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Sabudana khichadi (mildly spiced tapioca pearls with crushed peanuts)

Sabudana khichadi is a quintessential Maharashtrian recipe. It is generally eaten during religious fasting, though it is not restricted only to fasting. We usually have it for breakfast. 611 more words

SABudana Vada - Sago Fritters 

After college when I moved to Mumbai for my job, me and my friend used to live together. Both of us were so excited to manage the house on our own. 363 more words


Potato And Barnyard Millet Cutlets 

Pan fried cutlet with potato and barnyard millet.

Today is fourth day of Navaratri. Goddess Durga took nine forms to kill Mahishasura, the demon. Each form has its own significance. 503 more words


Sabudana Vada - A Treat during a fast

As Navratri’s are very near, most of us observe fast during these 9 days. So, I decided to share a recipe that you can try during your fast. 246 more words


Sabudana Vada...No fry

I have tried the deep fry version of sabudana vada. But this no fry version of Sabudana vada seemed better and easier as well. Hence sharing it. 100 more words


JW Café - JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar

Every year, as per the Hindu calendar, the month of Shraavan sets foot around the monsoons. Some people observe fasts during this month. Besides ditching Non vegetarian food, they tend to indulge in some faraal food or the fasting food. 947 more words