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Sabudana Kichdi

Soak, drain, and keep moist sabudana (2 cups) in a large sieve for a few hours. You know it’s soaked enough when a you can squish a bead easily between your fingers. 100 more words

Main Course

Sabudana Upma

Sabudana also known as Pearl tapioca or Sago is used to make Sabudana Khichdi normally eaten throughout the fast like Navratri, mahashivratri or ekadashi.

Sabudana based dishes are very popular in Maharashtra for breakfast and during fasting times. 387 more words

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Sabudana Cutlets

Sabudana? I am not fasting, so I don’t need to read this. Is this the exact thought that crossed your mind? Well, it’s true that we consume sabudana(tapioca) only in Navratri fasts but trust me it’s even better when you do it just any random day. 391 more words

5 Foods That Keep You Energised During Navratri

Navratri – the Sanskrit word for ‘nine nights’ is a grand festival in India devoted to the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. Midst all the things that make India what it is, religion and worship is an integral part of celebrations expressed in different ways – one of them being fasting. 394 more words

Energy Food During Fasts


What can be better than Yummy paneer potato sticks/ kababs after hours of fasting. Just substitute the gram flour or corn flour with fasting flours like kuttu atta or singhara atta. 371 more words

Appetizers / Starters

RAJGIRA SAGO THALIPEETH!! Navratri Upvas Food...

NAVRATRI…Means Nine Nights…

A Celebration in so many parts of India….In Gujarat we have a Nine day Celebration wherein people fast for all the nine days …. 385 more words

Sabudhana Kichidi / Tapioca Pearls Kichidi

The festive season of Navaratri  has begun …….

 It is one of the most significant festivals in Hinduism, celebrating the Mother Goddess Shakti/Durga in her various avatars for nine consecutive days. 690 more words