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Chapter 7.4 (Sabra)

Chapter 7.4

Sabra picked at the cuffs of her black jacket and tried not to look as out of place as she felt. The elevator hummed around her and Fisher and, for some reason, that made her anxious. 2,096 more words


Chapter 7.3 (Fisher)

Chapter 7.3

There was no funeral for Miss Millennium, and Fisher hadn’t counted on one. The Engineer’s killing strike had disintegrated her body into nothing but ashy particulate. 3,058 more words


Chapter 7.2 (Sabra)

Chapter 7.2

Play the fucking game, Sabra, or get off the court.

It was an old saying, that one. It was not one that came from her father, or her mother, or her friends, or even from that cold place inside her brain. 2,866 more words


Chapter 7.1 (Fisher)

Chapter 7.1

Fisher had been a cape since he was sixteen years old. By the time Mark had died, and he’d given up that life (even if it was seeming more and more like a temporary hiatus), he’d fallen just short of two decades of service. 2,973 more words


Sad: Ethiopian workers banned from coming in contact with Jewish wine because it's not "Jewish" if they do

That’s strange, Jewish money is still Jewish if illegal immigrants work for them.¬†

Religion or Racism? How about Racist Relgious Beliefs!

If only this worked both ways and Jews weren’t able to sell Mexican Salsa, Guacamole, Italian Bruschetta, and Arab Hummus to the world like Israeli SABRA does! 11 more words

Haifa car: 1963 Autocars Sabra Sport Roadster

The only car producer of Israel was Autocars Co. Ltd. founded in Haifa and, among other models, they’ve built the Sabra Sport both in Coup√© and Roadster version. 131 more words

For Sale

Chapter 6.11 (Sabra)

Chapter 11

Sabra held herself up against a non-functioning traffic light, bathed in the strobing three color pattern of distress, and sucked oxygen through the sleet. 1,968 more words