growing up.Now their job is their priority when you are growing old.- Hibroo  

Their little innocent hearts…

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Sabr or Patience

Patience is something that we could all work on here and there. We all have our moments where we are not too sure about how we can make it through a tough situation. 553 more words

Bradley Nicholson