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Chapter 2.10 (Sabra)

Chapter 10

Sabra stacks shelves.

Splendid Sabra stacks shelves.

Stunning Sabra stacks shelves solidly.

Shockingly spectacular Sabra stacks shelves stupefiedly.

Sabra paused mid-movement, halfway between taking a carton of milk from its crate and setting it in the fridge. 1,325 more words

Part 2

Joan E. Bauer: On the Road to Jerusalem    

Sabra is Hebrew

for cactus flower, prickly on the outside,

sweet in the middle.


In Arabic,

the word, saber: the virtue

of patience & tenacity. 254 more words


Chapter 2.7 (Sabra)

Chapter 7

Over the years, Sabra liked to think she had become quite good at salvaging things other people had forgotten about.

Paradigm City had once been the model for the world. 1,687 more words

Part 2

Chapter 2.4 (Sabra)


Retrieving her armor from Hisae’s house was easy enough. By nightfall, the situation had quietened down, and Sabra knew the various ways to keep a low profile on the trip there and back to her house. 1,816 more words

Part 2

Chapter 2.1 (Sabra)



Sabra ran. Only when she had left the commotion of the bank far behind her, when she had slipped back into the familiar streets of West End, did Sabra allow herself time to think. 2,051 more words

Part 2

Chapter 1.12 (Fisher)

Chapter 12

Iskandar Asadi was Fisher’s boss or whatever passed for it. His immediate leash-handler. He was also the one who had got him the job in the first place, being a former cape himself. 1,648 more words

Part 1