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The Interactive Poule Sheet

The use of Microsoft Excel in fencing isn’t anything new, Excel spreadsheets have been used the world over to run competitions. While they’re still used today even though purpose built fencing programmes such as Enguarde and Fencing Time have been released. 367 more words

Taflen Poule Rhyngweithiol

Mae Microsoft Excel yn cael i ddefnyddio ar draws y byd i rhedeg cystadlaethau cleddyfa. Hyd yn oed heddiw er bod rhaglennu pwrpasol wedi cael i ryddhau fel Enguarde a Fencing Time. 324 more words

Five Day Challenge - Day 2


“I am going to take the next detour Misha, I can’t stand this any longer”

“Patience Sabir patience. I know its frustrating but look at the weather. 1,059 more words


Shifted SABR, CMS and Markov Functional

The other day I found this piece of code in QuantLib

  "non positive fixing (" << values[i] <<
  ") at date " << dates[i] << " not allowed");
… 1,083 more words

Sabr - Patience

I have been very fortunate to be able to read and write in three distinct languages: English, Hindi and Arabic. Of all the three, the most soothing and appealing language to me is Arabic. 364 more words

Ibn Qayyim Reminder Uddat as-Sabireen

We should remember how short is our stay on this earth.

No one would want to feel that all he has achieved in this life is the worst kind of deeds, except a person who has no spiritual ambition, whose heart is dead and who is careless. 73 more words


When you respond to an insincere fool, you are guilty of giving him importance.
~Mufti Ismail Menk