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How to soak Sabudana(Sago)?

1/4 cup Sabudana

In a strainer or in a bowl, take sabudana and wash it in running water for 2-3 times or till water clears, now take enough water which will cover the sabudana and let it rest for 5 minutes. 155 more words


Sabudana Thalipeeth and Peanut Chutney - Sarika's Kitchen

Now you love sabudana and the crushed roasted peanuts (or the other¬†non-peanut version from Radhika’s kitchen on the blog), spicy taste but were feeling guilty about hogging on deep fried vadas, here is a simple and less oily way to enjoy it all. 454 more words


Faraali Appam

Please your palate on a fasting day with my yummy Kerala Appams: a faraali variation to the famous South Indian staple.

Accompanied by cooling curds and peanut chutney, the appam’s “sama”, sabudana and rajgira flour batter helps make fasting easier and tastier… 120 more words


Go nuts over nut less Sabudana Khichadi - Radhika's Kitchen

We had featured Sabudana Vadas a week ago, made with loads of peanuts. That’s when Radhika chipped in with an innovative Sabudana dish that can be made without peanuts for those with nut allergies. 387 more words


Sabudana Vada - Sarika's Kitchen

In khichadi form, it is stir fried with crushed peanuts, green chilli, spices, etc. But when deep fried into tennis sized balls or flatter avatars, it really comes into its own… 245 more words


Inventive Gastronomy - Part III

Funky Faraali Canapes

Add some panache to your upvaas (fast) with a recipe that will be wiped clean by not just the traditional elders but the hip youngsters too!  217 more words


Saboodana Kheer/ Sago pearls pudding

Saboodana/ Sago pearls are usually eaten during fasting days, in India. People make saboodana khichdi, saboodana vada, saboodana kheer etc. But, what I love the most of all is the Saboodana Kheer. 233 more words